Jobs That Are Less Likely to be Fully Covered by AI in the Near Future

Many people are scared of the presence of artificial intelligence (AI). As observed, AI dominates the employment market. However, there are jobs that are less likely to be fully covered by AI in the near future. These jobs, at some point, require high levels of creativity, emotional intelligence, and complex decision-making.

Artists and Creative Individuals

These groups of people can still have jobs that involve creativity and originality such as writers, musicians, painters, and other creative professionals. The presence of AI cannot disrupt their market. While AI is getting better at generating the content, it’s still limited in terms of coming up with truly original ideas.

Social Workers and Therapists

These individuals can operate freely in the market without the disruption of AI. Some of these jobs that do not need AI are social workers and therapists. They do not necessitate emotional intelligence and empathy, as social workers, therapists, and counselors do. AI cannot replicate the complex emotional understanding that humans possess.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals are jobs that require complex decision-making. These jobs include doctors, surgeons, and nurses. While AI can assist with medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations, it’s still unable to replace the expertise and judgment of a highly trained medical professional.

Teachers and Educators

Aside from that, educators and teachers can excel in the future without AI. These jobs require empathy, critical thinking, and adaptabilities, such as teachers and educators. AI can provide some support for teachers, but it cannot replace the human interaction and personalized attention necessary for effective education.

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders

Jobs that require strategic thinking, innovation, and leadership are entrepreneurs and business leaders. While AI can provide valuable data analysis and insights, it cannot replace the human creativity and decision-making skills necessary for success in these roles.

It’s important to note that AI is advancing at a rapid pace and may be able to cover more and more job roles in the future. However, there will always be certain tasks and functions that require human skills and expertise.

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