Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort: An adventure to love

What picnic do you want? Is it wet or dry? A dry picnic sounds exciting. And yet, a wet picnic seems cool and fulfilling when you try Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort. 

Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort is at Barangay San Isidro, Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental. This spotted location found within your geography gives you an amazing feeling, quite superb that you, somehow, forget all pressures and strains in life.

As you plan to stop over in Magsaysay, you can take a peek at Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort. There is something in there that draws your attention to the sea and the view. It seems true that a change of leap from here and there can truly give you a satiating stay.

As well, the ambiance of Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort invigorates your spirit as the place promotes remarkable relaxation. The exquisite cottages with classy exteriors and expedient interiors give you comfortable feelings as kings and queens of your adventure.

Out in the sun, the beach air alters the temperature. Despite the sizzling heat of the sun, you don’t precisely feel the heat of summer. In other words, Le’ Pavillion Beach Resort is a good place to start your adventure as this one is the latest beachfront site in Magsaysay, Misamis Oriental.

For reservations, you may contact the following mobile phone dials: 09518142595 and 09565161853. Please adhere to the IATF guidelines as this site complies with its 50% maximum venue capacity. As you highly observe the strict implementation of health and safety protocols, you can find exciting adventures in the area. By the way, only individuals with ages 15-65 years are acceptable.


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