Dogs: Humans’ Best Friends

The connection between dogs and humans is strong. Most people call these dogs “their best friends.” However, these dogs are not only just their best friends but also their century-old allies. Though historians try to validate dogs as house-trained animals, a dispute continues to look into the depts in history and examine when and where the bond or the companionship started.

DNA evidence

Many researchers use DNA evidence to trace the connection between dogs and humans. They believe that a group of gray wolves evolve to be closer to humans. These furry, warm-nosed dogs have come from them since their extinction. These clever dogs, perhaps, realize that they can survive if they hang out with the early hunter-gatherers. Rather than going alone, these dogs can depend on their human companions who have the skills to hunt.

Humans as alphas

As well, many researchers assume the bond between dogs and humans. As said, the friendship between them commences when humans start to take the wolf pups and mingle them from infancy. Besides, wolves intuitively function in packs with a clear order and a chain of command. In this case, these wolves think that humans are their alpha wolves.

Great partners

Moreover, dogs and humans are great allies. Thousands of years ago, humans and tame wolves were exceptional hunting partners. Humans’ hunting skills combined with wolves’ haste and sense of smell will make them great cohorts in hunting. Together, they can track and capture their prey to their shared advantage.

In the end, humans offer wolves a dependable food source. Over time, they manage to tame those wolves. Those tame wolves offer physical warmth in return. Together with humans, they serve as cautionary guards when unknown visitors or predators come. Since wolves are social pack animals, they are the perfect candidates for good buddies. Through evolution, the wolves become pet dogs that survive with humans in their symbiotic relationship.

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