KATIHAN ECO-PARK: A personal visit to a paradise


One hidden gem that surely captivated my senses and rejuvenated my soul is Katihan Eco-Park. This place nestled in the heart of Barangay Kibalabag, Malaybalay, Bukidnon would reflect a pleasant sanctuary offering a distinctive blend of natural beauty and biodiversity, as well as its sustainable practices. The natural beauty and the biodiversity of Katihan Eco-Park would make the place a paradise for nature lovers and eco-enthusiasts alike. Sharing my personal experience of visiting Katihan Eco-Park encouraged tourists to explore the myriad reasons why this destination stood out as a key illustration of responsible eco-tourism.

The Entrance to Paradise

As I entered the gates of Katihan Eco-Park, I noticed a profound sense of tranquility. The silent aura immediately enveloped me. The cool breeze, which carried the scent of blooming flowers and the melody of birdsong, took time to touch my skin. The lush greenery, which painted a vibrant picture against the backdrop of the Bukidnon mountains, created an awe-inspiring panorama to validate an ingenious and powerful artistry. It was evident from the outset that this eco-park was committed to preserving the natural splendor of the region.

Biodiversity Sanctuary

One of the most remarkable aspects of Katihan Eco-Park has been its commitment to biodiversity conservation. The park has been home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, with numerous plant and animal species thriving in their natural habitats. Visitors would have the opportunity to explore well-maintained trails that wound through the vastness of the mountain. The park’s dedication to preserving and showcasing the region’s biodiversity is not only commendable but also admirable for its purpose to serve as a vital educational experience for visitors.

Community Engagement and Sustainable Practices

What sets Katihan Eco-Park apart is its emphasis on community engagement and sustainable practices. The park could actively involve the local community in its operations. For example, the management of Katihan Eco-Park could employ local people to serve as tourist guides or crew to serve guests. In other words, the management of Katihan Eco-Park could provide employment opportunities to support livelihood projects. Moreover, the eco-park could use eco-friendly measures, such as rainwater harvesting, waste recycling, and the use of solar energy to achieve sustainable practices. indeed, these practices would not only reduce the park’s environmental footprint but also set an exemplary standard for responsible tourism.

Educational Opportunities

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Katihan Eco-Park could serve as an educational hub, offering programs and workshops to raise awareness about environmental conservation. Visitors could take part in guided tours to provide insights into the delicate ecosystems of Bukidnon and the importance of sustainable living. The park’s educational initiatives, for example, could contribute to building a sense of environmental responsibility among visitors, nurturing a yawning connection between people and nature.

Recreational Delights

In addition to its focus on conservation and education, Katihan Eco-Park could offer a range of recreational activities to cater to diverse interests. From bird watching and hiking to camping and picnicking, the park could provide opportunities for visitors to unwind and connect with nature. The serene ambiance and well-maintained facilities would make the place an ideal destination for families, nature enthusiasts, and adventure seekers alike.


My visit to Katihan Eco-Park has never been about a journey into nature; it was an immersion into a sustainable paradise that exemplified the harmonious coexistence of humanity and the environment. The park’s commitment to biodiversity, community engagement, and sustainable practices set a commendable standard for eco-tourism destinations worldwide. Katihan Eco-Park has never been about physical space; it has been a testament to the power of responsible tourism in preserving and celebrating the wonders of our planet. As we decided to navigate an era of environmental challenges, Katihan Eco-Park stood as a beacon of hope, inviting us to appreciate, protect, and cherish the Earth we have called home.


KATIHAN ECO-PARK is at Barangay Kibalabag, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. From Malaybalay City, take 21 kilometers to reach KATIHAN ECO-PARK. As a roughly estimated ride, take a one-hour ride. If you use a vehicle, take an SUV or a pick-up truck for your transport to cross the Can-Ayan River at about 0.5 water level during the rainy season. When the water level on the river rises, travelers can impossibly cross the river. However, motorcycles can cross anytime through a hanging bridge.

For your safety, please visit Katihan Eco Park Bukidnon Provincial Tourism and Cultural Services today.


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Mt. Millionaire: A majestic mountain to find peace

Do you want to trek somewhere? Well, you can find your best place in Bukidnon. And yes, nestled in the picturesque province of Bukidnon, Philippines lies a hidden jewel to take your breath away – Mt. Millionaire. To check the statistics of its elevation, Mt. Millionaire positions itself at 1,907 meters above sea level. And this majestic mountain stands tall in Capitan Bayong, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon.

