Driving Innovation through Collaboration: ASEC Abad L. Santos of Cooperative Development Authority and FINMAC-CDO’s School Administrator Meet to Foster Strong Alliances

The Future Innovation Management Academy in Cagayan de Oro (FINMAC-CDO) took a significant step towards building strong alliances for driving innovation in the business sector by meeting with former Assistant Secretary (ASEC) Abad L. Santos for the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) on March 15, 2023, at Mallberry Suites Business Hotel in Cagayan de Oro.

FINMAC-CDO remained true to its promise to widen its scope to educate more Filipinos in the region. It worked hard to provide knowledge and skill in digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and forex trading to guarantee good results so that students could accomplish financial freedom. Additionally, the academy exerted its effort to nurture many residents in the region with relevant skills to understand the forex market. As innovation grew prevalent in the digital era, FINMAC-CDO could relevant skills, such as forex trading skills, training programs, and workshops to inspire business administrators, corporate leaders, professionals, and students to drive innovation. As a Former ASEC of the CDA, on the other hand, he graced many groups of professionals through lectures and talks and shared knowledge in terms of the growth and development of people and professionals in his circle. 

The meeting between FINMAC-CDO and former Assistant Secretary (ASEC) Abad L. Santos appeared to be a major step towards generating a platform for businesses to share ideas and other learning resources. The future cooperation between them would not only benefit business leaders, groups of professionals, and students but also contribute to the growth and development of the economy as a whole.

During the meeting, FINMAC-CDO School Administrator shared the school’s vision of creating a platform for businesses and professionals to learn forex trading skills and sessions of training on digital entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  This endeavor of FINMAC-CDO has always been possible because of the endless support of Engineer Dave Exequiel C. Suico, who served as the CEO of Algorithmic Trading Technology Corporation (ATT Corp) and one of the owners of FINMAC-CDO. Moreover, the academy continued to endorse its key advocacy to have at least one trader in every Filipino family. And yes, the ASEC of CDA, on its part, could play a vital role in sharing his skills and his expertise as a great asset for businesses looking to join resources.

The meeting between the CDA and the FINMAC-CDO focused on fostering a culture of partnership and innovation in the business. The talk between them manufactures a ripple effect to inspire other businesses to adopt a similar mindset in promoting the importance of working together and sharing ideas.

Furthermore, the encounter between ASEC Abad L Santos and FINMAC-CDO’s school administrator would signal hope and progress to introduce new skills necessary in the digital era. The cooperation between them would inspire more people to find digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and forex trading on the same wavelength to provide support to one another with parallel goals. The vital meeting between FINMAC-CDO and the former ASEC of the CDA appeared to be a great example of how effective cooperation and partnership could drive positive change in people, as well as in the business sector. It would be time for business professionals to recognize the value of partnership and take advantage of the opportunities arising from cooperation.

Overall, the significant meeting between FINMAC-CDO and former Assistant Secretary Abad L. Santos of the CDA would serve as a promising step towards building strong alliances for driving innovation. That meeting would provide them with the opportunity to share their ideas, ultimately leading to the growth and development of the economy as a whole.

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