CANIBAD BEACH: Your place on Samal Island

Have you been to Samal Island? Well, you can get a chance to pay a visit to Canibad Beach. This beach resort brings you to the place where you can take your selfies. The surrounding is picture-perfect that you cannot ignore your camera phones. In other words, it is an all-in-one destination for fun and enjoyment. Its soft sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters lure you to visit. Though the road going there is bumpy and rough, you have to agree that it is worth the risk.

Entrance Fee and Other Charges

    • Cottage Rents: Open Cottage (P450 day trip, P650 overnight); Non-AirCon Cottage good for 4 pax (P1000 day trip, P1800 overnight); AirCon Cottage good for 2 pax (P1800 day trip, P2500 overnight)
    • Entrance Fees: P30; P40 (day tour); P80 (overnight)
    • Tent Corkage Fees: P50 (for 2 pax); P100 (for 4 pax); P150 (for 5 pax and above)

Just Remember

You can run around the beach and drench the heat each time you take a deep plunge. The surroundings that Canibad Beach holds are scenic. The distinctive rock foundations standing and towering over the soft sand create the vibe of nature.

Pay Attention to this

You need to have cash if you stay in the resort. You can encounter a bumpy ride to the resort. As well, you need to bring with you your snacks and drinks.

Plan to Get there

You can choose Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines to fly recurrently from Manila to Davao City to Canibad Beach. You can take the jeepneys bound for Sasa Wharf if you reach Davao City. From there, you can take taxis, which cost up to ₱150. Right there, you can take regular ferries going to and from Samal Island. After arriving at the ferry terminal on Samal Island, you take commercial motorcycles going to the beach.

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