Camiguin Island: A charm to remember

Camiguin Island lies somewhere between the deep seas and blue skies. Seen in the northeastern part of the Mindanao region, this island appears to be the summer dream among Filipinos. The magically stretched sand bar creates a path for tourists to know where they head to leave the place. As well, the pear-shaped volcanic island of Camiguin gives you both magic and excitement.

Camiguin Island offers you natural wonders. You can check the splendid volcanoes, cerulean lagoons and lakes, the amazing cold and hot springs, the unspoiled waterfalls with white sandy beaches give you the finest in the country. Of course, Camiguin Island has a lot to offer – the two gorgeous islets in the open space at sea and the panorama of the sea to teem with the vibrant diversities of marine life.

Moreover, Camiguin has different tourist tractions minutes away from each other. You know that these natural attractions of the province gain admiration and appreciation locally and globally. With confidence, Camiguin Island can attract more tourists. Yahoo! Philippines, in fact, declares Camiguin and its White Island Bar of Mambajao to be the Number 1 beach spot for tourists in the Philippines.

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3 Best Tourist Spots In The Philippines To Visit

The year 2020 appears to be the COVID-19 pandemic and the critical period in human history. Most people during this time hope to end the crisis before the end of 2020. The number is perfect to consider since the double twenty on a calendar appears no more than a coincidence. It is a time of something worth remembering. It is quite remarkable to imagine if we can revel life before this year ends.

Now, choosing the best places to visit is challenging. We have to consider the distance from the hand-picked beach resorts on the list plus the considerable financial resources that, somehow, hamper us to go. And yet, we have the best destinations to stopover if we just decide which one to spend for the paramount vacation ever.

Camiguin Island

We can explore some of the famous sites in Camiguin. Of course, we know it as an island province in the Philippines. We also know its location to be located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometers off the northern shoreline of Mindanao. As history unfolds, Camiguin is geographically part of the Northern Mindanao Region in Region 10 as a former part of the Misamis Oriental province.

El Nido, Palawan

Well, we can visit this high-end beach resort in the country. Most foreign tourists choose to visit El Nido because of its amazing place, beach, and people. To ask where El Nido is, we will surely take our time to check where El Nido in the Philippines. As mentioned, El Nido is a Philippine municipality on Palawan island. Most tourists know this place in the country because of its white-sand beaches and coral reefs to reach you to the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago.  

Zamboanga City

We just discovered this one yet. Zamboanga City, officially known as the City of Zamboanga, is classy and highly urbanized. Local and foreign tourists can see it in the city, particularly the Zamboanga Peninsula of the Philippines. According to the researched data, this figure to claim that Zamboanga City has been the sixth-most densely inhabited and third-largest city by land area in the Philippines.

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Kawayan Cliff Resort: A new tourist site to visit

Are we done planning for our next adventure? If we do, we must travel now. We can’t just wait any longer. Since the pandemic, we lose touch with nature. Perhaps, this time, we can unwind and explore the beauty of Initao, Misamis Oriental. We know it still is the best time to travel these days regardless of the situation. We know we need to go. Our bags are ready; our financial resources are fine; our swimming gears are all set. So, what are we waiting for? We must go now before others do. Despite the pandemic, we can still visit some places where we love to explore. We can have a dry or wet picnic if we choose to do it. Somehow, we love to go to the beach. When we do, why not we just go to Kawayan Cliff Resort.

The Place

The management of Kawayan Cliff Resort offers us its impressive tourist site. Some tourists, local or foreign, often say positive things about the resort, and so should we. To tell everyone, we just need to enjoy as we spend our time looking at the panorama, the aura, the landscape, and the vibe. As we do, we know it’s true. It’s because the management succeeds in doing its craft and skill to the landscape. The management, as well, even flourishes as it provides us such remarkable scenery. The cottage, as well as the clean resort, gives us nothing but excitement, joy, and privacy.

Well, we can take a walk on the sand for strolling. We can also take our time throwing pebbles on the cerulean-blue beach waters. The sounds of the stones that touch the waters create an inviting melody. The pebbles that splish-splash on the waters create this magnificent sound to let us wear our swimming suits and trunks to plunge. As we dive, we feel the cool and refreshing waters. We cannot ignore that. We just love the waters that touch our skin. This time, we are hungry. Well, we do not feel worried about that since can order food from the management or we can have our food.

