What makes a man great? Is it his money, power, influence, and social standing or his qualities, experiences, accomplishments, and life values? Well, the answer depends on to whom you ask this question. But for me, what makes someone great are the characteristics he has developed in his life, the hardships that he has passed, the accomplishments he has made whether big or small, and the life values he has imparted on other people. The three greatest men, in my opinion, are Jose Rizal, Manny Pacquiao, and my father.

Firstly, Jose Rizal is a man of honor, dignity, and valor. Since his childhood, he was able to see and experience the tyranny of the Spanish colonizers who drove him for a quest for justice and equality. He secretly went to Europe to carry out this mission. While he was there he was able to write essays, stories, etc., exposing the maltreatment and mismanagement of the Spanish Regime to the Filipino people and its colony. Even though his life was in danger he continued what he started which eventually led to his execution. Rizal’s dramatic martyrdom opened the eyes of the Filipinos to nationalism. He was able to impart to the Filipinos courage, direction, determination, and confidence. All these make him great.

Secondly, Manny Pacquiao has been an inspiration and a legend. His present life portrays the greatest turning points – from rags to riches. Manny’s mother got separated from her husband but survived the hardships to raise her kids alone. Because of poverty, Manny stopped his education and started becoming an amateur boxer. From then on, the light of his career started to shine. He became a professional boxer and earned billions of dollars. From being the poorest of the poor Manny Pacquiao became one of the richest of the rich. Being humble, kindhearted, and faithful in God are the most desirable qualities that can be seen from him. Because of these, I consider Manny Pacquiao as one of the greatest.

Thirdly, my father accomplished great wonders in life. Even though he is not famous he is still the greatest for me. Why? It is because even though he was only able to finish elementary education, he was still able to build a strong family. He was able to raise two studious children and impart to them almost all the good qualities a man should possess. He was able to become a role model for them.

These three persons are the greatest men in my own opinion. They have developed good qualities through experience. They have accomplished significant accomplishments. And lastly, they have imparted their life values to others.

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