How “Asong Pinoy” Migrated to France

How far would you go to save your pets from anxiety, grief, and loneliness? How far would you take care of them?

On Sunday, July 25, 2021, you probably listened to the story of a dog named Muymoy whose owner took him to France. Muymoy, who is an Aspin or known as “Asong Pinoy,” found a special bond with Aubrey. This deep connection between the two could prove that humanity had “soft spots” for pets, too. Without a question, such a bond between them moved beyond the shallow definition of “love” among people.

The report of Athena Imperial on the GMA News particularly on “24 Oras-Weekend” touched the hearts of the people in the world because of Aubrey and Muymoy story. the pet owner named Aubrey Cabilan-Gras spent her effort, money, and time returned to the Philippines to work on the legal documents for Muymoy. Amidst the chaos in the world these days, Aubrey and Muymoy managed to paint a picture of exceptional love that people could do.

At this point, Muymoy lived with his human mother named Aubrey and spent the rest of his days in France. For one thing, this unique love knows no boundaries. It happens. This special bond between Aubrey and Muymoy proves that love is a human experience no matter how complex it will be.

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Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort: A plunge to do

Are you looking for the best adventure? Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort in Mantangale, Balingoan, Misamis Oriental is here for you. You can experience your best adventure here – the beach, the dive, the pool, and what-not. So, when you are searching for a place like this Japanese-inspired garden, you can visit this resort. I bet you like it.

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Villa Arcadia Beach Resort: A place to ponder

Checking your itinerary this weekend brings you to the spectacular Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. It’s stress-free, indeed. It doesn’t get you to feel jaded because of the venue itself. The distance of the resort from Cagayan de Oro is only a matter of two hours and a half. As well, you can’t ignore the calming turquoise beach water and the relaxing cerulean pool water, if operational, once you arrive.

You, surely, are right about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. The resort gives you peace of mind. Your visit there may be astonishing since the resort offers you amenities to allow you to experience them. With the serene moment on the beach, you can’t ignore the place except for celebrating life in it.

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort gives you the good vibes of nature. For example, the beach persuades you to swim with the fish in the beach water or to take pictures with family members and friends. Perhaps, if you don’t want to swim, you can cook and grill some food in the area while waiting for your family members and friends that celebrate happiness.

Now, rejoicing life with your family members and friends at Villa Arcadia Beach Resort is a moment to treasure. The adventure, as well as the experience, harks back to your memory – fine-looking and thrilled childhood memories. As the resort is in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, it gives you the chance to experience life and nature at their best.

    • Cottage Rates     = ₱500.00 – ₱4,500.00
    • Room Rates        = ₱1,800.00 – ₱5,000.00

One good thing about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort is its 24-Hour Service. It serves you well. Another thing is that you don’t need to pay for any corkage. You can bring food products and drinks as you like. When you visit the place, you need to book your adventure ahead of time.

For inquiries, you can call the management via these mobile phone dials 0917-709-0937 and 0968-427-4748.

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ROCEL Mountain View: A perfect spot to stay

Looking for a place to sojourn or stay overnight on high altitudes? ROCEL Mountain View is here for you. Of course, this tourist spot seems an unadulterated site to unwind. Its pristine vibe gives you a great feeling to relax and shift your mood.

In the morning, you can smell the fresh air coming from the natural fumes of leaves that brush against one another. You can, also, see the low-lying clouds called fog. When the sun rises, the fog disappears. Right in the spot there, you can see the panoramic view beyond those lush green grass and trees.

In the afternoon, the wind breeze refreshes you. The cool breeze on the summer day and even in the windy season spawns magic for the travelers. You can’t express that magic but wonder how the Creator designs the place that way. Well, you only feel awed when experience being in that place.

Now, I tell you this fact. You will surely love the place if you want adventure and solitude. You can’t even begin to imagine the contrast between those words – adventure and solitude, but it is. Therefore, you need to make a sojourn at ROCEL Mountain View for good reasons.

What are you looking for? Please visit ROCEL Mountain View at Zone 7 Sitio, Libona, Bukidnon. You can contact these following mobile phone dials 0975-913-6240; 0916-170-0148; and 0965-400-4818 for bookings. In this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t visit without reservations.