The Perks

We can, surely, enjoy our stay at Kawayan Cliff Resort. The ambiance, the food, the landscape, the cottage, the overlooking scenery, and the beach water make us feel like home or even paradise. We must visit the place today or we need to call the number below for reservations.

Extra Words

Oh, here’s the address of the resort. It is in Pagahan, Initao, Misamis Oriental. You can simply call the management if we want…

    • Pagahan, Initao, Misamis Oriental
    • Business Hours: 8 AM – 9:30 PM
    • 0917 750 8864

Bawbawon Beach Resort: A memoir to write

A trip to Bawbawon Island, particularly Bawbawon Beach Resort, has been remarkable. You just have to set your plans, save money for the expenses, invite family members and friends, and prepare for beach activities. Indeed, it has been overwhelming. Well, you can surely tell me about your amazing adventure if you can just try to stop thinking about your worries in life.

The Place

Bawbawon Beach Resort is in Plaridel, Misamis Occidental. It is quiet. The heat of the sun during the sunny season seems to burn your skin; however, the beach waters are ready to cool you down. Its location is next to Misamis Oriental in terms of geography. Well, this resort is in Misamis Occidental, a province in Northern Mindanao, Philippines. If you have maps or Google Maps, you know its capital city called Oroquieta. To check the map closely, you can see Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur to the west. You surely know the details if you check Wikipedia about it.

For Details and Reservation

Well, you can call and send a message on this mobile phone dial 0966 368 4488 for your next adventure. You can also call the management through its phone dial at (032) 236 7820. You have to remember the address. It is Plaridel, Misamis Occidental 7209.

The Perks

Think about this. The resort is fantastic. You can tell by looking at the photos. The turquoise-blue water and the summer breeze compliment the weather. It is surreal. You can pay only ₱ 4,799 for lunch, good for up to 6 people in your own Cabana. Hearing this one tells you the reasonably priced food menus and the like.

Please visit its website today for bookings and reservations. I can only tell. The resort is open now on November 8, 2020.

How to Get There

Traveling now is an opportunity. After the pandemic crisis, you can go back to normal, get jobs, and focus on tasks. You only think of your jobs, jobs, and jobs because you want to earn more. You can unwind and find solitude since not all people can visit the place this time due to the pandemic crisis. Now, you can check the Bawbawan Beach Resort website for a little website tour.

Please check the all details on its website. It is Bawbawon Beach Resort. You know you have to check it out. Then, fix everything for your next adventure. What are you waiting for?

Patapat Viaduct: A long-winding trip of a lifetime

Traveling to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines has surely been amazing and breathtaking. As a traveler, you need to know that Pagudpud is a coastal town. This place is positioned at the northernmost tip of Ilocos Norte. Most people call this Boracay of the North. However, it offers more than just the beach and fun-filled activities in Boracay. It is because Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte gives you the unspoiled shoreline.

The Place

Local and foreign tourists give you Patapat Viaduct in Pagudpud. They take their trips with cameras on hand as they venture into the famous Patapat Viaduct. Based on the given data, this viaduct stretches around 1,300 meters. Its stretch snakes through the Cordillera mountain range with its altitude of 31 meters above sea level.

Surprisingly, this Patapat Viaduct is the fourth-longest bridge in the country. It becomes an extremely common surfing location. Tourists may feel enthralled with the natural marvels of Pagudpud. They can see some scenic beaches and waterfalls, as well as some artificial allures, such as highways and windmill farms. Though you may have a long journey to get Pagudpud, traveling within the area does not take a minute.

Looking at the windmill farms…

How To Get There

By plane

    • If you are from outside the Philippines, you need to reach Manila. From Manila, you can board a one-hour trip to Laoag.
    • For another route, you can take jeepneys or public utility jeepneys with a signboard Laoag-Pagudpud itinerary.
    • Or, perhaps, you can take Cagayan Valley-bound buses that pass Pagudpud.

By land transportation

    • From Manila to Pagudpud, take 10 to 12 hours for a long trip.
    • Buses, such as Florida Bus Line, Partas, Baliwag, and Farinas can stop at Laoag. From Laoag, take jeepneys bound for Pagudpud for a two-hour trip.

