Villa Imelda Farm Resort: A paradise to visit

We have been featuring various beach resorts in the province of Misamis Oriental. As well, we’ve been emphasizing the predominant tourist destinations among local and foreign tourists in the region. There have been many of them, so we have managed to cherry-pick each one of them. We have made our promises to cover all beach resorts and other tourist spots in the region, and we have managed to highlight one by one until we finished endorsing them to our readers. Additionally, we have promoted those inexpensive, as well as those classy, glamorous, and ritzy, yet reasonably priced beach resorts, hotels, inns, and suites. Regardless of the prices and venues, we have confirmed that all of them, without exception, have had some unique features and qualities to offer. To say this, we have succeeded endorsing Misamis Oriental’s pride.

A Cool and Refreshing Cerulean Blue Pool Water at Villa Imelda Farm Resort

And yes, we have done our best to promote the gems of Misamis Oriental. However, we have not been saying that we finished featuring the best spots in the region since more beautiful spots have just sprouted within the vicinity. As we promoted some of Misamis Oriental’s tourist destinations, we have gained guests and visitors alike from time to time. However, it seems unfair if we fail to mention other exhilarating and classy and urbane tourist spots, as well as farm and garden resorts in the adjacent locations of Misamis Oriental. Well, we have been talking about Bukidnon and its widely held tourist attraction – the Villa Imelda Farm Resort. We have been in love since then, right?

Villa Imelda Farm Resort has been perfect for nature lovers. Guests and tourists alike could vouch for this place. The location of the farm resort attracts local and foreign tourists alike because of the picture-perfect spot for solitude. Considering the lush scenery that enthralls spirits, the morning breeze that gives fresh air, the gleaming sun that shines, Villa Imelda Farm Resort gives its guests and visitors moments to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Well, Who Can Refuse to Dive into the Cool Pool Water

Wait a minute! We have been talking a lot about this without telling you the location. We have failed to mention where exactly it is. Well, Villa Imelda Farm Resort is located at Zone 1, Barangay Dicklum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It has been a paradise to explore and visit. Our beloved, charming, and lovely friend, Ms. Bren Gallardo, as well as her friends, has been visiting Villa Imelda Farm Resort for years. It seemed that Ms. Bren Gallardo herself has loved the place and that she has kept on coming back for years. Of course, her last visit to Villa Imelda Farm Resort caught our attention lately. She has embraced the beauty of nature, and her cameras could speak about the place. The farm resort wowed us with its wonder. Its panoramic view captivated us and even compelled us to visit the place. With Ms. Bren Gallardo’s photos, our keen attention to detail has moved us to speak about the beauty and the stunning marvels of Villa Imelda Farm Resort.

Finally, we do not need to forget this information. Villa Imelda Farm Resort is located at Zone 1, Barangay Dicklum, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. It is just a one-hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City. Oh, by the way, if Ms. Bren Gallardo had posted his farm resort, we would not have featured this splendid place. We thanked Ms. Bren Gallardo for this. Surely, you could have been a great endorser.

If you want to go and check the place, please contact them:

    • For inquiries, please do message them in private or contact them at their mobile phone dials 0917 315 1966 / 0998 570 4845.
    • Visit the farm resort now by clicking the link here.

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