3 Best Tourist Spots In The Philippines To Visit

The year 2020 appears to be the COVID-19 pandemic and the critical period in human history. Most people during this time hope to end the crisis before the end of 2020. The number is perfect to consider since the double twenty on a calendar appears no more than a coincidence. It is a time of something worth remembering. It is quite remarkable to imagine if we can revel life before this year ends.

Now, choosing the best places to visit is challenging. We have to consider the distance from the hand-picked beach resorts on the list plus the considerable financial resources that, somehow, hamper us to go. And yet, we have the best destinations to stopover if we just decide which one to spend for the paramount vacation ever.

Camiguin Island

We can explore some of the famous sites in Camiguin. Of course, we know it as an island province in the Philippines. We also know its location to be located in the Bohol Sea, about 10 kilometers off the northern shoreline of Mindanao. As history unfolds, Camiguin is geographically part of the Northern Mindanao Region in Region 10 as a former part of the Misamis Oriental province.

El Nido, Palawan

Well, we can visit this high-end beach resort in the country. Most foreign tourists choose to visit El Nido because of its amazing place, beach, and people. To ask where El Nido is, we will surely take our time to check where El Nido in the Philippines. As mentioned, El Nido is a Philippine municipality on Palawan island. Most tourists know this place in the country because of its white-sand beaches and coral reefs to reach you to the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago.  

Zamboanga City

We just discovered this one yet. Zamboanga City, officially known as the City of Zamboanga, is classy and highly urbanized. Local and foreign tourists can see it in the city, particularly the Zamboanga Peninsula of the Philippines. According to the researched data, this figure to claim that Zamboanga City has been the sixth-most densely inhabited and third-largest city by land area in the Philippines.

For Tours:

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