In the beginning, Mt. Millionaire is an unfamiliar mountain in Bukidnon. However, the site has gained popularity among adventure seekers and mountaineers over the years. From the legendary tale, the mountain’s distinctive name comes from the story of a treasure being buried in the mountains during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. This local folklore then tells the story of a Japanese soldier who buried his fortune in gold bars somewhere in the mountains, hence the name Mt. Millionaire.

To reach the summit of Mt. Millionaire, trekkers take a challenging journey through steep and rugged terrain. The breathtaking view from the top makes it all worth it. Hikers are treated to a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and rivers. On a clear day, one can even see as far as the neighboring island of Mindanao.

The walk to Mt. Millionaire requires physical strength. In other words, it is not for the faint-hearted. In other words, those hikers are advised to come prepared with appropriate hiking gear, food, and water. As the trail is relatively uncharted, those backpackers and climbers may encounter challenges, such as steep ascents and descents, slippery slopes, and uneven terrain.

Despite the challenges, the trek up Mt. Millionaire offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty of Bukidnon. The mountain is covered with lush vegetation, and hikers can expect to see a variety of flora and fauna, including rare bird species and wild animals such as monkeys and deer.

The local government of Impasug-ong recognizes the tourism potential of Mt. Millionaire and has taken steps to promote the mountain as a tourist destination. The local government has worked closely with local communities to develop hiking trails and establish a campsite at the base of the mountain. There are also plans to develop a visitor center and offer guided tours to visitors.

Mt. Millionaire is more than just a mountain; it is a testament to the natural beauty and rich history of Bukidnon. The mountain’s unique name and the folklore behind it add to its allure, making it an adventure that should not be missed by anyone seeking an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Philippines.

Please contact this number for inquiries: 0935 186 7300. As well, please note to contact the tourism office of Impasug-ong for preparation to trek. 



Heartland Villa Private Resort: The glory of nature

Heartland Villa Private Resort is the glory of nature. This place is an ideal venue for Family Gatherings, Reunions, Birthdays, Christmas Parties, and New Year’s Events. It is good for social gatherings, team building, bonding & other special events. Aside from that, this overlooking place is beautiful in that this morning, super cold, and foggy place gives excitement and fun.

Well, you only have to consider the following:

    • Weekdays 12,000
    • Weekend 14,000

Down payment is 50% of the rate NON-REFUNDABLE

Rescheduling is allowed if notice is given 2 weeks before the booked date. Good for 15pax (Maximum of 25pax).

And yes, an excess per person is only P500.


    • Swimming pool
    • Basketball Area
    • Billiard
    • Camping Area
    • Videoke


Armenia’s Peak: Malaybalay’s Getaway Hub

Are you tired of spending your 365 days and nights without excitement and fun? I bet you are! Perhaps, you need to wind down just a little bit and raise your hands up in the air by saying, “I need a break.” Well, there you go! You have enough time to unwind. You put your hands up in the air and wish to spell magic to let you catch your breath while imagining meaningful holiday activities this time.

When you decide to take personal trips, you may choose Armenia’s Peak in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. The exact location is at Can-ayan to give you the best place to unwind. This place is a picture-perfect venue for a family get-together or a social gathering. In other words, the location is a perfect spot to sleep outdoors, as well as bonfires and camping.

The strong point of Armenia’s Peak is its services. It allows guests to stay overnight to witness the stars above. It has Wi-Fi connections for the guests to stay connected while enjoying the pleasure of isolation. Those guests who get emergency tasks online can still work and continue doing them while they are in the area. With the best chance to unwind during this challenging time, Armenia’s Peak spoils you to experience the cool breeze of the mountain air, get surprised by the solar-powered cabins, become amazed by the picturesque views, and get ready to embrace peace of mind.

For more inquiries and reservations, please contact Armenia’s Peak or call them at 0999-739-9156. What are you waiting for? Isn’t the best time for you to travel?

Please NOTE: We thank you Sir EdRIAN for the photo.

KATIHAN ECO-PARK: Your place to explore

Are you looking for places to relax? Don’t fret! KATIHAN ECO-PARK gives you a glimpse of heaven. As you visit Bukidnon, feel the vibe of nature at this ecological site.

At KATIHAN ECO-PARK, you get to breathe and smell the fresh air. You get to take a bath at the pool. Aside from that, you get to relax inside the cottages, Kubo, Cabin House, and other sheltered camps where you surely experience relaxation.

Well, you get to unwind at the park. Its location is the perfect site to visit. You have to bring your food and even cook right there. You can experience bonfires, camping, and swimming in the area as you can choose an overnight stay. At KATIHAN ECO-PARK, you spend your weekend holiday an exciting one.

As you can see, KATIHAN ECO-PARK gives you the best place in the region. You can find other places like this; however, this ecological park is different. The site itself attracts tourists. If you want to book, you may contact this number 09369602211.