Entrance Fee:

    • Adults: ₱30.00
    • Kids: ₱20.00

Overnight Fee: ₱50.00

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Codi Beach Resort: A glimpse of heaven

Codi Beach Resort is a paradise. Located in Tubajon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, this paradise-like beach resort gives you something to experience. This beach resort surprises you with a bravura view. Paradise or not, this amazing beach resort gives you awe-inspiring feelings to get closer to nature while calming yourselves with family members and friends near the well-known Tubajon Aquamarine Park.

What It Is

Codi Beach Resort with its amazing facilities strives to provide good services to its guests. Its cottages can accommodate visitors who choose to enjoy their vacation. As well, this beach resort requires its guests to pay the entrance fee of ₱50.00. The cottages in Codi Beach Resort come in different charges intended for the guests. The large bamboo cottage is ₱1,000.00, and the small bamboo cottage is ₱500.00. Aside from these, this beach resort provides you with enough rooms for an overnight stay at ₱1,600.00. Are you asking for the area of parking? Well, Codi Beach Resort has a wide parking area.

What It Offers

Codi Beach Resort offers several activities and choices to do. For example, Codi Beach Resort has a floating cottage, a diving cliff, and a cruise around the mangroves. More than these, this beach resort allows you to find the best angle and view for photography. Furthermore, this beach resort has a children’s playground that gives you a perfect ambiance and environment to take children in the area. You can see airplanes that come and go since this resort is near the airport.

What To Do To Contact

Since the COVID-19 pandemic strikes, the management of Codi Beach Resort continues to observe the quarantine protocols and other social distancing policies. With the changing and inconsistent policies, the beach resort adheres to strict guidelines. In this case, it is important to call the resort for more details and possible bookings and inquiries. You can contact Ms. Yvonne through these mobile phone dials: 0920-9187879, 0953-265 5996, and 0917 107 6510.

What are you waiting for now? Codi Beach Resort calls you. You know where it is. It is located in Tubajon, Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. You may say that you cannot go somewhere because you are quite busy. However, you can be wrong to know that this beach resort gives you an amazing feeling to get closer to nature.

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Dogs: Humans’ Best Friends

The connection between dogs and humans is strong. Most people call these dogs “their best friends.” However, these dogs are not only just their best friends but also their century-old allies. Though historians try to validate dogs as house-trained animals, a dispute continues to look into the depts in history and examine when and where the bond or the companionship started.

DNA evidence

Many researchers use DNA evidence to trace the connection between dogs and humans. They believe that a group of gray wolves evolve to be closer to humans. These furry, warm-nosed dogs have come from them since their extinction. These clever dogs, perhaps, realize that they can survive if they hang out with the early hunter-gatherers. Rather than going alone, these dogs can depend on their human companions who have the skills to hunt.

Humans as alphas

As well, many researchers assume the bond between dogs and humans. As said, the friendship between them commences when humans start to take the wolf pups and mingle them from infancy. Besides, wolves intuitively function in packs with a clear order and a chain of command. In this case, these wolves think that humans are their alpha wolves.

Great partners

Moreover, dogs and humans are great allies. Thousands of years ago, humans and tame wolves were exceptional hunting partners. Humans’ hunting skills combined with wolves’ haste and sense of smell will make them great cohorts in hunting. Together, they can track and capture their prey to their shared advantage.

In the end, humans offer wolves a dependable food source. Over time, they manage to tame those wolves. Those tame wolves offer physical warmth in return. Together with humans, they serve as cautionary guards when unknown visitors or predators come. Since wolves are social pack animals, they are the perfect candidates for good buddies. Through evolution, the wolves become pet dogs that survive with humans in their symbiotic relationship.

ASPINS: Their cruel fate from dog owners

Numerous ASPIN dogs in the Philippines struggle to fight against neglect and rejection. Without any statistics to back up this assertion, this claim, however, may prove to be correct. For example, a few Filipinos buy expensive and popular dogs to be their pets. They find the best breed and ask experts which one to choose. When asked about aspins as their pet dogs, they raise their eyebrows and disregard them. Despite aspins’ amiable, faithful, and keen characters, pet owners fail to appreciate and value them. As a result, many aspins in the country remain in cages and chains or become stray dogs leaving them to find dirty food for survival.

The word “ASPIN”

The word “Aspin” in the Filipino language comes from the phrase or term “Asong Pinoy.” The plural of the word “aspin” is aspins. These aspins are friendly, intelligent, lovely, and loyal. However, many Filipino people don’t like them just because of their breed. Instead of taking care of them, they spend too much money to buy those popular dog breeds, such as Australian Shepherds, Boxers, Siberian Huskies, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Great Danes, Miniature Schnauzers, Doberman Pinschers, Shih Tzu, and the like.

