Forget about the nine-to-five jobs: Get your home-based jobs now!

Finding jobs in the Philippines is seriously challenging. You can’t land on your dream jobs – the ones you dreamed of in college. No jobs are available. Somehow, you have to compete with those who are highly qualified for the jobs. Without your transferrable skills, you can’t rival them.

Like you, many others still look for jobs. Try to imagine the statistic: 40% of 111,046,913 Filipinos who look for jobs. That makes around 45 million Filipinos struggle to find jobs. In this case, old and fresh graduates tend to vie for entry-level positions. This situation happens due to low employment rates. The sad thing is, not all job applicants can’t find jobs at brick-and-mortar institutions.

Consequently, many Filipinos choose to work in different pathways. Many graduates, who are accountants, architects, business specialists, engineers, financial managers, teachers, and many more, land their first jobs at the call center industries, department stores, malls, and the like. And yes, finding jobs is searching for needles in the crowd that compels them to wait for miracles to fall.

The good thing is, you acquired your Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. You know that these professional degrees can back you up and help advance your future careers. You may not be in the prominent brick-and-mortar institutions; however, you can find jobs online. You don’t need to be someone else to work tasks outside your sphere of influence or scope. You work on projects based on your cup of tea.

Finding jobs online is an opportunity. Many of you don’t like the idea of working in the comfort of your home. Perhaps, you need to change this view. Working from home is beneficial. You can’t count your fingers on the benefits of working online. Though doing so has shortcomings, such as radiation and seclusion from the office environment, you can still find ways to resolve these problems.

And, before I forget, the pay is amazingly overwhelming. Once you try working online, you surely never want to find any more jobs in the large-scale companies in the country. I bet that! You know why? You yourselves can’t ignore the fact that you’re earning higher than your expected salary grades in the brick-and-mortar institutions.

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Overruns at Online Stores: Bogus or authentic?

Are you familiar with clothing overruns? If not, pay attention. “Authentic” or “original” overruns are the same as “fake” overruns.

Ask yourselves. What is “overrun” clothing? Essentially, there is no such thing as “authentic” or “original” overruns. The fact is, factory overruns mean slightly damaged items made of original materials.

However, these authentic products turn out to be fake due to the factories’ failure to meet the brand standards in terms of cuts, sews, and sizes. For example, factories that manufacture overrun clothing products made of original materials cannot sell them to the big stores. The law does not allow these companies to sell overrun products since the latter do not adhere to the brand standards. And yes, they are overruns from authentic materials.

However, online sellers keep on using the term overruns to sell products based on different classifications. They sell some replicas, Class A items, Class B products, and more. In the world of counterfeit or fake products, you have to know that overrun products must be close to the original. Such a case is better since the materials being used are of good quality. However, others sell replicas after original overruns. Then, you have class A and class B products that come along the way.

What kind of overruns are you going to buy? Online stores these days sell overrun products, such as bags, clothes, and shoes. Beware of these stores since they only take photos of the original products and post them on their websites. Meaning, they sell fake products, such as class A, class B, and so on. If you only need original overruns, not the Class A and Class B products or the imitation items, check the product quality: the fabric, the fit, the price, and the stitch.

Of course, beware of online clothing stores. A few of them are available online. These online stores keep on telling their clients that they only sell overrun products – original materials that fail to meet the quality or brand standards. However, they not doing it. They only sell Class A, Class B, and imitation products. Again, beware of them. Please check the quality of the products, and you can tell the difference. The problem is, you just purchase bogus products online.  

Moreover, you must learn a lesson. You ask the sellers the next time they mention the term “overruns.” Are these overrun products made of original materials? Or are these items replicas and class B and class B products?

Without a doubt, factories cannot sell “authentic” overruns in big stores due to brand or quality standards. As buyers, you can buy “original” or “authentic” overrun products. For “fake” overruns, such as Class A, Class B, and Replica products, you need to think about it before buying them. For online sellers, don’t be ambiguous. Be honest. Just mention that you sell replicas, as well as class A and class B products to avoid confusion.

Stargate Dream Vacation Resort: Best retreat

Are you looking for a vacation resort in Cagayan de Oro? Don’t fret. Stargate Dream Vacation Resort (SDVR) positions itself in the bustling metropolis. It offers more than you expect – the outdoor pool, the restaurant, and the panoramic spot for individual (selfie) and group (groupie) photography.

Do you know where SDVR is? Stargate Dream Vacation Resort doesn’t give you much trouble. It’s accessible. It’s at Upper Macasandig, South Diversion Road, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines.

As well, you can see it for yourself. You only make great plans with family members and friends. And yes, it’s a great family and group adventure. You know you can have all months and years to set up for your vacation retreat. Therefore, you drive your cars now and head to Stargate Dream Vacation Resort.

Besides, Stargate Dream Vacation Resort showcases a three-star hotel. Results from various reviews from the different websites confirm that SDVR is a place to be. Come to the place. Park your cars in its free parking area. Enjoy your retreat. Are you asking for the rooms to stay? Well, you can tell – the rooms are great.

