FINMAC-CDO: Your pathway to your financial freedom

In today’s digital age, more people struggle to face the evolving market. Many feel awed by how to beat the market. In this case, they must adapt to the changing market environment before they leave themselves behind. Students, for example, must be equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate this ever-changing landscape. To say, students need to study at Future Innovation Management Academy (FINMAC) in Cagayan de Oro as it offers an unparalleled opportunity for them to learn digital entrepreneurship and forex trading, providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the modern world.

As well, more people transition to digital entrepreneurship. As an increasingly viable and important field, more business leaders have to launch and grow their digital businesses to take advantage of the opportunities that the digital world has to offer. At FINMAC, students can learn about topics such as e-commerce, forex trading, social media marketing, and search engine optimization, while giving them a comprehensive understanding of how to succeed in the digital space.

In addition to digital entrepreneurship, FINMAC also offers courses in forex trading, which is a vital skill for anyone interested in finance or international business. With a growing number of companies operating on a global scale, students must understand how to navigate the complex world of foreign exchange. At FINMAC, they will learn about topics such as currency pairs, technical analysis, and risk management, giving them the knowledge they need to trade forex with confidence.

By learning digital entrepreneurship and forex trading at FINMAC, students will gain a competitive edge in the job market. They will be able to demonstrate to potential employers that they have the skills necessary to thrive in the digital age, making them valuable assets to any company. Additionally, students who are interested in starting their businesses will have the knowledge and resources they need to launch successful ventures.

Furthermore, FINMAC provides students with access to well-informed instructors to be experts in their respective fields. They have to be passionate about teaching as well. They must be committed to helping students succeed in their studies. Aside from that, students can have access to hands-on experience and practical classroom instruction through internships and other opportunities. In this case, these students can apply their knowledge in real-world settings.

In conclusion, learning digital entrepreneurship and forex trading at FINMAC-CDO in Cagayan de Oro is a valuable investment in your future. These skills will provide you with a competitive edge in the job market and the knowledge and resources necessary to launch successful businesses. With experienced coaches or instructors, practical experience opportunities, and a comprehensive curriculum, FINMAC is the ideal place to learn these essential skills.

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FINMAC-CDO: Your forex trading academy

Forex trading is a captivating world that offers opportunities for those who want to gain the right knowledge and skills. If you’re a student who’s interested in the financial markets, then you should consider studying forex trading at Future Innovation Management Academy (FINMAC). Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Forex trading is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets in the world.

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with an estimated daily turnover of $6.6 trillion. This means that there are always plenty of opportunities to trade, no matter what time of day it is. Studying forex trading at FINMAC will give you the skills and knowledge you need to take advantage of these opportunities and make profitable trades.

  • Forex trading is a great way to learn about global economics and politics.

Global economics and politics heavily influence the forex market, and studying forex trading will give you a deeper understanding of these topics. You’ll learn about how different countries and regions interact with each other, and how economic and political events can impact currency prices. This knowledge will not only help you become a better trader, but it will also give you valuable insights into the world around you.

  • FINMAC offers comprehensive forex trading courses for students of all levels.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced trader, FINMAC has a course that will suit your needs. Their courses cover everything from forex trading to advanced trading strategies and analysis techniques. You’ll learn from experienced traders who have a deep understanding of the forex market and who can provide you with practical advice and guidance.

  • Studying forex trading at FINMAC can lead to a rewarding career in finance.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in finance, then studying forex trading at FINMAC can be a great way to get started. You’ll develop the skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the financial industry, and you’ll be well-positioned to pursue a variety of different career paths, including trading, analysis, and risk management.

  • FINMAC provides students with access to cutting-edge trading tools and technology.

To succeed as a forex trader, you need access to the best tools and technology. At FINMAC, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art trading platforms and analysis tools, as well as real-time market data and news. This will give you a competitive edge in the market and help you make more informed trading decisions.

