Why We Need Passive Income Streams and Earn More than $1,000 per Month

As a Filipino Freelance Academic Writer, I work hard to earn a living. I spend much of my time typing at the working table with a high-in laptop in front of me and a Starbucks coffee on the side, while sitting on a stunning swivel chair. However, writing online does not give you the full potential to earn bigger incomes. You just have to make things work out to accomplish your goals and earn money while sleeping or taking your time off. You need to earn large sums of money to cover all the costs of your monthly expenses and shopping sprees.

Let me ask you this. Have you known any means and ways to earn money while sleeping securely on your couch? Have you heard of someone whose bank accounts show an intriguing influx of cash tiptoeing into their banks? You may think this situation seems odd. However, passive income works like a pipe dream that offers you the potential streams of income without exerting much effort into it. You know I mean, right?

Earning passive income requires effort and time. You need to make use of all the resources available online. It does not mean that you have to be an Internet guru or a tech master. You just need to know how to begin it. When all are set, you need to wait where and when the money flows down to your bank accounts without knowing. Of course, you like to have this opportunity to support your family and loved ones.

Below are the strategies to earn passive incomes.

  1. Make Investments in Stocks or something. You can earn money through investments. You need to search for companies that let you invest your money and receive dividends and interests. There are many firms that you can invest in. However, when you do this, make sure you know the “ins” and the “outs” of investments.
  2. Embrace Affiliate Marketing. Website owners make use of affiliate marketing to boost their income streams. Using your website, you can promote other companies known as your “affiliates.” You earn money when someone uses links and makes purchases of the products. Many websites allow affiliate marketing. These websites, such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, MetroDeal, NewChic, and many others, are good sources of income since online consumers make purchases online.
  3. Entertain some Display Ads. Website owners can still earn money through ads display on their websites. They can earn more than $1,000 through advertisings. When you have the website, you can monetize it and allow advertisers to promote their products and services through your website.
  4. Include Cost Per Click (CPC) Ads. Website owners can still earn good money through these CPC ads. Unlike affiliate marketing in which you can earn money when online users make purchases of the products and services, CPC Ads pay you sums of good money when someone clicks on the commercial ads regardless of how online consumers do whether they make purchases or not. In here, you do not keep on wishing your online users make purchases or register for something. It is because CPC lets you earn money when someone clicks the ads. Just as simple as that!
  5. Create YouTube Videos. There are many means and ways you earn passive income. However, I make sure I have five. The last strategy that you need to know is the use of YouTube. You can post tutorial videos, cooking videos, dance videos, and the like to earn passive income. You just need to register it from the YouTube website, as well as Google Adsense, to ensure you get revenues from those videos and ads. It becomes a passive income because you can earn money while doing other things unexpectedly. The video is just there on YouTube. You can still earn money from that video through ads and views. If you are making YouTube videos to earn money, you can do other stuff while earning money from it.

Indeed, there have been many strategies to earn passive incomes, such as selling leads, selling digital products like e-Books and e-Courses, and many others. The bottom line is that you need to start it now before others do. You may choose to not do it now and regret later of not having the chance to do it. At some point, you keep on bragging your 7-4, 8-4, or 9-5 jobs. It is okay. Keep  believing on it. Be happy to stay there for a while. When you are ready, I will be right here waiting. For those who want to commence earning passive income, start today…

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