Moreover, the rooms are fully air-conditioned. You know you come to the right place. You get your free breakfast after swimming in the outdoor pool. You do have that, for sure. Hey, are you hungry? There’s a restaurant over there. Heads up!

Finally, there’s so much more to enjoy at Stargate Dream Vacation Resort. You just need to open your eyes and think about those activities. See? You know the place, but you don’t have a chance to visit the area. Well, this is your last call. After this COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you get to book yourselves for your next retreat.

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How to Train Your Dogs

Are you thinking of training your dogs at home? If you are, you can teach them a few rudimentary commands. Of course, these steps are helpful when you deal with your dogs’ behavior problems.

Now, let’s dive into the training. Where do you begin? What teaching commands your dogs want to listen to? Well, you can choose several options to command your dogs. You will surely enjoy doing it over and over again.


Teach them to sit. This step appears to be a great one to begin. Remember, your dogs will be quieter and more stress-free to control when they learn the sit command. As well, you have to know that this “sit” command prepares your dogs to follow difficult commands, such as “come” and “stay.”

Follow these steps to teach the “sit” command:

    • Have a grip of the treat near the dogs’ noses.
    • Transfer the position of your hands up to allow the dogs’ heads to follow the treat. In the next scenario, your dogs will lower their bottom to sit.
    • In the sitting position, command your dogs to “sit,” give them treats, and show them affection.
    • Redo the sequence many times every day so that your dogs can master it. Ask your dogs to sit before mealtime, or in many situations to make them calm and seated.


It is extremely helpful to train your dogs to learn the “come” command. You can ask your dogs to come when you lose hold of the chain or when you leave the front door open. Once your dogs learn this simple command, your dogs will surely be out of trouble.

Follow the steps to execute the “come” command:

    • Place the chain or leash on the neckline of your dogs.
    • As well, lower yourselves to their level. Then, say, “come” while slipping on the leash gently.
    • Reward them with love and treat them when they get your “come” command.
    • If your dogs learn to master the first step, remove the chain or leash, and continue to practice the command in a safe environment.

So, you can train your dogs, too. You, at least, have time to train them. Perhaps, you can do the tricks by using the “stay” and “leave it” commands. Try to do these commands at home. You can, finally, see great results.

Great training for your dogs begins now.


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How to Make Money with SEO in 2021

Do you want to make money with SEO in 2021? Yes, you do. You work on your website now, do your thing, and sell products and services. And yet, you fail. You can’t make money out of the same routine.

Firstly, you ask yourself why. You need to think about how to do that. You don’t need to wait for miracles, so you do it now. This time you have to find better solutions. And to the rescue, you can use SEO automation tools from this website.

Secondly, you can learn more about SEO automation tools, such as ezoic, thrivecart, Dial Hawk, gumroad, Offline Sharks, and the like. And then, you meet problems along the way. You just don’t know what to do. This time you think of increasing your visibility on search engines. Once you do, you need to work on the automation tools.

Thirdly, you follow those SEO tutorial guides. From there, you can learn the best ideas to master your crafts. You can begin optimizing your websites after that. Employing SEO experts this time helps you audit your pages. If now, you can hire someone to do it for yourself. Regardless of your answer, it’s extremely easy.

Fourthly, you make sure to use SEO automation tools. Some of them are available online. You can get an SEO Pro Bundle 2.0 if you like. That sounds better, right?

Fifthly, you can’t just stay there and wait for miracles to happen. You have to use SEO automation tools. In a month or so, you get better results. With SEO automation tools, you can automate routine SEO tasks, such as backlink monitoring and keyword research.

Lastly, you prefer to systematize your websites. As well, you just get all the solutions you need the most. With your SEO skills, you work on your SEO rankings supervision and website analyses. Ranking your sites is important to generate clients, too? As you generate more customers, you surely find ways to make money to be on top of the game.

Wait a minute! Are you familiar with SEO automation tools? If not, you go back to the tutorial guides. Just master them and launch your websites. You don’t need to be anywhere to try to do that. You can start browsing the Internet and learn some tips.

After learning SEO skills, you can begin selling products and services online. You can even rank your websites and generate more visitors, too. Once these things happen, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with SEO this year, right?

Spring View Resort: A place for us to chill out

Traveling around the different places in the country seemed to be my cup of tea. Incapable to pay for my transnational travels, I rather chose to stay local. Besides, my parents didn’t want me to travel internationally. Scared of strangers in the middle of nowhere, my parents want me to avoid meeting and talking to strangers. Talking to strangers, for them, would be weird. Under no circumstances, I opted to follow them. And yes, they, perhaps, were right.

So, I listed some of my favorite tourist destinations in the country. I started listing some sites in the Luzon region. Then, I succeeded in writing more about the places in the Visayas region. I could not forget Coron and El Nido, Palawan. How could I ignore the beautiful and instagrammable sites in the Mindanao region? Something came to mind though. A few of the beautiful and stunning resorts are in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental.