From Malaybalay City, you take 21 kilometers to reach KATIHAN ECO-PARK. It is located at Barangay Kibalabag, Malaybalay city. As a roughly estimated ride, you only take an hour’s ride.

If you use a vehicle, consider an SUV or a pick-up truck for your transport because the water level is 0.5 meters to cross the Can-Ayan River. During the rainy season, the water level on the river rises. In this case, travelers can impossibly cross the river. However, motorcycles can cross anytime through a hanging bridge.

Well, you can use commercial motorcycles (habal-habal) for your transport from Malaybalay City right after “The Gardens Venue.”

CHAVES SPRING RESORT: A Shangri-La to stay

One way to love yourself is to liberate yourself from stress. It is a practical way of relieving your stress is to find places to unwind. And yes, you can confirm that one based on personal observation and research. When you do, visiting some places like Chaves Spring Resort can reduce stress.

At Chaves Resort, you get to explore the place and celebrate life. You even have a chance to enjoy yourself. As well, you have the chance to play in the pool, dive into it, and relax at the cottage. Aside from that, you can feel the force of nature – the cool breeze of the changing seasons. In this case, you find relief and peace of mind by making some short trips to celebrate life.

As this new season comes, you still plan to travel. This time you have to pick Chaves Spring Resort because of its ambiance and natural sense. Besides, you get to fit the budget, consider the distance, and include the food in one itinerary. It sounds easy, right? You only find a place to cool down. For one thing, you can create great memories in the resort as you try to stay outdoors.

As you can see, Chaves Resort charms its local and foreign guests. Its management has good customer care service. Aside from that, the ambiance is inviting that makes you find the resort at Purok 9 – Barangay Lingating, Baungon, Bukidnon. At the moment, you can visit the place through private transport. You can only do that by checking the details of the resort through its Facebook page.

So, what are you waiting for? Call the management of the resort through this mobile phone dial (0917-685-0873).

Carmel Waters: A vacation site to ponder

Are you looking for a tranquil site to consider this summer? Carmel Waters in Dinawihan, Linabo, Malaybalay, Bukidnon gives you this choice to pick. You know you get flabbergasted by the resort’s accommodations. You get amazed by the cool pool, the hobbit home, and many more. So, summer is here, and you have to take your pick before missing the chance to get soaked again and again in the refreshing pool water in the area.

Carmel Waters can be a sanctuary for people who wish to get peace of mind and who want to throw away their emotional baggage. At Carmel, you know you can have fun. You can do whatever you want – diving into the sapphire pool waters, lighting up the bonfire, and many others. Now, if you have with you your family members and loved ones, then, you can stay here a little bit longer. You know, for sure, that this highly recommended place can even attract more guests.

Apropos, the entrance fee is PhP50.00 for both adults and kids. That figure seems quite all right. For more inquires, you can contact the management through its mobile phone dial: 0997-460-4812.

For more pictures, you can visit the Facebook Page of Travelenture PH. 

Hyper Vista Farm Resort: A relaxing spot to visit

Are you looking for a calm, restful, or sublime place to unwind? You do not need to worry about it. Hyper Vista Farm Resort welcomes you with open arms.

Hyper Vista Farm Resort is a place for everyone. Its quiet area far from the metropolis seems sheltered; however, the venue gives you an aroma of welcome to invite you to visit the place. As well, this location of this resort is at Sayre Highway, Poblacion, Impasug-Ong, Bukidnon Philippines. As a ride away, you know you do not want to miss the excitement and fun.

Well, the place is amusing and lovely to visit. You can tell your friends about the commodious resort. Of course, you get to see some cottages, pools, treehouses, and more when you try to look around. Aside from that, the nature-vibe of the farm resort gives you moments to commune with natural backdrops. And yes, you can take a deep plunge when you see the pool waters on the side.

More than these, visiting Hyper Vista Farm Resort is a lot of fun. The place is quite relaxing. You can spend your weekend getaway here, too. As well, you have so much fun to do here. For example, you can engage yourselves in doing some water sports, paddleboards, and ziplines. You can go jet skiing, kayaking, and wakeboarding. And yes, there is so much fun for only ₱100.00 entrance fee. With its cottage rate from ₱400.00 to ₱1,800.00, Hyper Vista Farm Resort can satisfy your longing for adventure.

Finally, you manage to finish reading this article. Perhaps, you have a decision to take some trips there. When you do, you need to make a call or text the management and dial this number 0935-218-9182. There you go. You can ask the management some questions concerning overnight use and other things for reservations.

Meanwhile, you need to check the best photographs captured by EdRIAN from TRAVELENTURE PH. You know you love to see them.


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