Rabiya Mateo: Her regal walk to the Miss Universe

Rabiya Mateo is a woman of aspiration. Her dream is to win Miss Universe, a beauty pageant that can change her life and promote her advocacy in life. She hopes to change her life like all the women of her age. And yes, she is here at the Miss Universe Pageant to fulfill her dream.

Winning Miss Universe is remarkable. As all candidates vow to do their best features and wish to win, Rabiya Mateo yearns to grab the title for the Miss Universe 2020. Despite the tension in Hollywood, Florida, Rabiya Mateo has to walk down the pageant runway with several alluring, gorgeous, lovely, and extraordinary women for the fulfillment of her dream.

A few Pilipinos feel disappointed in her for not using the crown during the national costume. However, they must appreciate Rabiya Mateo’s confidence and courage, and her dream to win. They must learn to realize that the Miss Universe competition is a tough contest to join – someone wins; someone loses. Regardless of the outcome of the pageant, Rabiya Mateo still deserves millions of applause and appreciation for her contribution to Miss Universe.

Additionally, millions of people think that winning is important and that every action that Rabiya Mateo does must be perfect. If Rabiya Mateo fails, people become disappointed. This appointment is odd and weird. It is because Filipinos know defeat. Filipinos know failure. If Rabiya Mateo loses her game, people feel upset. Why? The answer is simple. The Filipino people no longer adhere to their values. Filipinos today brag about themselves, and they do not know how to accept defeat. Therefore, Filipinos must realize this truth that Miss Universe is a competition.

Moreover, Rabiya Mateo’s stunning look is a sure win. As she walks on the stage for Miss Universe in Hollywood City, Florida, she attracts the judges and the Filipino crowd. Wearing the enthused Philippine flag, Rabiya Mateo proves that she can win. The national costume that she wears gives her a winning walk to the 69th Miss Universe 2020.

Finally, Rabiya Mateo is the winner. Whether she wins or not, she wins all “real” Filipino hearts. She deserves appreciation and love as she represents the whole Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


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