5 Greatest Women in the Philippines Today

Imagine a world of autocracy, a domain of despotism, and a realm of total power. Now, imagine a world with balance and a world where forces of strong and weak see eye to eye. Then, imagine the existence of groups of influential women who vow to bring change in society and the country as well.

Well, influential women can initiate actions, fulfill their plans, and enforce support to help people in need despite the perils of risking themselves. They listen to the people’s problems, feel their grievances, and take action to fight back against any force that harms people in the country. Among these powerful women are Angel Locsin, Leila Delima, Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, and Risa Hontiveros who stand against those forces that put the wellbeing of the people at risk. Whether celebrities or politicians, these great women learn to articulate their opinions, communicate their views, and express their objections in politically charged discussions. Confronted with criticisms and threats and challenged by their adversaries, these greatest women carry on to perform their campaigns to advocate change.


She is intelligent, quick, and sharp. As well, she is a matter-of-fact woman. She bravely speaks through her mind. Despite the polemics, she strives to make things right. She thrives in her career. Her risk-taking character to do things notwithstanding the risks allows her to enjoy helping others. Her compassion for humanity is obvious in that she makes things happen. She acts right away and strives to help those in need. Through her unyielding dedication, Angel Locsin continues to facilitate support – a true hero and a Darna in the midst. When Angel Locsin collaborates with other people to help distribute those goods, she embodies the true spirit of heroism whom she is willing to sacrifice the pain to exert much effort for the sake of other people. Instead of finding mistakes, those groups of people, who keep on censuring her and her work, must learn to appreciate her actions and her ways of helping others because she only takes a single step toward helping others in which others fail to do.


She is keen and sharp. As well, she is a woman of courage who fights the present administration despite her limitations. She knows she never gives up to fight for the truth. Faced with restraints, she still performs her role as a senator. She may have faced some controversies; however, she learns to hold her ground and stands firm to continue to fight. She expresses her disparities, dares other politicians to do the jobs, and seeks to create a change. With her experiences as the CHR Director, Justice Secretary, and many others, she knows she can bring justice.


She is clever and sharp. Her political career gives her the ability to show her prowess. Her wit keeps her on top of the challenges. Every time she speaks, people know she talks with sense. She can do better for all the challenges. Even Leni Robredo faces criticisms every day, she just smiles at those censures and moves forward to help citizens of the Philippines. She beats the odds as she rises to the top. As she is the Vice-President of the Philippines, she holds the power to enforce laws and sanctions on those who encroach on them.


She is intelligent. Fearless yet calm, Maria Ressa learns to fight through her commanding and piercing words. She stands out as she keeps an eye on any element of injustice that annihilates press freedom. As she bravely faces multiple trials, she remains composed and quiet to beat the odds. Her strong reproaches against the present administration are genuine. As she criticizes the government, she tends to liberate herself and the media as well. Maria Ressa succeeds in all her endeavors and fights against those who harm her. As she faces the cyber libel in the country, she stands firm in fighting for justice. Despite the power of the government, Maria Ressa holds her ground and stands firm to fight against injustice, especially press freedom. 


She is smart. Her acumen is outstanding. Her advocacies for justice and peace continue to grow as she learns to defend those who need help. As she works hard to keep peace and justice in marginalized communities, Risa Hontiveros participates in the top-five women who exhibit power and supremacy. Whatever happens in the political arena, Risa Hontiveros stays in the defense group to defend the people in the country.

In the end, Angel Locsin, Leila Delima, Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, and Risa Hontiveros, and other great women exist to fight. They know when to fight for the sake of the people. They never care about themselves. What they care about is their goal and mission to create change in the dismal status quo. And yes, these powerful women, such as Angel Locsin, Leila Delima, Leni Robredo, Maria Ressa, and Riza Hontiveros are FIGHTERS. They fight for the freedom of all people no matter how hard they experience criticism and no matter how difficult it is to keep on fighting for others regardless of their trials. What is more, people can see their hardship and advocacy. As these powerful women know how to dust themselves off, they are ready to fight even harder to serve the people in the country in their ways.


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