In conclusion, studying forex trading at FINMAC is an excellent choice for students who are interested in the financial markets. You’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills, learn about global economics and politics, and have access to cutting-edge trading tools and technology. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in finance or want to develop a new skill, studying forex trading at FINMAC is worth considering.

Driving Innovation through Collaboration: ASEC Abad L. Santos of Cooperative Development Authority and FINMAC-CDO’s School Administrator Meet to Foster Strong Alliances

The Future Innovation Management Academy in Cagayan de Oro (FINMAC-CDO) took a significant step towards building strong alliances for driving innovation in the business sector by meeting with former Assistant Secretary (ASEC) Abad L. Santos for the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) on March 15, 2023, at Mallberry Suites Business Hotel in Cagayan de Oro.

FINMAC-CDO remained true to its promise to widen its scope to educate more Filipinos in the region. It worked hard to provide knowledge and skill in digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and forex trading to guarantee good results so that students could accomplish financial freedom. Additionally, the academy exerted its effort to nurture many residents in the region with relevant skills to understand the forex market. As innovation grew prevalent in the digital era, FINMAC-CDO could relevant skills, such as forex trading skills, training programs, and workshops to inspire business administrators, corporate leaders, professionals, and students to drive innovation. As a Former ASEC of the CDA, on the other hand, he graced many groups of professionals through lectures and talks and shared knowledge in terms of the growth and development of people and professionals in his circle. 

The meeting between FINMAC-CDO and former Assistant Secretary (ASEC) Abad L. Santos appeared to be a major step towards generating a platform for businesses to share ideas and other learning resources. The future cooperation between them would not only benefit business leaders, groups of professionals, and students but also contribute to the growth and development of the economy as a whole.

During the meeting, FINMAC-CDO School Administrator shared the school’s vision of creating a platform for businesses and professionals to learn forex trading skills and sessions of training on digital entrepreneurship and financial literacy.  This endeavor of FINMAC-CDO has always been possible because of the endless support of Engineer Dave Exequiel C. Suico, who served as the CEO of Algorithmic Trading Technology Corporation (ATT Corp) and one of the owners of FINMAC-CDO. Moreover, the academy continued to endorse its key advocacy to have at least one trader in every Filipino family. And yes, the ASEC of CDA, on its part, could play a vital role in sharing his skills and his expertise as a great asset for businesses looking to join resources.

The meeting between the CDA and the FINMAC-CDO focused on fostering a culture of partnership and innovation in the business. The talk between them manufactures a ripple effect to inspire other businesses to adopt a similar mindset in promoting the importance of working together and sharing ideas.

Furthermore, the encounter between ASEC Abad L Santos and FINMAC-CDO’s school administrator would signal hope and progress to introduce new skills necessary in the digital era. The cooperation between them would inspire more people to find digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and forex trading on the same wavelength to provide support to one another with parallel goals. The vital meeting between FINMAC-CDO and the former ASEC of the CDA appeared to be a great example of how effective cooperation and partnership could drive positive change in people, as well as in the business sector. It would be time for business professionals to recognize the value of partnership and take advantage of the opportunities arising from cooperation.

Overall, the significant meeting between FINMAC-CDO and former Assistant Secretary Abad L. Santos of the CDA would serve as a promising step towards building strong alliances for driving innovation. That meeting would provide them with the opportunity to share their ideas, ultimately leading to the growth and development of the economy as a whole.

FINMAC-CDO: Its Unflinching Effort to Make Strong Alliances to Educate Individuals to Learn Forex Trading Skills

The world of finance is an ever-evolving industry that has continuously adapted to new trends and technologies. In the past, the stock market was the main investment vehicle for those looking to grow their wealth. However, in recent years, the foreign exchange market, or forex, has emerged as a popular alternative for savvy investors. While many people may be hesitant to delve into the complexities of forex trading, the Future Innovation Management Academy (FINMAC) in Cagayan de Oro (CDO) has made it their mission to bridge gaps and make connections to educate people and students on the benefits of enrolling in forex trading.

