Independence Day: A celebration Filipino people should never forget

Back when all things were normal and before the COVID-19 pandemic, did you ever try to stop your car in front of the school, get off from the vehicle, and put your right palm on your left chest while singing the national anthem? Did you ever stand against the movie viewers in a movie theater and put your right palm placed above your left chest to sing the national anthem? Did ever you participate in the flag ceremony at school to sing the national anthem? Well, if you did all of these, then you just showed your sense of nationalism.

And now, celebrating Independence Day on June 12th should be your chance to prove it. Though there were ways to justify your nationalism, you could, somehow, join the celebration to reveal your nationalism. You could recall the hardship and the strife that most Filipinos like you suffered in the hands of their adversaries. On top of this, celebrating it would serve as a reminder of all those souls who died to fight for your freedom. In other words, June 12th is a celebration that Filipino people should never forget.

A century ago and more, the Filipino people worked hard to claim their independence. They pushed the limit of their desire and interest to be free from invaders. As they fought for their freedom to live, they worked hard to uphold the high morals and values in a democratic country. As such, Filipino people should join hand in hand to celebrate Independence Day and remember the joy of freedom.

However, many of these Filipinos today misplaced their sense of nationalism. The lost trust in the government due to the corrupt officials made them feel unpatriotic. However, they should have faith and hope in others to express joy on Independence Day. When they did, they could show a glance of hope to thrive as people in one country.

In the end, it should not be too late to be nationalistic. You could still show your good deeds as you raised your flags at the poles in front of your houses or schools. You could still sing the national anthem every opening of your school event, party, and more. Doing so would allow you to remember how you and other Filipino people declared Philippine independence. As the gift of independence and as a free country, you should speak through your minds, voice out your opinions, and think for yourselves. You could live through this as you should celebrate the joy of nationalism and solidarity during Independence Day.

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