Tinago Island: A paradise of Surigao Del Norte

Local travels are always comfortable and fine. We don’t get to worry about traveling distant places and get panicked by the late arrival to board the planes. Just like some of our friends who got stuck in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the like due to COVID-19, it would be a nightmarish experience for them to eat nothing at the airport and hotel for days since they didn’t have extra money to buy food products. Thus, traveling in the local areas seems appealing and acceptable.

This summer season in the Philippines can be a month-long fun and excitement to dive on beaches and resorts. And yes, this summer getaway can be fun and pleasurable if we get to visit some places safe from quarantine protocols and other restrictions. Tinago Island in Surigao Del Norte can be the best of what we have.

Surigao Del Norte, as a province in Mindanao, Philippines, contains magic and marvel of nature. The beautiful landscapes, the natural spectacles of instragrammable spots for selfies and groupies, and the extending beaches and mountains are the best panoramas to see. The awesome sunsets in the skyline, the sandy beaches with pebbles to collect for our small aquariums, and the sounds of the waves that echo the music of silence into our ears are genuine justifications that Tinago Island in Surigao Del Norte is one real home to stay.

At this point, we need to set our feet to travel and go to Tinago Island. Surprisingly, Tinago Island houses Lapsay Lagoon together with caves, coves, and islets. Lapsay Lagoon, for instance, is a sheltered marine preserve in a group of islands of Barangay Tinago. This Barangay Tinago is in the Municipality of Tagana-an.

In other words, we will check all the beautiful locations and spots in Surigao Del Norte when we visit Tinago Island. A group of friends from Laag Ta Bay can confirm how beautiful and amazing the place is. When we get there, we can do whatever we want to do. Well, the resort owner may offer the following:

    • swimming
    • snorkeling
    • canoeing
    • boating
    • rafting
    • surf/bodyboarding
    • jumping area
    • mountain trekking
    • mangroves tour
    • cottages

However, guests and tourists alike need to remember that some beach activities may have fees ranging between ₱50.00 – ₱150.00.

And yes, you keep on asking how to get there, right?

    • We can go there by car.
    • From Surigao City, we need to follow the map trail until we reach Tagana-an Municipal Hall. It only takes 30 to 45 minutes from Surigao City.
    • Then, we ask where the dock or pier of Tinago Holiday Resort. They somehow mention the direction of Ban Ban Wharf.
    • From Ban Ban Dock or Wharf, we rent a motorboat to take us to the resort. It takes only 10 minutes.

For accommodation, the hotel resort does not provide overnight stays. However, this one isn’t a problem. Plenty of accommodations in Surigao City are always available.

So, what are we waiting for? We need to pack our things up and head on to Surigao Del Norte on Tinago Island. 

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