The Fall of Harry Roque

Harry Roque's fall from grace in the Philippine political scene was influenced by various factors, including controversies and allegations about his personal life. A prominent lawyer and politician, Roque initially gained recognition as a human rights advocate. However, his decision to serve as the spokesperson for President Rodrigo Duterte, known for his controversial policies and the violent... [Read More]

The Downsides of Relying on AI-Generated Written Projects

Most students, these days, are experiencing an increasing prevalence of AI-generated content in today's educational landscape. These AI-generated written reports pose a significant challenge that exhibits the downsides of relying on AI-generated written projects while undermining credibility and integrity. The perks of artificial intelligence are powerful enough to lure students to turn to AI... [Read More]

Talaga Bang May Pera sa Facebook?

Sa modernong panahon, dako kaayo ang impluwensya sa social media sa atong kinabuhi. Usa sa pinakadako nga plataporma mao ang Facebook. Daghan ang naghunahuna nga ang Facebook alang lang sa paglingaw-lingaw ug pagpakig-uban sa mga higala, apan sa tinuod, daghan ang nakakita og oportunidad sa pagnegosyo ug pagpangita og kwarta pinaagi niini. Mga Negosyo sa Online Ang Facebook usa ka halapad... [Read More]

The Controversy of Tito Mars and Mayor Alice Guo: A Reflection of Modern Societal Tensions

In the realm of public opinion, few figures have provoked as much debate and discord as Tito Mars and Mayor Alice Guo this year. Each has become a lightning rod for controversy, embodying broader societal issues that transcend their individual circumstances. Tito Mars’s disdain for Filipino street foods and perceived entitlement, alongside Mayor Alice Guo’s unorthodox political ascent and... [Read More]

Reasons Why You Should Learn And Study Forex Trading

The financial markets are now open to the world public. This market allows groups of people in their global communities to wake up and start talking about digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and forex trading. While the financial markets are open to all, many can feel the challenge to choose the most suitable forex markets. Despite the risks and shortcomings of forex trading in the... [Read More]

How Rodrigo Duterte Helped Maria Ressa Rise To Fame?

The battle for the truth began a long time ago when a narrative of injustice and slavery took place. The fight for equality and justice among people of color and minority groups continued for decades. This time, however, would be a new era of struggle as all people had to fight for their freedom. And Maria Ressa, the co-founder and CEO of Rappler, started facing the consequences of her action as... [Read More]

Here’s What You Need to know about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Cryptocurrencies

You, perhaps, frown your eyebrows at the moment upon hearing the words, such as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Cryptocurrencies. As defined, NFTs are digital assets or collectibles. In other words, these assets are digital collectibles in which they are exclusive as the blockchain system will record them. If you try to reminisce about accumulating those baseball cards when you were young, NFTs... [Read More]

How Online Jobs Help Filipinos Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic shocks the world by a storm of fear and scare. It affects business leaders, parents, and students who struggle to perform their daily tasks. As the COVID-19 pandemic strikes like wildfire, these concerned individuals, particularly professionals, have to confront the spread of the virus and its ramifications. In the Philippines, young professionals struggle to survive... [Read More]