How “Asong Pinoy” Migrated to France

How far would you go to save your pets from anxiety, grief, and loneliness? How far would you take care of them?

On Sunday, July 25, 2021, you probably listened to the story of a dog named Muymoy whose owner took him to France. Muymoy, who is an Aspin or known as “Asong Pinoy,” found a special bond with Aubrey. This deep connection between the two could prove that humanity had “soft spots” for pets, too. Without a question, such a bond between them moved beyond the shallow definition of “love” among people.

The report of Athena Imperial on the GMA News particularly on “24 Oras-Weekend” touched the hearts of the people in the world because of Aubrey and Muymoy story. the pet owner named Aubrey Cabilan-Gras spent her effort, money, and time returned to the Philippines to work on the legal documents for Muymoy. Amidst the chaos in the world these days, Aubrey and Muymoy managed to paint a picture of exceptional love that people could do.

At this point, Muymoy lived with his human mother named Aubrey and spent the rest of his days in France. For one thing, this unique love knows no boundaries. It happens. This special bond between Aubrey and Muymoy proves that love is a human experience no matter how complex it will be.

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