Blue Lagoon: Zamboanga del Sur’s Hidden Paradise

Going to different places far from home appears to be exciting and fun. It allows us to see new locations and sites. As well, it even permits us to see some marvels of man-made landscapes and natural ones. As traveling to places gives us a taste of adventure, it compels us to seek the beauty of creation in this world.

The Place

The beautiful Blue Lagoon in Tabina has been one of the greatest landscapes that human beings try to accomplish. It is the concealed paradise that furtively attracts people not only in Zamboanga del Sur but also people in the country. In Tabina, we can also see the Buhisan Cliff. We can jump right there and take plunges from sparkling cerulean-blue and turquoise waters.

Getting a scenic spot where we can take pictures for social media posts…

The Perks

The stunning Blue Lagoon has some magic to offer. It has crystal clear water that refreshes guests and visitors. It has a scenic spot that allows us to capture beautiful spots for social media posts. Our great dive into the waters satisfies our thirsts. As we venture into the Blue Lagoon, we see a paradise that Zamboanga del Sur has to offer.

How To Get There

Traveling to the Blue Lagoon or the Buhisan Cliff in Tabina, Zamboanga del Sur seems fulfilling. If we are from Mindanao, it is easy for us to set our plans and go there. However, if we are from Luzon and the Visayas, we take the planes to Laguindingan Airport. From the airport, we take vans and taxis since numerous taxis and vans wait for passengers to go to Cagayan de Oro. From Cagayan de Oro, we take buses to go to Zamboanga del Sur. From Zamboanga del Sur, we take jeepneys, buses, motorcycles, or whatever is available, to go to the destination.

Making your camera ready to find the right angle for photography…

Extra Words

To be sure, we need to ask the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give us the best and safest trip. Also, we can ask the locals. Or perhaps, we can use our Google Maps or smartphone to check where to go through the use of GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.

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