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A diversified business formed through partnership between expert consultants and professionals in the field of Accounting, Audit, Advertising, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, and Information technology with a commitment in developing and providing sustainable and innovative solutions to answer everyday business challenge.


1. Team Management
• Brainstorm with higher management for the priorities and requirements
• Lead and keep track of the progress of your design team, ensuring their:
• Tasks are in line with our product development priorities,
• Deliverables are well-defined and continuously on track to success,
• Designs are executed consistently and communicated clearly,
• Professional development is well-cultivated.
• Facilitate internal and external design brainstorming and feedback sessions

2. Requirements Analysis, Designing, and Feedback Gathering
• Meet with stakeholders through discovery sessions to understand their workflow
• Design well-crafted, client-focused UI wireframes and web pages (or part of it) that fulfills the
• specific project requirements
• Create assets to be used in websites, within a UI, or for marketing materials
• Maintain consistency in style/branding standards on fonts, colors, images, etc.
• Create User flow/Use Cases for stakeholders and developers
• Ask for feedback and adjust the designs accordingly


1. 2 – 3 years of experience in designing user-focused interfaces for web / mobile applications
2. At least 1 year of experience in managing a design team
3. Good understanding of:
• UI/UX Design, Design Patterns, Project Management
• Technological limitations and the ability to work with technology requirements
4. Familiarity with:
• Using Figma
• Creating assets (vector, icons, etc.)
5. Good command of spoken and written English
6. Bachelors in UI/UX Design, Computer Science or another relevant field

PLUS (but not needed)
• Knowledge of Material Design and its limitations in terms of coding
• Understanding of clinical decision-making processes
• Experience working on EMR/EHR User Interfaces
• Experience creating / managing design systems
• Web Development Experience

• Must have stable internet connection minimum of 5 MBPS
• Must be comfortable working the US business hours
• Must own a laptop with at least 8 GB memory

To apply for this job email your details to [email protected]

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