Hagimit Falls: The paradise of the south

Davao has been embellished and graced with fine-looking and gorgeous tourist attractions. Samal Island, for example, has proven its reputation and worth. As well, Davao has offered many great gifts of nature – the cold and refreshing springs, the stunning falls, the attractive and lovely nature parks, and the like. More than this, Davao has been attracting more local and foreign tourists because of its safe to travel, as well as its thrilling adventures of a lifetime.

The Place

Hagimit Falls attracts more holidaymakers, as well as vacationers. This amazing waterfall is located in Peñaplata, Island Garden City of Samal. The address is at Peñaplata, Samal, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte. However, this type of waterfall does not possess parallel attributes of Tiklas Falls, Tinago Falls, or Maria Christina Falls. The height of the falls is relatively small of three (3) to five (5) meters high.

On the contrary, this waterfall similarly offers guests and tourists great vibes. They can feel the marvel of the place when they get the chance to relax in the water and look up at the trees nearby. As they can see nature, they all have what Hagimit Falls takes.

A photo taken by Roy Van Rivero from his website Meanttogo.Com gives you a close-up look at the marvels of Hagimit Falls…

The Perks

Hagimit Falls offers a lot. For example, it gives these holidaymakers and vacationers joy. It allows its guests and visitors to cook for food, engage in social interactions with the people in the area, and have fun in the water. As well, it puts its guests and visitors in a state of amazement as they venture into the area.

Notably, the place has been improved by the management. Even if you cannot expect a 100% natural landscape, Hagimit Falls illustrates a genuine pleasure with nature. It appears to be the perfect abode for people who long for a weekend getaway. In the end, if you need to commune with nature, Hagimit Falls has truly been a soothing place to visit.

A photo taken by Roy Van Rivero from his website Meanttogo.Com depicts a group of boys who enjoy the cold and refreshing waters of Hagimit Falls.

Accommodation. Well, Hagimit Falls gives you a variety of selections to make for your accommodations. You can have a day tour or an overnight stay tour.

      • For open cottages, you need to pay ₱200 – ₱350 a day.
      • For tables and chairs (with umbrellas), you will pay ₱150 – ₱200 a day.
      • For closed cottages (for overnight stay), you will pay ₱600 and up.

Entrance Fee. 

      • For adults, you need to pay ₱50.00 at the main entrance and another ₱25.00 at the water source.
      • For senior citizens, you will pay ₱40.00 and ₱25.00 at the water source.
      • For children aged between 3 and 7 years old, you need to pay ₱25.00.
A photo taken by Roy Van Rivero from his website Meanttogo.Com gives you a moment to relax and set your plans to go to Hagimit Falls.

How To Get There

If you are anywhere in the world, take the plane to Davao International Airport. From the airport, take taxis to Sasa Ferry Terminal. It will cost you around ₱100.00 or $2.00. Fees have gone up these days. So, expect a price change, but it does not ask you more.

From Sasa Ferry Terminal, reach Babak Port in Samal Island through a barge. It will cost you around ₱10.00 or just a cent in terms of a dollar.

From Babak Ferry Terminal, take a commercialized motorcycle known locally as “habal-habal.” This motorbike will take you to the entrance of Hagimit Falls. It will cost you ₱50.00 or so. However, if you are alone, you need to pay ₱100.00. Anyway, it is not that expensive, you know.

Extra Words

To be sure, you need to ask the officials of the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give you the best and safest trip. Also, we can ask the locals for tour guides or contact the mobile phone dial of Hagimit Falls at 0999-705-5330. We, as well, can check and use Google Maps or a smartphone to check where to go using GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.

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