The Perks

Pagudpud promises a variety of great accommodations. It surely suits your itinerary budget. It offers Saud Beach Resort, Kapuluan Vista Resort, Blue Lagoon, and more. It offers great unrivaled conveniences and inner-city individual luxuries.

Tourists love to visit Pagudpud because of the hotels. The Kapuluan Vista Resort Hotel near Blue Lagoon gives guests a great stay as the place brings them surfing lessons, yoga facilities, and massage services.

Experience the wonder of nature at Saud Beach…

Extra Words

Of course, Ilocos Norte is a large province. You can tell that Pagudpud is just one of the tourist destinations in the region and country in general. So, when you plan to take your trip, just do your research accordingly to make your stay well-organized.

Well, you have to bring with you your camera. Pagudpud is scenic that compels you to capture every significant journey.

Finally, you need to ask the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give you the best and safest trip. Also, you can ask the locals for tour guides. You, as well, can check Traveloka.Com or Tripadvisor.Co.Uk and give some credit to it for more details. Or perhaps, you can use Google Maps or a smartphone to check where to go through the use of GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.

Hagimit Falls: The paradise of the south

Davao has been embellished and graced with fine-looking and gorgeous tourist attractions. Samal Island, for example, has proven its reputation and worth. As well, Davao has offered many great gifts of nature – the cold and refreshing springs, the stunning falls, the attractive and lovely nature parks, and the like. More than this, Davao has been attracting more local and foreign tourists because of its safe to travel, as well as its thrilling adventures of a lifetime.

The Place

Hagimit Falls attracts more holidaymakers, as well as vacationers. This amazing waterfall is located in Peñaplata, Island Garden City of Samal. The address is at Peñaplata, Samal, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte. However, this type of waterfall does not possess parallel attributes of Tiklas Falls, Tinago Falls, or Maria Christina Falls. The height of the falls is relatively small of three (3) to five (5) meters high.

On the contrary, this waterfall similarly offers guests and tourists great vibes. They can feel the marvel of the place when they get the chance to relax in the water and look up at the trees nearby. As they can see nature, they all have what Hagimit Falls takes.

A photo taken by Roy Van Rivero from his website Meanttogo.Com gives you a close-up look at the marvels of Hagimit Falls…

The Perks

Hagimit Falls offers a lot. For example, it gives these holidaymakers and vacationers joy. It allows its guests and visitors to cook for food, engage in social interactions with the people in the area, and have fun in the water. As well, it puts its guests and visitors in a state of amazement as they venture into the area.

Notably, the place has been improved by the management. Even if you cannot expect a 100% natural landscape, Hagimit Falls illustrates a genuine pleasure with nature. It appears to be the perfect abode for people who long for a weekend getaway. In the end, if you need to commune with nature, Hagimit Falls has truly been a soothing place to visit.

A photo taken by Roy Van Rivero from his website Meanttogo.Com depicts a group of boys who enjoy the cold and refreshing waters of Hagimit Falls.

Accommodation. Well, Hagimit Falls gives you a variety of selections to make for your accommodations. You can have a day tour or an overnight stay tour.

      • For open cottages, you need to pay ₱200 – ₱350 a day.
      • For tables and chairs (with umbrellas), you will pay ₱150 – ₱200 a day.
      • For closed cottages (for overnight stay), you will pay ₱600 and up.

Entrance Fee. 

      • For adults, you need to pay ₱50.00 at the main entrance and another ₱25.00 at the water source.
      • For senior citizens, you will pay ₱40.00 and ₱25.00 at the water source.
      • For children aged between 3 and 7 years old, you need to pay ₱25.00.
A photo taken by Roy Van Rivero from his website Meanttogo.Com gives you a moment to relax and set your plans to go to Hagimit Falls.

How To Get There

If you are anywhere in the world, take the plane to Davao International Airport. From the airport, take taxis to Sasa Ferry Terminal. It will cost you around ₱100.00 or $2.00. Fees have gone up these days. So, expect a price change, but it does not ask you more.

From Sasa Ferry Terminal, reach Babak Port in Samal Island through a barge. It will cost you around ₱10.00 or just a cent in terms of a dollar.

