Alarming Issue On Obesity

Due to the increasing issue of inflation, people leave no option but decide to settle down on things around them. It is the same to say that these people consume or eat some food items available to them. Low-income people, for example, choose fast-food chain products over healthy ones sold at the Whole Foods Market. They even prefer fast food products because they are affordable. Other working people select food products vended or wholesaled on carts and mobile kitchen cars because they are too busy with their jobs. With this condition, many people become overweight due to improper diet and poor exercise. For that reason, obese individuals only add to the burning issue of modern society today.

Obesity in the United States and the world is prevalent. The report from the National Center for Health Statistics reveals alarming results among adults. According to the reported data, almost 40% of adults between 20 and 40 are obese. As well, more than 30% of adults of the same age are overweight (National Center for Health Statistics, 2017). This information accentuates the fact that more adults, nowadays, are obese and overweight. Indeed, health experts need to create programs to help these individuals since the data from the National Center for Health Statistics gives all warnings concerning obesity.

Government leaders and health experts need to inform the public about the burning issue of modern society. They have to understand that this health issue demands attention. For example, they need to implement community health programs among citizens so that they can avail of the fitness and wellness programs. Both government leaders and health professionals have to spearhead the health programs to persuade the community members and support them to have better lives. Thus, they need to educate the public to eat healthy food products and live healthily.


National Center for Health Statistics. (2017). Health, United States, 2016, with chartbook on long-term trends in health (No. 2017). Government Printing Office.

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