A4J BRENA’S FARM: A walk to remember

Traveling outside Misamis Oriental has been rewarding. It gives you time to relax, sit down, and unwind. It makes you recharge a hundred percent from the ultimate boredom due to COVID-19 and the mind-numbing protocols. Despite this, you can pick your favorite places if you like. You can have Coron and El Nido in Palawan or the famous Samal Islands and Siargao. Now, take your pick because I am pretty sure you decide to travel across the country right after the COVID-19 pandemic.

How about A4J BRENA’S FARM in LAGUNA? Does anyone know about it? Well, I bet you know. You can check your Google Map and spot where it is. Oh, here and again, you are asking why I feature A4J BRENA’S FARM where it is in LAGUNA, not in Misamis Oriental. Again, don’t fret. You don’t have to be naive. You all have to widen your perspectives. There is no wrong to expand your horizon to consider A4J Brena’s Farm.

At this point, traveling makes us alive. During the pandemic, many of us lose faith and hope. We lose trust in the government and in people who promise to help us stay alive. This time all you have to do is to get your bucket list of places to go somewhere.

A4J BRENA’S FARM at BARANGAY LUQUIN FUNNY, LAGUNA is the best place to visit. You can see it for yourself. Guest and visitors across the country pay their visits to it. The calm weather in the morning, the satisfying view in the afternoon, and the verdant emerald grass all around the foothills and the mountains give pleasure to the eyes. Now, you walk up and down the mountain and take selfies with the stoned butterflies and dwarves, and bang, you, finally, find yourself at the moment to relax. As you sit down, you find yourself unwinding while remembering great experiences and memories.

In the end, thinking about traveling keeps us alive. You can tell this one when you get there. So, when you visit the place, you can feel a sense of contentment. All these things give you the pleasure to witness a new place to admire. The Facebook Page of Just Travel features this one, and I love it. Are you with me?

Here’s how to get there.

When you reach Liliw Bayan, you will see a THIS WAY Sign: THIS WAY TO ESMERIS FARM.

Don’t get confused. EMERIS FARM shares one road with A4J BRENA’S FARM. Go straight ahead and stop right there where you see the name of the farm. Well, it’s on the roadside, quite easy to see.

P.S. Please follow the health and safety protocol as the management checks the temperature of the guests and visitors upon entry. Please wear a face mask and a face shield upon entry. One more thing, please don’t forget to bring your bottles of disinfectant or ethyl alcohol. Finally, maintain the social distancing.

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