First and foremost, FINMAC-CDO provides valuable resources to educate individuals about the foreign exchange market. Through their comprehensive courses, students can learn the ins and outs of forex trading, from the basics of currency pairs to the intricacies of risk management procedures. Furthermore, FINMAC-CDO offers mentorship programs and one-on-one coaching to ensure that students can receive the personalized attention they need to succeed in the market.

Besides, FINMAC-CDO’s commitment to bridging gaps and making connections extends beyond its educational offerings. The academy also provides a platform for like-minded individuals to collaborate with private and public offices. Through its community forums and events, students and professionals can connect with others who share their passion for finance and forex trading. This cooperation not only helps individuals build valuable relationships but also provides opportunities to learn from others and expand their knowledge base.

In addition to their educational resource opportunities, FINMAC-CDO helps convey some practical experience to students. Through its simulated trading platform, all students can apply their knowledge and test out trading strategies in a safe, risk-free environment. This experience is invaluable for students who may be hesitant to jump into the real market without first gaining practical experience.

Critics of forex trading may argue that it is too risky and complicated for the average person. However, with the education and resources provided by FINMAC-CDO, individuals can approach the market with confidence and a solid understanding of the risks and rewards. By forming strong alliances with private and public agencies, FINMAC-CDO has created a supportive community of traders who are committed to growing their wealth through forex trading.

Indeed, FINMAC-CDO’s vow to bridge gaps and make connections has had a major impact on the education and growth of forex traders. Through its all-inclusive educational resources, combined prospects, and practical experiences, individuals can approach forex trading with confidence in the market. As the world of finance continues to advance and develop, academic institutions like FINMAC-CDO will continue to play a crucial role in educating and empowering individuals to take control of their financial future.

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Visit FINMAC-CDO at the 2F Angeles Building, Captain Vicente Roa Street corner General Antonio Luna Street, Cagayan de Oro City. We are at the back of Ayala Malls (Centrio) near Cagayan Town Center (CTC). DIAL 0917-110-1665 NOW.

The Important Role of FINMAC-CDO in Producing More Digital Entrepreneurs

Future Innovation Management Academy (FINMAC) in Cagayan de Oro City is true to its advocacy to have at least one trader in every Filipino family. This academy exerts its effort to ensure that no Filipino people will suffer from hunger and poverty. In doing so, FINMAC-CDO always seeks strong allies to keep its mission to be the leading academy in the trading domain and participates in various speaking engagements to make FINMAC-CDO known. At FINMAC-CDO, students who want to trade forex, cryptocurrency, and stock traders can master their skills in the forex trading market.

As well, FINMAC-CDO endeavors to break boundaries and bridge gaps to help many students gain financial freedom. It offers germane pieces of knowledge and skills to confront challenging markets. As the economic collapse works hard to spawn panic in the financial market, groups of underprivileged families and working classes face risks on all fronts. At FINMAC-CDO, coaches and trainers can educate students to hone their trading skills and learn new ideas, methods, and techniques to trade forex. After studying, these students who become traders can trade independently.

Additionally, FINMAC-CDO stays strong in its values to promote its advocacies to have at least one trader in every Filipino family. To do that, it makes further steps to create more connections with other private and public companies. The seasoned Chief Executive Officer of FINMAC-CDO Engineer Dave Exequiel C. Suico and his school administrator Marlon C. Pagon manage to stir the minds of students to gain appreciation and value on digital entrepreneurship and forex trading skills. At FINMAC-CDO, these students can learn relevant topics on digital entrepreneurship and forex trading to help them gain financial freedom.

Besides, the substantial role of FINMAC-CDO is to nurture an effective learning venue necessary for students. FINMAC-CDO and its mission are to take the challenge of reshaping the minds of students by adopting the presence of digital technologies and adapting to the new market environments. In this way, students at FINMAC-CDO can learn forex, cryptocurrency, and stock trading skills vital to their trading journey in the digital sphere. With all these abilities, FINMAC-CDO students can thrive in the competitive digital market.

