ROCEL Mountain View: A perfect spot to stay

Looking for a place to sojourn or stay overnight on high altitudes? ROCEL Mountain View is here for you. Of course, this tourist spot seems an unadulterated site to unwind. Its pristine vibe gives you a great feeling to relax and shift your mood.

In the morning, you can smell the fresh air coming from the natural fumes of leaves that brush against one another. You can, also, see the low-lying clouds called fog. When the sun rises, the fog disappears. Right in the spot there, you can see the panoramic view beyond those lush green grass and trees.

In the afternoon, the wind breeze refreshes you. The cool breeze on the summer day and even in the windy season spawns magic for the travelers. You can’t express that magic but wonder how the Creator designs the place that way. Well, you only feel awed when experience being in that place.

Now, I tell you this fact. You will surely love the place if you want adventure and solitude. You can’t even begin to imagine the contrast between those words – adventure and solitude, but it is. Therefore, you need to make a sojourn at ROCEL Mountain View for good reasons.

What are you looking for? Please visit ROCEL Mountain View at Zone 7 Sitio, Libona, Bukidnon. You can contact these following mobile phone dials 0975-913-6240; 0916-170-0148; and 0965-400-4818 for bookings. In this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, you can’t visit without reservations.

Entrance Fee:

    • Adults: ₱30.00
    • Kids: ₱20.00

Overnight Fee: ₱50.00

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