Viral Issue: How Porridge Becomes Nonessential?

The viral issue of porridge as nonessential food received a verdict in the palace: It is essential. However, one can consider this point – affluent shoes, fancy pieces of jewelry, luxurious 75-inch televisions, and other lavish home appliance brands have never been essential. Or at least, these things have never been the priority among millions of poor people.

However, porridge by definition has always been very essential. For the average people, porridge has always been life. It could even be more than life from the standpoints of the needy people. On the contrary, it seemed weird to consider porridge unessential. Awful as it may sound, calling porridge unessential is completely erroneous.

Marvin Ignacio, based on an interview, struggled and suffered from the impact of the incident. He noticed the unusual behaviors of the three men who surrounded him. After the incident, his viral video on porridge as unessential put him at risk. In the end, three suspicious men tried to intimidate him after the incident.

On Thursday night, food delivery rider Marvin Ignacio faced the dangers of his life. Through Marvin Ignacio’s Facebook Live, people knew how he sought help after the incident. Consequently, three men went to his house and carried a supposed memo ordering and requesting the closure of the rice porridge store.

News from various magazines and online magazines revealed Ignacio’s present and scary situation. As he found the activity of the three men suspicious, he knew his life was in danger for the sake of the truth.

Why was Marvin Ignacio in danger? What did he do? To answer the question, his suspicion might be due to the incident himself. Of course, this basic reasoning was obvious. There have been people who always stood for lies and who would silence those who strived to tell the truth.

Indeed, Marvin Ignacio’s work was to deliver porridge to his customers in every section of the place. However, only the female personnel from Barangay Muzon prohibited him from entering because only the essential products would be allowed to pass through and because porridge was unessential.

Well, readers could think about this. People should stand for the truth and admit their mistakes. Instead of denying and philosophizing the errors, they try to consider them as correct. One politician seems to add color to the issue and appears mocking when he said the term porridge (lugaw) refers to the Vice President of the country. Why is that? It is not okay to make jokes about the Vice President and the President. It is not.

On the other hand, the president of the Philippines has been changing and reshaping the country and its citizens to be better people, not the ridiculous ones. One more thing, one public servant tries to conceal the real score of the situation and diverge the issue somewhere. Instead of reprimanding the culprit, that public servant blames one politician for not helping the COVID-19 Program. This manner shown in this country is bad. People keep on blaming people and fighting for the sake of power. If people did follow the president and his mission to build better Philippines, then Marvin Ignacio would be free from fear from any threat.

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