Rice Alternatives, On Sale Root Crops

  CASSAVA PhP50.00 Minimum Purchase of PhP500.00 Contact No. 09613923592 for delivery SWEET POTATO PhP100.00 Minimum Purchase of PhP500.00 Contact No. 09613923592 for delivery UBE PhP180.00 Minimum Purchase of PhP500.00 Contact No. 09613923592 for delivery PLEASE NOTE: Free Delivery within... [Read More]

We are selling clothing products now

Buying new garments and other clothing products online is beneficial. You don't need to fall in line at the cashier's counter. As well, you don't have to mingle with people during this COVID-19 pandemic. Here, you can easily make purchases in the comfort of your home.  First Set of Products Please click the links below for details and more about the products. Triangle All Over Print... [Read More]

Overruns at Online Stores: Bogus or authentic?

Are you familiar with clothing overruns? If not, pay attention. “Authentic” or “original” overruns are the same as “fake” overruns. Ask yourselves. What is “overrun” clothing? Essentially, there is no such thing as “authentic” or "original" overruns. The fact is, factory overruns mean slightly damaged items made of original materials. However, these authentic products... [Read More]

Maestro ang Akong Uyab Part 1

Ako si Dina. Ingon sa akong mga amega, ang saktong pangalan daw nako kay Dina Natuto. Nakasulti sila ana tungod sa nahitabo nako. Aduna koy uyab sa una. Gwapo nga Maestro sa mathematics. Pero, nagbulag mi tungod kay layo kayo ang agwat sa among edad. Ako kinse; siya binte-singko. Pero para nako sa una, match daw kami. Kahinumdom pa ba kamo sa dula nga flames – kana bitaw i-match nimo ang... [Read More]

LGBTQ Short Stories to Read at Home

Reading is an adventure. It allows readers to travel back in time and to enjoy in a roller-coaster ride. Some authors know the tricks to charm us with their stories that we let us ride on the vehicle of their thoughts down to our memory lanes. It gives a sense of adventure to know more about people and their characters as the story unfolds. However, we only read some stories that deal with... [Read More]