Laga Pool: A new place to explore in Jasaan

Misamis Oriental has been blessed with great wonders. This grace may not be part of the seven wonders of the world; however, this blessing offers beach resorts, entertainment sites, and pools. Some people cannot deny that fact because the excitement, fun, and please in the area are unavoidable. Whether you choose dry or wet adventures, you surely get what you want. Here, you get to know Laga Pool to celebrate life as a new place to explore Jasaan itself.

Laga Pool does not ring your bell, does it? However, it’s a new place or destination to see and witness. Of course, it isn’t too late to tour around places and to spend with family members and friends. You have to remember great memories and things to happen as long as you love Laga Pool.

Laga Pool is the new resort in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. A circle of friends and a few members of the family can vote the area to be an ideal place for seeking places to simmer down. Summer or without summer, it is even nicer to visit Laga Pool. Its location is positioned at Kiungab, Barangay Solana, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It offers large pools with slides and diving boards.

You can visit Laga Pool whenever you like. It’s roughly one kilometer away from the national highway. You can ride something slow to feel the aura and the vibe. You can even check some exciting places near the area if you feel you need to explore other spring resorts. As well, Laga Pool is along Barangay Road to Sagpulon Falls, which can be an easy way to recall. If you are from the different locations in Misamis Oriental and the country, you can check the Spring View Resort as the landmark and begin to find the place. This one is exciting, isn’t it?


    • Daytime entrance fees: Adults P50, Children P30
    • Night swimming (until 10 pm as of now): Adults P100, Kids P60
    • Cottages: P400, P700, P800 (depends on size)
    • Function Hall: P3,000 (100+ pax capacity)
    • Table with 4 Chairs: P100
    • Additional Chairs: P5/chair

Please note: All prices may vary. The figures presented here are data from 2018.


    • 0997 887 4730
    • 0906 794 8688
    • 0947 472 5998
    • 0927 472 7172


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