Camiguin Island: A secluded paradise to love

Are you considering Camiguin Island in your tourist destination list? I bet you do. You know how fantastic it is to visit Camiguin Island. Despite the hassle when it comes to travel requirements, it’s fun. All you have to do is prepare everything for a trip of a lifetime.

On Camiguin Island, you can enjoy life. You can do whatever fun things to do on the island. With your family members and friends, you get to dive, snorkel and swim. You get to play in the sand. Aside from that, you get to witness miracles – the majestic scenery of the island. Well, I can’t tell for more. Just visit the appealing tourist spot for yourself.

Camiguin Tourist Requirements:

    • Well, you get to know the Registration and Health Declaration process via CleanCamiguin. Get ready for the requirements. Upload the following documents and save printed/digital copies of the QR codes upon completion.
      • Complete COVID-19 Vaccination Proof
      • Confirmed booking from the LGU-accredited agencies or clearances from the Municipal Health Officer if staying in a private home
    • You need to present the confirmed accommodations and reservations from the establishments in the province. You need to secure LGU clearances if you stay in private homes by simply asking your hosts to process the clearance.
    • You need to present your complete COVID-19 vaccination card. The complete COVID-19 Vaccination Proof must be at least fourteen (14) days after receiving the required final dose. Only fully vaccinated tourists can enter Camiguin.
    • For guests and tourists traveling from Visayas and Mindanao, you need to present the Negative RT-PCR Test Result from any DOH-accredited laboratories taken within forty-eight (48) hours.

INBOUND PASSENGER – Returning Residents and For Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APOR)


    • Secure certification from the Barangay and Acceptance from the Municipal Government (for Returning Residents)
    • Prepare for Travel Order (for APOR)
    • Get ready with your Vaccination Card
    • Present your Valid ID


    • Present your Valid ID
    • Prepare for the Negative RT-PCR Test Result taken within twenty-four (24) hours
      • Inbound Passengers must undergo quarantine at the designated place approved by the local health authorities if they commence their travel within 12 hours from the time their test was taken. This situation happens when test results are unavailable. When the negative test results are available, Inbound Passengers can travel within Camiguin.
    • Inbound Passengers may choose to undergo facility-based quarantine protocol for fourteen (14) days upon their return if they do not like the COVID-19 RT-PCR tests.
    • Secure certification from Barangay and Acceptance from the Municipal Government (for Returning residents)
    • Prepare for a Travel Order (for APOR)

The provincial government of Camiguin implements travel requirements, tourist guidelines, and entry protocols. Please note that Camiguin Travel Restrictions and Tourist Requirements will change from time to time without prior notice. For up-to-the-minute advice, information, and resource, go to:



Camiguin Island: A charm to remember

Camiguin Island lies somewhere between the deep seas and blue skies. Seen in the northeastern part of the Mindanao region, this island appears to be the summer dream among Filipinos. The magically stretched sand bar creates a path for tourists to know where they head to leave the place. As well, the pear-shaped volcanic island of Camiguin gives you both magic and excitement.

Camiguin Island offers you natural wonders. You can check the splendid volcanoes, cerulean lagoons and lakes, the amazing cold and hot springs, the unspoiled waterfalls with white sandy beaches give you the finest in the country. Of course, Camiguin Island has a lot to offer – the two gorgeous islets in the open space at sea and the panorama of the sea to teem with the vibrant diversities of marine life.

Moreover, Camiguin has different tourist tractions minutes away from each other. You know that these natural attractions of the province gain admiration and appreciation locally and globally. With confidence, Camiguin Island can attract more tourists. Yahoo! Philippines, in fact, declares Camiguin and its White Island Bar of Mambajao to be the Number 1 beach spot for tourists in the Philippines.

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Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort: A paradise

Camiguin Island has been blessed and graced with beauty, glamor, and wonder. Local and foreign tourists can validate the magnificent view of this miraculous artistic and naturalistic creation. Visited by hundreds of holidaymakers in the country and abroad, Camiguin Island stands as one of the most-traveled and visited places in the country. This declaration is true because the island holds various beach resorts that surely entice tourists of all sorts.

The Place

Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort is in Camiguin. Tourists must know that Camiguin is an island, a geographically part of Region X of the Northern Mindanao region. This resort has been attracting local and foreign tourists alike. It has been serving thousands of guests across the globe. Its location has been getting attention since the place seems a paradise.

On the deep-sea and five kilometers from Mambajao, this resort has always been offering vacationers some sort of enjoyment for them to do and participate in all possibilities of island life. As well, some of these tourists who always seek enjoyment and fun at Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort can go swimming, shopping, or anything else. Of course, they can do that as long as they are within range.

Surprisingly, Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort is near White Island. Perhaps, you can go resort hopping if you like. You can, as well, go to the nearest locations, such as Camiguin Airport, Ardent Hot Spring, and others.

A nice picture taken from Agoda.Com to highlight the side of a pool of Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort in Camiguin…

The Perks

Numerous tourists say positive thoughts about the resort. For them, Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort has made guests feel calm, easy, and relaxed. The resort has, also, offered some of the assortment of top-class facilities, such as laundry and dry cleaning services and Wi-Fi services in public areas, as well as car parking services.

