Villa Arcadia Beach Resort: A place to ponder

Checking your itinerary this weekend brings you to the spectacular Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. It’s stress-free, indeed. It doesn’t get you to feel jaded because of the venue itself. The distance of the resort from Cagayan de Oro is only a matter of two hours and a half. As well, you can’t ignore the calming turquoise beach water and the relaxing cerulean pool water, if operational, once you arrive.

You, surely, are right about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort. The resort gives you peace of mind. Your visit there may be astonishing since the resort offers you amenities to allow you to experience them. With the serene moment on the beach, you can’t ignore the place except for celebrating life in it.

Villa Arcadia Beach Resort gives you the good vibes of nature. For example, the beach persuades you to swim with the fish in the beach water or to take pictures with family members and friends. Perhaps, if you don’t want to swim, you can cook and grill some food in the area while waiting for your family members and friends that celebrate happiness.

Now, rejoicing life with your family members and friends at Villa Arcadia Beach Resort is a moment to treasure. The adventure, as well as the experience, harks back to your memory – fine-looking and thrilled childhood memories. As the resort is in Calamcam, Talisayan, Misamis Oriental, it gives you the chance to experience life and nature at their best.

    • Cottage Rates     = ₱500.00 – ₱4,500.00
    • Room Rates        = ₱1,800.00 – ₱5,000.00

One good thing about Villa Arcadia Beach Resort is its 24-Hour Service. It serves you well. Another thing is that you don’t need to pay for any corkage. You can bring food products and drinks as you like. When you visit the place, you need to book your adventure ahead of time.

For inquiries, you can call the management via these mobile phone dials 0917-709-0937 and 0968-427-4748.

Finally, you can rent a motorcycle if don’t have any to use for your travel adventure. You can contact Spencer Motor Rent through this mobile phone dial 0936-996-8776.

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