Lasang Secret Adventure: A park in Initao

Check your calendar. What time is it now? And yes, it is November. It is nearer than you think. You just realize you have to visit Lasang Secret Adventure Park. But, wait a minute? Why?

Well, Lasang Secret Adventure Park is a picture-perfect place to unwind. You can do it now because the COVID-19 pandemic seems to vanish in a minute or so. In other words, it soon vacates away from the human atmosphere. You hear it from me, right?  

So, you have to welcome yourselves to Lasang Secret Adventure Park. Local guests and foreign visitors make a historic step to visit the area. This park is surprising for its visitors as well. As well, holidaymakers get stunned by the area because the tall trees with their bushy leaves try to cover any transport to pass along the national highway. Those trees that frame the highway serve as canopies of the vehicles running back and forth of the area.

Moreover, you can simply check Lasang Secret Adventure Park via Google Map. You can even move along the highway of Initao, Misamis Oriental. Local and foreign travelers can go to the place by bus. If you check it, you only need 50 kilometers away from the city. Despite the high fast-moving vehicles that pass by, you as travelers will be glad as you commune with nature.


Before anything else, remember to call 0917 139 6938. I believe it is its number.


    • By Air: Major airlines fly to Laguindingan Airport.
    • By Land: Public transports are available for all major cities in Mindanao to Cagayan de Oro.
    • By Sea: 2GO Travel has ferries to Cagayan de Oro.


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