Additionally, the resort has provided excellent room services. It has a great restaurant that offers great food. Besides, the hotel features three stunningly selected guestrooms. Tourists will surely love them since each of these rooms has Wi-Fi Internet access.

Moreover, the rooms are fully air-conditioned. Tourists can also see the good view by the terrace. Oh, you play darts and go boating, fishing, snorkeling, and swimming. You can do some water sports, too.

Indeed, tourists can relish the comforting atmosphere of the resort. The view of the garden seems relaxing; however, the massage treatments can, surely, make your body relax. With the superb facilities plus the excellent location, Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort can be the perfect place to stay in Camiguin.

How To Get There

Tourists from all over the globe can stop at either Manila, Cebu, or Davao Airports. From these airports, you need to take another plane to Camiguin Airport. Perhaps, you may choose to go to Laguindingan Airport. From Laguindingan Airport, take another plane to Camiguin Airport. Please check Agoda.Com for more details.

A photo taken from Agoda.Com to highlight the beauty of Agohay Villa Forte Beach Resort…

Extra Words

To be sure, you need to ask the local tourism office. Perhaps, this office can give you the best and safest trip. Also, you can ask the locals for tour guides. You, as well, can check Agoda.Com and give credit to it for more details. Or perhaps, you can use Google Maps or a smartphone to check where to go through the use of GPS or something. At this point, enjoy traveling.

Camiguin Island: A tourist destination to love

You are probably the new tourists in the province if you don’t know what and where Camiguin is. You, maybe, frown thinking where it is and which part of the Philippines it resides. Well, if you keep on coming back to Camiguin, you surely have background knowledge of where and what the province is telling to you. Well, Camiguin is an island province in the Philippines. Tourists from different walks of life come to the place because of its famous white beaches and sands. Located in the Bohol Sea and about 10 kilometers off the northern shoreline of Mindanao, this island symbolizes greatness and splendor in isolation. Technically, this island is geographically part of Region X, the Northern Mindanao, and formerly a part of Misamis Oriental province. However, Camiguin is now a province. Some tourists know it in terms of population and land area as the second-smallest province in the country after Batanes. And yes, you surely love to visit it once in a while.

Ruin of the Old Church, Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin

What to see in Camiguin Island

My friends usually visit Camiguin for escapades. They surely don’t want to miss the revels of the province where tourist spots, such as White Island, Mantigue Island, and Mount Hibok-Hibok offer them an exciting plunge in the cerulean waters beyond the white sands. Some of them can visit the acknowledged-National Heritage Sites, such as the Bonbon Church Ruins and the Sunken Cemetery where they surely see and witness the local view of the province. What’s more, Camiguin Island becomes the burgeoning tourist market in the country due to its marvelous site.

Camiguin Island at Sunset

Why Visit Camiguin Island

You may be thinking a lot. Or perhaps, there a lot of things going on in your head, right now. The very reason why you need to visit Camiguin Island is that you need to unwind. I tell you this. Camiguin Island does not only have the white-sand island and its natural wonder, but it also does have very hospitable locals. I think I am right when I said it.

As well, Camiguin Island does not only have the White Island as its core lure, but it does also have the pear-shaped landmass consecrated with countless cascades of water and active volcanoes. If you imagine about this, Camiguin Island seems to be world’s enchantment due to its awe-stricken paradise. Well, you can visit Camiguin because you can. In other words, you can visit Camiguin because it radiates like a Robinson Crusoe Vibe. Camiguin turns out to be the nature’s giant Jacuzzi, the home of the breathtaking waterfalls, and the paradise for island-hopping. Moreover, you can also dive with giant clams and swim directly to the sunken cemetery. It isn’t only that. You can also join in the celebration like the Lanzones Carnival to enjoy.

Balingoan, Misamis Oriental – Camiguin Ferry

How to Get to the Island

If you are from other countries, you can begin your journey in Manila – the NAIA Terminals to Laguindingan Airport. From the Airport, take a taxi to Cagayan de Oro City. From Cagayan de Oro City, you can take a bus going to Balingoan. From Balingoan, you take a ferry to Camiguin Port. Please double check the map from the Department of Tourism to avoid giving wrong information. Well, some people may charge me of misinformation, but please double-check some other information from other sources from time to time.

On the other hand, you need to check the exact location of Camiguin. Please visit the local tourism department and check the fastest means to reach Camiguin to avoid misinformation. Perhaps, you can book a direct flight to Camiguin airport. If you take a bus, you only have a 2-hour bus ride from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan. And from Balingoan Port, you need to take a ferry to get to the island at Benoni Port, Camiguin. However, if you are from Bohol, you can easily get to your destination via ferry at a quick pace. In the end, you only need to have a travel time to Camiguin for 1.5- 2 hours. Again, please double-check the data since schedules vary due to time constraints.

Now, you’ll know it is fairly cheap to go to Camiguin. You only need to pay around $4 or ₱200 for the Ferry Fare. Also, you need to prepare $0.08 or ₱4 for the environmental fee plus another $0.1 or ₱5 for the terminal fee. It is cheap, isn’t it? However, for further expenses, prices vary depending on food shops and hotel reservations.