Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: A powerful tandem

The game will change!

We don’t exactly know what will happen. However, we only make predictions as we wait for the next agenda and propaganda to occur after the election. As we welcome the new president Joe Biden and vice-president Kamala Harris, we, also, welcome their very powerful tandem as they have to face tremendous challenges to heal the United States from moral and political damage from the previous administration according to President Donald J. Trump’s critics. The new-elect political figures – Biden and Harris – will make plans to heal and restore America and the people, as well as their American faith and morale.

We now fear what may materialize after the election. We just don’t know how President Donald J. Trump responds. In the losing election battle, some people think that President Donald J. Trump cannot accept the truth – his failure to win. Some think that he will do everything in his power to delay the time of the presidential proclamation of the newly elected officials. Well, we only guess. We just don’t know yet. What we know is that President Donald J. Trump has years of fame. However, he may face shame if he fails to get the seat at the end of 2020. What will happen? The simple answer is that we just don’t know. We just guess that the American people have had enough of Former President Donald J. Trump’s radical actions and series of political drama as they say.

However, we can also check and compare the political slogan of the two political figures. Who has the best slogan? Recalling Former President Donald J. Trump’s Make America Great Again compared to the New-Elect President Biden’s Battle for the Soul of the Nation, Our Best Days Still Lie Ahead No Malarkey! Build Back Better Unite for a Better America, we know who tells lies. And yet, the author does not want to comment on that. However, we know the latter wins.

Moreover, the new President-elect Joe Biden says, “We must restore the soul of America.” For Americans, this powerful speech made him win the election regardless of the odds. Supported by Kamala Harris, the American people chose Biden as she said, “You chose truth.”

Of course, Trump’s lost battle and rivalry served as an opportunity for Biden to regain the hearts of the American people and to heal the country and the allies, as well as the international community. This time, as the game changes, new sets of rules emerge.

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