Being disregarded

In the Philippines, some dog owners don’t care about their pet dogs. They only care about their expensive pets, such as Labrador retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Beagle, French bulldog, Yorkshire terrier, Poodle, and the like. Besides, they are so proud that they own one or two. They even train their pets because they love them. These dog breeds are quite expensive that dog owners take care of them like family members. However, they frown their faces when they hear about aspins. For them, aspins are worthless to the point that they disregard the whole existence of these aspins. As a result, they will chain them for eternity only to watch for robbers and strangers.   

Being alarm clocks

At some point, dog owners will station their pet dogs near the gate or in the basement. They, often, lock those pet dogs in their cages for the rest of their lives. They will throw some leftovers or pieces of bread into their dirty food containers. Due to the harsh reality of life, these dogs, however, will eat those food waste to survive.

Aspins can still recognize their owners despite the unkind attitude of their owners. They will still wag their tails to recognize their owners’ arrival after work. They never complain about their situation. Besides, they can’t talk anyway. They will bark at night when robbers and strangers get nearer the owners’ houses. They become alarm clocks when possible break-ins happen. For that reason, these pet dogs struggle to live their lives from unkind circumstances.  

Being digestive materials at the table

A few people in the country, particularly those individuals who live in the mountains and provinces, will eat aspins. These pet dogs become digestive materials at the table. They treat these aspins as meats. In some places, the underground killing of aspins happens without legal repercussions. None tries to report to the police. Local restaurants, for instance, serve dog meats on the table. The customers of the eatery or restaurants don’t even bother about it. Even if they know the Animal Welfare Act of the Philippines, they continue to slaughter these pet dogs for meats and sell them to people.

RA 8485 – The Animal Welfare Act of the Philippines

To protect these aspins or pet dogs, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) works hard to advance the welfare of domesticated animals and other pets. In 1998, former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos signed the Animal Welfare Bill into law. Now, people who maltreat their animals will confront the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 or the Republic Act (RA) 8485.

Now, you can protect these aspins from human cruelty – being abused, chained, and tortured. You can save them from their abusive dog owners. You can take care of them by calling the police so that these brutal dog owners will go to jail. These dog owners must, in the end, realize that these pet dogs, regardless of their breeds, are angels to give them joy. You, too, can do it.

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MisOr Tourism Complex and Botanical Garden

The new tourist destination in the province, Misamis Oriental Tourism Complex and Botanical Garden, can welcome you now with open arms. It is now open to the public. Previously recognized as the Cebu Pacific Flight-387 Memorial Shrine, this tourist spot gives you the chance to relive history while appreciating the captivating highland views and other stunning natural backgrounds. With this, guests can excitedly pay a visit to the tourism complex and the botanical garden in Misamis Oriental.

The tourism complex, as well as the botanical garden, gives you a different atmosphere. The Facebook Page of Misamis Oriental Tourism Complex and Botanical Garden provides more details about it. A few narratives of the Cebu Pacific Flight 387 may keep you in a moment of silence while taking photographs against the foothill backdrops.  With a reasonable entrance fee of ₱10.00, you can begin to create memories around the botanical garden.

The photos below are taken from Northern Mindanao Daily Source FB Page.

Well, you can visit the Misamis Oriental Tourism Complex and Botanical Garden now. Its location is at Route 955 along Claveria-Gingoog Highway in Misamis Oriental. Of course, you will meet Cafe Terasa where you can order food, hot coffee, and more. You will surely enjoy yourself seeing the striking and impressive landscape of Mt. Sumagaya and Mt. Balatukan. For sure, you can have great experiences and memories when you go home.  

Moreover, the Misamis Oriental Tourism Complex and Botanical Garden will continue to transform its current setting soon. Atty. Jeffrey Saclot, the Provincial Tourism Head, has plans to improve the place to give guests an exceptional travel experience. Furthermore, you don’t need to pay any parking fee as you can park your cars outside the complex.

Eventually, the tourism complex will provide a few amenities, such as botanic landscapes, koi ponds, and children’s playgrounds, as well as closed and open cottages. You don’t need to forget this – soon, a camping site for those people who love to go camping.