I rather chose Misamis Oriental. Numerous resorts in the province sprouted to give tourists some attractions. My inability to make trips to the expensive sites compelled me to stay confined. And, I was right. Misamis Oriental has so much to offer.

At some point, the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed me. I lost my job. I didn’t know when to end this pandemic. The impact wasn’t right. I lost everything. So, I had to drop a few classy and exclusive tourist spots in those places. In this way, I had to stay homegrown.

This time, the COVID-19 pandemic changed my routine. Travel restrictions took place. I could not travel from provinces to provinces. However, this protocol served as a blessing in disguise to appreciate and witness the beautiful places in Misamis Oriental. Well, I didn’t have to stay at home. I would get bored looking at the four corners of my room. So, I had to get out. As long as I observed the social distancing policies, I could travel to places.

Therefore, I chose Spring View Resort. The exact address of Spring View Resort is at Riverside, Barangay Solana, Jasaan 9003, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao, Philippines. Oh, you want to ask questions? Here is the number to call 0955 936 2465 for your inquiries. I would tell you this – the Spring View Resort is amazing.


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Rabiya Mateo: Her regal walk to the Miss Universe

Rabiya Mateo is a woman of aspiration. Her dream is to win Miss Universe, a beauty pageant that can change her life and promote her advocacy in life. She hopes to change her life like all the women of her age. And yes, she is here at the Miss Universe Pageant to fulfill her dream.

Winning Miss Universe is remarkable. As all candidates vow to do their best features and wish to win, Rabiya Mateo yearns to grab the title for the Miss Universe 2020. Despite the tension in Hollywood, Florida, Rabiya Mateo has to walk down the pageant runway with several alluring, gorgeous, lovely, and extraordinary women for the fulfillment of her dream.

A few Pilipinos feel disappointed in her for not using the crown during the national costume. However, they must appreciate Rabiya Mateo’s confidence and courage, and her dream to win. They must learn to realize that the Miss Universe competition is a tough contest to join – someone wins; someone loses. Regardless of the outcome of the pageant, Rabiya Mateo still deserves millions of applause and appreciation for her contribution to Miss Universe.

Additionally, millions of people think that winning is important and that every action that Rabiya Mateo does must be perfect. If Rabiya Mateo fails, people become disappointed. This appointment is odd and weird. It is because Filipinos know defeat. Filipinos know failure. If Rabiya Mateo loses her game, people feel upset. Why? The answer is simple. The Filipino people no longer adhere to their values. Filipinos today brag about themselves, and they do not know how to accept defeat. Therefore, Filipinos must realize this truth that Miss Universe is a competition.

Moreover, Rabiya Mateo’s stunning look is a sure win. As she walks on the stage for Miss Universe in Hollywood City, Florida, she attracts the judges and the Filipino crowd. Wearing the enthused Philippine flag, Rabiya Mateo proves that she can win. The national costume that she wears gives her a winning walk to the 69th Miss Universe 2020.

Finally, Rabiya Mateo is the winner. Whether she wins or not, she wins all “real” Filipino hearts. She deserves appreciation and love as she represents the whole Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


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Kahulugan Spring Resort: A memory to treasure

It was May. It would be the same month as this one. As usual, my friends and I decided to have a wet picnic – to eradicate stress. We knew we liked a dry picnic because we could go camping, mountain climbing, and trekking; however, this time, we could not explore the places listed in our bucket list. It was totally different. 

Years ago, we decided to take some trips. However, we ended up going to places for fishing and mountain climbing. This time my friends told me that we should try another one. I suggested though that we should visit remote places to expand our horizons. On the other hand, only a few of my friends supported me. The majority of them decided that we would never go to some remote places. In this case, I would stick around a little bit and focus on what I would do here in Misamis Oriental – a province to treasure all my memories.

Of course, my friends wanted to support me all the way through. And yet, they became concerned about the stern quarantine protocols, such as the social distancing policies and the travel restrictions, which then barred us from going around places in the country. For me, I lost opportunities to do things. I lost all the prospects to fulfill my tasks for days, months, and even years. COVID-19 pandemic made me weak and powerless to change things. So, I would stick around just a little bit.

Moreover, my friends cherry-picked Kahulugan Spring Resort as our place of destination. At first, I was hesitant. However, something just happened when I visited the resort. I discovered something magical and spellbinding. I met the love of my life – Jade. She is fairly looking. She always smiles. Her sense of humor and wit can complement so well that I, sometimes, become speechless around her.

Jade loves Kahulugan Spring Resort. Now, I do. According to the owner of Kahulugan Spring Resort, God designs the resort; Man sculpts it; Nature landscapes it. And yes, it is true. I surely love the place because Kahulugan Spring Resort gives us a chance to see each other. Now, we are together, and we keep on visiting the place once a month to celebrate life.

Now, if you want to meet people and explore the places around you, please visit Kahulugan Spring Resort today. You can call the management of the resort for more information regarding booking and reservation. Here are the mobile numbers to call: 09177248390; 09061529768; 09989502358.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Kahulugan Spring Resort now at Kimaya, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. It is only 1.2 km from the national highway.


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