Camiguin Island: A secluded paradise to love

Are you considering Camiguin Island in your tourist destination list? I bet you do. You know how fantastic it is to visit Camiguin Island. Despite the hassle when it comes to travel requirements, it’s fun. All you have to do is prepare everything for a trip of a lifetime.

On Camiguin Island, you can enjoy life. You can do whatever fun things to do on the island. With your family members and friends, you get to dive, snorkel and swim. You get to play in the sand. Aside from that, you get to witness miracles – the majestic scenery of the island. Well, I can’t tell for more. Just visit the appealing tourist spot for yourself.

Camiguin Tourist Requirements:

    • Well, you get to know the Registration and Health Declaration process via CleanCamiguin. Get ready for the requirements. Upload the following documents and save printed/digital copies of the QR codes upon completion.
      • Complete COVID-19 Vaccination Proof
      • Confirmed booking from the LGU-accredited agencies or clearances from the Municipal Health Officer if staying in a private home
    • You need to present the confirmed accommodations and reservations from the establishments in the province. You need to secure LGU clearances if you stay in private homes by simply asking your hosts to process the clearance.
    • You need to present your complete COVID-19 vaccination card. The complete COVID-19 Vaccination Proof must be at least fourteen (14) days after receiving the required final dose. Only fully vaccinated tourists can enter Camiguin.
    • For guests and tourists traveling from Visayas and Mindanao, you need to present the Negative RT-PCR Test Result from any DOH-accredited laboratories taken within forty-eight (48) hours.

INBOUND PASSENGER – Returning Residents and For Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR)


    • Secure certification from the Barangay and Acceptance from the Municipal Government (for Returning Residents)
    • Prepare for Travel Order (for APOR)
    • Get ready with your Vaccination Card
    • Present your Valid ID


    • Present your Valid ID
    • Prepare for the Negative RT-PCR Test Result taken within twenty-four (24) hours
      • Inbound Passengers must undergo quarantine at the designated place approved by the local health authorities if they commence their travel within 12 hours from the time their test was taken. This situation happens when test results are unavailable. When the negative test results are available, Inbound Passengers can travel within Camiguin.
    • Inbound Passengers may choose to undergo facility-based quarantine protocol for fourteen (14) days upon their return if they do not like the COVID-19 RT-PCR tests.
    • Secure certification from Barangay and Acceptance from the Municipal Government (for Returning residents)
    • Prepare for a Travel Order (for APOR)

The provincial government of Camiguin implements travel requirements, tourist guidelines, and entry protocols. Please note that Camiguin Travel Restrictions and Tourist Requirements will change from time to time without prior notice. For up-to-the-minute advice, information, and resource, go to:



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