Furthermore, FINMAC-CDO performs its role to produce more digital entrepreneurs in the region. It upholds its duty to change the lives of those who want to succeed in life through digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and forex trading skills. The administration of FINMAC-CDO works even harder to educate groups of millennials to take this opportunity to learn and earn to survive in the challenging world. With FINMAC-CDO, students can flourish financially and professionally in their trading journey.

FINMAC-CDO wishes to facilitate the journey of millennials to thrive in the market these days. It has to help them become entrepreneurs in the digital market to hone their skills. The creative skills that they possess, somehow, do not fit the corporate environment, which they consider vital, at first. As millennials behave differently compared to people in other generations, FINMAC-CDO gears them up to learn new skills to be traders because they do not want the nine-to-five jobs. While possessing unconventional ideas, these millennials want action to succeed. To embrace opportunities, FINMAC-CDO works hard to help these millennials gain a sense of control and freedom while utilizing digital entrepreneurship and financial literacy. As these millennials are tech-savvy, they can change the world and embrace the chance to succeed in the market.

Indeed, FINMAC-CDO aims at helping more digital entrepreneurs to prosper in the competitive digital market. It remains true to its goal and mission to help more Filipinos take advantage of cryptocurrency, forex, and stock trading. It advances its objective to inspire students and make strong allies to help students learn forex trading skills in the digital market. And yes, learning to trade cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks is helpful to learners who belong to lower-income households. As FINMAC-CDO vows to help its students learn relevant skills, it produces more digital entrepreneurs that gain more prevalent financial and social benefits.

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    • To learn more about trading cryptocurrencies, forex, and stocks, visit FINMAC-CDO today for inquiries and reservations.
    • The address of FINMAC-CDO is on the Second Floor, Angeles Building, Captain Vicente Roa corner General Antonio Luna Streets, Cagayan de Oro City.
    • Dial 0917-110-1665 now for inquiries on discounts, reservations, tuition fees, and other relevant programs.
    • Please visit the campus for free lectures or workshops anytime. FINMAC-CDO staff members will accommodate you.

FINMAC-CDO Graced COC-PHINMA with Seminars on Consumer Payments and Digital Entrepreneurship

On March 7, 2023, Future Innovation Management Academy in Cagayan de Oro (FINMAC-CDO) successfully delivered a lecture on “Consumer Payments: An Awareness and Usage of the Different Payment Instruments of the Philippines” underlining the importance of digital entrepreneurship and digital wallets at Cagayan de Oro College (COC) – PHINMA.

As well, this lecture started at 10:30 in the morning and ended at 11:20. After the lecture, COC-PHINMA students asked several questions regarding the speakers’ discourses and lectures. This well-timed seminar, spearheaded by Ms. Jasmin Sarip Ringia, the Chief Executive Officer of Junion Financial Executive (JFINEX), created an opportunity for FINMAC-CDO to share germane information about the new trends in the business world – digital entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Aside from that, Ms. Via H. Quilab (one of the advisers) and Ms. Stephanie Joy G. Enobio (the Program Head) manufactured prospects for their students to learn knowledge and skills in the digital business. The School Administrator of FINMAC-CDO, Marlon C. Pagon, took the chance to conduct a very appropriate lecture to emphasize the key steps to succeed in the province of business while bestowing and gracing COC-PHINMA students with ideas and pieces of knowledge relevant to the theme.

Meanwhile, FINMAC-CDO continued to empower its prime advocacy to have at least one trader in every Filipino family by breaking boundaries and bringing gaps to help Filipinos gain financial freedom. This academy has remained true to its values to change the lives of students and learn several topics, such as cryptocurrencies, digital entrepreneurship, financial literacy, forex trading, and stocks. In other words, FINMAC-CDO’s untiring effort to help people gain financial freedom manages to impact many lives.

