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Finding jobs in the Philippines is seriously challenging. You can’t land on your dream jobs – the ones you dreamed of in college. No jobs are available. Somehow, you have to compete with those who are highly qualified for the jobs. Without your transferrable skills, you can’t rival them.

Like you, many others still look for jobs. Try to imagine the statistic: 40% of 111,046,913 Filipinos who look for jobs. That makes around 45 million Filipinos struggle to find jobs. In this case, old and fresh graduates tend to vie for entry-level positions. This situation happens due to low employment rates. The sad thing is, not all job applicants can’t find jobs at brick-and-mortar institutions.

Consequently, many Filipinos choose to work in different pathways. Many graduates, who are accountants, architects, business specialists, engineers, financial managers, teachers, and many more, land their first jobs at the call center industries, department stores, malls, and the like. And yes, finding jobs is searching for needles in the crowd that compels them to wait for miracles to fall.

The good thing is, you acquired your Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. You know that these professional degrees can back you up and help advance your future careers. You may not be in the prominent brick-and-mortar institutions; however, you can find jobs online. You don’t need to be someone else to work tasks outside your sphere of influence or scope. You work on projects based on your cup of tea.

Finding jobs online is an opportunity. Many of you don’t like the idea of working in the comfort of your home. Perhaps, you need to change this view. Working from home is beneficial. You can’t count your fingers on the benefits of working online. Though doing so has shortcomings, such as radiation and seclusion from the office environment, you can still find ways to resolve these problems.

And, before I forget, the pay is amazingly overwhelming. Once you try working online, you surely never want to find any more jobs in the large-scale companies in the country. I bet that! You know why? You yourselves can’t ignore the fact that you’re earning higher than your expected salary grades in the brick-and-mortar institutions.

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