3 Reasons Why Students Get Easily Flunked

Students, these days, are at risk of failing in their studies. At any length and pace, they get poor results in their academic examinations. Even if they come to class or submit projects and requirements, they still fail to advance their academic levels. They cannot even progress despite the efforts to submit reports. The problem now depends on the ability of the students to realize their mistakes and manage their time to focus on their academic tracks. Though students, from time to time, hire tutors to help them improve their academic scores, they easily fail because of peer pressure stress, teacher factor, and technology interference.

Peer Pressure Factor

Students who cannot refuse to discard friends’ gimmick and party invitations tend to jeopardize their studies. They even lose their focus on resolving their academic projects and tasks due to friends’ commitments to do some extramural activities. Oftentimes, they go to the movie theaters in the afternoon and the bars and casinos in the evening. Instead of studying their lessons, they set their obligations with friends to enjoy their college life. Then, they drink too many alcoholic beverages and liquors at parties, abandon their studies, and forget assignments and projects. Without saying anything to refuse from classmates’ and friends’ tempting party gimmicks, students easily get failing marks and retake the course program.

Teacher Factor

Students, occasionally, decide to stop and drop the subjects because of their teachers. On the first day of school, when teachers lay down their semesters’ plans and projects, students slowly lose the courage to attend the class lectures the next day. They cut classes and go somewhere else remote to escape from their lectures. Sometimes, they claim that they do not like the teachers’ teaching strategies and styles. On the following day, they claim that their teachers do not exert their efforts to teach the subjects with finesse and panache. As such, students cannot pass the tests and fail to proceed.

Technology Factor

Advanced electronics and other technologies can alter some set priorities among students. For example, students grow addicted to playing mobile phones and video games without preparing any materials and tools for their studies. They cannot study properly because they do not have proper study plans and strategies to succeed in college. They even lack the courage to advance their studies to the next level. Somehow, they depend on the Internet for their assignments and reports. They even fail to improve their studies and take extra effort to change academically through scores and tests. As such, they easily fail to pass the courses if they do prioritize the use of their mobile phones, laptop computers, and other electronic devices.

Indeed, abandoning study plans, allowing classmates’ interference toward learning, and letting technologies to ruin concentration and focus are three powerful factors that permit students to fail easily. Because they allow their classmates and friends to distort their focus, they impossibly advance to the next level. They cannot even find any means and ways to learn new lessons, pay attention to their studies, and thrive in the process of learning. As they fail to change their lazy and lousy attitudes, they cannot focus on their studies. At some point, they tend to complain that they do not like their teachers’ teaching styles. They even prejudge their them and choose to stop schooling, for no reason at all. These superficial reasons only add to the significant outcomes that students easily fail in college due to a lack of focus and addiction to technologies. For that reason, students without doubts, fail in college.



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