In the end, FINMAC-CDO endeavors to educate students to learn how to trade forex, crypto, and stocks. It is a way for the academy to embrace the digital culture and forex trading to help them appreciate the importance of passive income and other streams of income. Now, FINMAC-CDO continues to create more doors and windows of opportunities, such as these speaking engagements and short talks, to educate students to learn forex trading skills.

Finding Good Reasons Why Students Should Study Forex Trading and Techniques at FINMAC

Initial Thoughts

Are you wondering why people struggle to make ends meet? Are you pondering why many, despite the effort to advance themselves, fail to flourish personally and professionally? There may be some valid reasons why groups of individuals keep on struggling even if they have all answers in their hands. To answer the question, these groups of professionals strive hard to break even because of their fears, reservations, or suspicions. They think that trading forex is networking or direct investment. Of course, one cannot blame these groups of people because they are clueless about the current situation. Besides, a few groups of professionals, who integrate forex trading, succeed in destroying the reputations of the forex market. If students choose to enroll and register at Future Innovation Management Academy (FINMAC) in Cagayan de Oro, they can gain new sets of skills to prove how FINMAC enthuse students in their advocacy. In the end, these students of FINMAC as an academy can help students learn new techniques on how to trade forex.

House of Expert Coaches

At FINMAC, students can experience learning the concept of foreign exchange and other ideas with their coaches.  These coaches are competent to administer lectures and workshops. As well, these coaches deliver instructions and lessons well for those students to listen and understand. These students can learn new concepts, ideas, and lessons from the lectures and ask questions directly when they want to get clarification. When students find the lessons difficult, they can ask questions from their assigned coaches to make the lectures easier to understand. With the help of expert coaches, students can discover new techniques and learn effective strategies on how to trade forex. They can even study fundamental analysis and technical analysis, as well as other methods and strategies. For instance, students can study ALP 1, ALP2, and ALP 3 in three months. In other words, students can gain pieces of knowledge and ideas, as well as methods to trade forex at FINMAC. When these students become independent traders, they can integrate those trading skills and master the art of trading to earn passive income. In the end, students can learn new methods upon meeting with expert coaches.

Updated Knowledge of Forex Trading

Coaches at FINMAC make sure to provide updated lectures for their students. They always guarantee restructured lessons for their students to learn and master. With all these lessons, they can adopt new methods and techniques while adapting to the new trends in the forex market. They use updated trading platforms, such as MT4, MT5, and more to keep abreast of the latest developments in trading forex. With these platforms, students can learn to use their trading skills and techniques throughout their trading journey. In case students prefer to study at FINMAC-CDO, they can learn techniques essential to their success. These trading techniques allow them to enjoy trading forex while relaxing on the beach or camping on the hills. Moreover, students can study well at FINMAC-CDO and gain amazing experiences. Of course, the experience of students at FINMAC-CDO remains remarkable, which makes them embrace the world of trading forex.

Advanced Strategies and Techniques

The forex trading industry is highly liquid and extremely volatile. Statistics tend to show that forex trading is risky. For example, most aspiring forex traders fail. Many of them struggle to find success while losing large amounts of money. In the trading sphere, forex traders can leverage something. They can gain outsized profits; however, they can confront substantial losses. Those aspiring traders can face a few counterparty risks, platform malfunctions, and sudden bursts of volatility, and these challenges can threaten those would-be forex traders. At FINMAC, coaches can eliminate those risks and teach students to trade forex safely. FINMAC coaches can help students realize that Forex Trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, forex trading is a skill to master as it takes time to learn. Many people now learn how to trade forex and make money in this field. Though success in forex trading does not transpire overnight, students need to learn rudimentary and advanced trading techniques for them to prosper.

