Bay View Beach Resort: An interesting getaway spot to pick this summer

If you are looking for a beach resort that caters to your needs this summer, you are in the right spot. It is open twenty-four hours with guards available to secure the area.

You need to consider the time for “CHECK-IN” at 10 in the morning. The “CHECK-OUT” time is at noon.

If you are travelers who want a short stay, like 4 hours, you can then pay PhP500.00. Those regular customers like you can, also, choose specific rooms depending on their demands and needs. For instance, you can have rooms for couples during night-time for only PhP800.00. You may even pick the Barkadas Room during night-time for PhP 2,500.00.

If you have many friends, for example, 20 people, you can select the “BIG COTTAGE” for only PhP700.00. If you try to find another like the NIPA COTTAGE, you can have it for PhP400.00, good for 10 people. However, if you and your friends are only 6, you can choose the “SMALL COTTAGE” for PhP300.00.

At this point, you need to pay PhP20.00 ENTRANCE FEE for adults. You do not need to pay ENTRANCE FEE for your kids IF YOUR KIDS ARE 6 YEARS OLD AND BELOW.

Please check the number in the PHOTO to make further inquiries.

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