Seeing the ageless magic of Pont Fawr in the UK

The magic is here. This Pont Fawr recognized as Big Bridge and positioned itself across the Conwy River in Llanrwst, a superbly scenic stop at the doorway to Snowdonia National Park in the United Kingdom gives us an exciting and thrilling view of a lifetime.

We can see the triple-arch bridge as a reminder of the artistic prowess of man’s imaginative power. People call this bridge the Inigo Jones bridge after the inventive architect who has been assumed to have built and designed it. This bridge in the 1630s can carry a horse and cart.

Crossing the bridge of Pont Fawr

However, people can witness the magic of the bridge. This bridge carries traffic today. It becomes a reminder of people’s intelligence and skills. This one-way link on a two-way road gives us a ride of the post-medieval era in which we see the dawn of a new era of rebirth.

Additionally, this bridge has a hump. This humped-shape bridge tends to obscure the approaching cars. As such, the Welsh nickname called Pont y Rhegi also known as Bridge of Swearing transpires.

Moreover, we can, also, see the Virginia creeper-clad cottage in the background. This one is called Tu Hwnt I’r Bont. It means Beyond the Bridge. History reveals that this cottage has been around for more than 5 centuries. It has been built as a farmhouse. And yet, this construction has been undergoing renovation for the centuries.

Now, the National Trust owns this place. It has been leased out as a traditional Welsh tea shop. We can see in the photo that those dark green leaves will turn into an aerated and effervescent red in the autumn.

Well, this photographic scenery is something magical that continues to fascinate tourists to be one of the most pictured in north Wales.

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