Waig Crystal Spring Resort: A place to escape from the frenzied metropolis

One of the prime reasons why we keep on traveling places in moments of silence like this is to escape from the toxic milieu. Toxicity in our social environment, by far, kills us. The boring routine – stay at home, wash hands, wear face masks shields, and make sure to have hand sanitizers. We have enough of this; it truly is slaying us softly like a song killing me softly. As the COVID-19 hit us pretty bad, we fail to do the things we usually do – visiting places with friends and loved ones.

And yes, we say life seems uninteresting at all. We only have neighbors, especially groups of women who tend to engage in the lowest form of communication (gossip), as well as those depressing circumstances of staying at home round the clock due to the quarantine protocols.

Then, summer arrives. Other people choose to visit Waig Crystal Spring Resort. But, we are here being stuck at home. Frustrated as we are, we keep on thinking positive thoughts.  However, we only see how days and nights end without doing meaningful things. We keep on watching movies since Day 1 for the COVID-19 pandemic and lose our grasp of watching those movies over and over again knowing we do not know when to end this COVID-19 pandemic. We just completely lose track of time.

However, we can call our friends and loved ones to take a few moments to consider. And yes, we can travel. We can travel as a group and go somewhere far from the metropolis. We just do not want to be like explosives at home waiting to blow. We have plenty of time to do – at Waig Crystal Spring Resort.

And here we are. We bring Waig Crystal Spring Resort to our readers. We just visited this place once in 2006, and things around here changed. Some readers might have some experiences in the place; it sounded pretty good. This time we may find time to reconnect and beat the odds of monotony. As boredom gets in our way, we know we can do things to handle the stress.  

    • Waig Crystal Spring Resort
    • Purok 8A, Spring Site, North Poblacion,
    • Maramag 8714 Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines
    • Mobile Phone Dials 0921-208-6304 (Smart) and 0917-303-6679 (Globe)

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