Low Tuition Fee

FINMAC-CDO offers the lowest tuition fees. The tuition fees of FINMAC can be divided into four payment terms over a period of three months. After three months, students are graduates. These graduates can become coaches, bank traders, and independent traders. Aside from that, these students can make reservations for as low as ₱5,000.00 to study at FINMAC. They can, as well, learn three program levels, such as Affiliate Learning Program (ALP) 1, Advanced Learning Program (ALP) 2, and Apprenticeship Learning Program (ALP) 3 to hone the skills that can help them begin their trading journey. Not only that, FINMAC’s tuition fee is cheaper than other institutions in the trading field.

Final Thoughts

Now, people struggle to make ends meet because of their lack of interest in taking risks. They do not want to explore and decide on new opportunities. They fail to break even or be set free from financial burdens because they still have doubts, fears, or suspicions when it comes to trading. For forex traders to master their skills, they have to enroll at FINMAC in Cagayan de Oro to help students learn new systems and techniques on how to trade forex. As FINMAC works hard to secure its longstanding partnership with TESDA, it remains the north star to motivate people to study and improve their trading skills. 

For enrollment and reservations, call 0917-110-1665 or visit our office at the 2F Angeles Building, Captain Vicente Roa corner General Antonio Luna Streets, Cagayan de Oro City


FINMAC-CDO Coxswained Its Digital Trading Business Workshop at Mallberry Suites Business Hotel

The Future Innovation Management Academy (FINMAC) in Cagayan de Oro City held its grandest business workshop on Saturday, 11 February 2023 at Mallberry Suites and Business Hotel. This vital event underscored the anatomy of the institution and its advocacy to make at least one trader in every Filipino family.

FINMAC-CDO has vowed to fulfill its mission to help Filipinos acquire financial freedom. It has endeavored to create a new means for all people, deprived or well-off, to learn digital entrepreneurship skills as important skills have become relevant these days. In doing so, it has worked hard to define and redesign people’s financial landscape to eliminate poverty in the future. Disadvantaged groups of individuals could learn substantial skills in forex trading and promised to ensure that these skills could advance and benefit lives. In the end, the academy’s prime mission would focus on enriching Filipino people’s lives through definite skills in the forex market.

Going back to the workshop, the attendees ardently took part in the business lecture and paid much attention to detail. Engineer Dave Exequiel C. Suico, one of the owners of FINMAC, has promised to stay true to his pledge and mission to uplift the minds of the participants while providing them with skills to succeed in the forex market. His unbending care and support of FINMAC have inspired many people to appreciate the growing digital trend – the forex market. Also, the coach of the event workshop, Raizen Rem Garcia, explored the topic while creating a road to awakening in forex trading, cryptocurrency, and stocks.

Moreover, the growing success of the event workshop on February 11, 2023, signaled the progress of forex trading in the region. Many, who attended the digital trading business workshop, demonstrated their appreciation regarding the relevance of the forex market and the significance of FINMAC as a trading academy. Though it might sound cliche, this academy has become the new portal to change many lives. In this case, FINMAC-CDO remained firm to uphold its mission while helping Filipinos learn new sets of skills. It would be prudent to claim and declare that FINMAC-CDO has never been about recruitment, networking, or financial investment. Instead, it has been about an academy to train Filipinos in new digital entrepreneurship skills to prosper in life.

At this point, FINMAC-CDO has been persuading more people to learn forex trading by inviting them to visit the institution and ask questions when they want clarifications. It has continually held its promise to help Filipinos by changing their minds and guiding them to unfold the secret of the digital business trend. Once FINMAC  thrived in helping attendees cherish the forex market, many people would no longer suffer from their financial burden. In the end, they could learn new digital entrepreneurship skills.

By the way,  you could visit FINMAC in Cagayan de Oro anytime to begin talking to you about your queries on regular workshops, enrolment processes, and tuition fees.

Where we are?

FINMAC-CDO is on the 2nd Floor, Angeles Building, Captain Vicente Roa corner General Antonio Luna Streets, Cagayan de Oro City 9000. Find Cagayan Town Center (CTC) as the landmark. Better yet, contact us at 0917- 110-1665. We’re here for you!