From Babak Ferry Terminal, take a commercialized motorcycle known locally as “habal-habal.” This motorbike will take you to the entrance of Hagimit Falls. It will cost you ₱50.00 or so. However, if you are alone, you need to pay ₱100.00. Anyway, it is not that expensive, you know.

Extra Words

To be sure, you need to ask the officials of the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give you the best and safest trip. Also, we can ask the locals for tour guides or contact the mobile phone dial of Hagimit Falls at 0999-705-5330. We, as well, can check and use Google Maps or a smartphone to check where to go using GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.

Midway Beach: A resort location like no other

Traveling to places far from home has always been exciting and engaging. We may not know the kind of fun we encounter in the area. Of course, I am not telling you about a gothic horror story in a movie. It is not just like that. What I am telling you about is a kind of stirring encounter with stunning beaches and resorts and activities.

The Place

The gorgeous Midway Beach in Initao, Misamis Oriental has been drawing local and foreign holidaymakers alike. Known as one of the best tourist destinations in the province, Midway Beach brings us peace and solitude. The moment we spend on the beach can be identical to the time when we want to unwind from the long-winding stress due to unemployment, quarantine protocols, pandemic crisis, and uncertainty. However, Midway Beach washes those types of stress away.

A photo taken from Wheretotakepictures.Com gives us a picture-perfect sunset that gives us time to think and unwind…

The Perks

Well, we cannot ignore this. The management of Midway Beach serves good food for our taste. For example, we can request for shrimps being dipped in a hot chili sauce with atchara on the side, hot and spicy ceviche, chicken adobo, and more, or we can choose from the variety of good food from the menus. Besides, Midway Beach has a nice view from the huts and lodges to the beach waters during daytimes and twilights. Now, if we ask for an overnight stay, we can book it in advance.

How To Get There

Going to Midway Beach is easy. If we are in some parts of Mindanao, we can choose Cagayan de Oro as our point of origin. From Cagayan de Oro, we can hire vans and taxis or ask Magnum Radio for the means of transportation going to Initao. Magnum Radio has taxis and vans for various rides. With that in mind, we can guarantee everyone that we have plenty of taxis in Cagayan de Oro.

A photo taken by Verano Natad gives us a suitable location to take some pictures and post them on social media platforms…

Extra Words

To be sure, we need to ask the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give us the best and safest trip. Also, we can ask the locals for tour guides. We, as well, can check the website from and give credits to it for more details. Or perhaps, we can use our Google Maps or smartphone to check where to go through the use of GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort: A heaven on earth

Going to Pearl Farm Beach Resort has always been exhilarating and amusing. It allows us to see new scenes and sites. It even allows us to see some wonders that people create. A man-made landscape that imitates the natural one, Pearl Farm Beach Resort can be a heaven on earth.

The Place

The lovely Pearl Farm Beach Resort at Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Kaputian District – Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines, 8119 is one of the paramount sceneries that people try to visit. A hidden paradise in the southern part of the country, Pearl Farm Beach Resort secretly fascinates guests and visitors not only in Davao City but also the people in the country. In Davao City, we see stunning backdrops and magical sites of the region. We see Pearl Farm Beach Resort right there and take dives from glittering cerulean-blue and turquoise waters.

Finding the right time to unwind the beauty of Samal Island in Davao City…

The Perks

The magnificent Pearl Farm Beach Resort holds some magic to explore. It holds very crystal clear water that surely invigorates invitees and friends. This picturesque sight brings us into the world of magic and amazement as the good-looking views of the resort charm us to capture our best camera shots for social media posts. As we visit the place, we witness new heaven on earth.

How To Get There

Wandering around the Pearl Farm Beach Resort seems rewarding. If we are from Mindanao, it is easy for us to set our plans and go there. However, if we are from Luzon and the Visayas, we take the planes to Laguindingan Airport. From the airport, we take vans and taxis since numerous taxis and vans wait for passengers to go to Cagayan de Oro. From Cagayan de Oro, we take buses or any means of transportation to go to Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Kaputian District – Samal Island, Davao City, Philippines, 8119.

Take your best dive in the best motion as possible…

Extra Words

To be sure, we need to ask the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give us the best and safest trip. Also, we can ask the locals. Or perhaps, we can contact the websites of some hotels, such as Booking.Com, Agoda.Com, Thebesthotels.Com, and the like, or we can use our Google Maps or smartphone to check where to go through the use of GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.