How to Train Your Dogs

Are you thinking of training your dogs at home? If you are, you can teach them a few rudimentary commands. Of course, these steps are helpful when you deal with your dogs’ behavior problems.

Now, let’s dive into the training. Where do you begin? What teaching commands your dogs want to listen to? Well, you can choose several options to command your dogs. You will surely enjoy doing it over and over again.


Teach them to sit. This step appears to be a great one to begin. Remember, your dogs will be quieter and more stress-free to control when they learn the sit command. As well, you have to know that this “sit” command prepares your dogs to follow difficult commands, such as “come” and “stay.”

Follow these steps to teach the “sit” command:

    • Have a grip of the treat near the dogs’ noses.
    • Transfer the position of your hands up to allow the dogs’ heads to follow the treat. In the next scenario, your dogs will lower their bottom to sit.
    • In the sitting position, command your dogs to “sit,” give them treats, and show them affection.
    • Redo the sequence many times every day so that your dogs can master it. Ask your dogs to sit before mealtime, or in many situations to make them calm and seated.


It is extremely helpful to train your dogs to learn the “come” command. You can ask your dogs to come when you lose hold of the chain or when you leave the front door open. Once your dogs learn this simple command, your dogs will surely be out of trouble.

Follow the steps to execute the “come” command:

    • Place the chain or leash on the neckline of your dogs.
    • As well, lower yourselves to their level. Then, say, “come” while slipping on the leash gently.
    • Reward them with love and treat them when they get your “come” command.
    • If your dogs learn to master the first step, remove the chain or leash, and continue to practice the command in a safe environment.

So, you can train your dogs, too. You, at least, have time to train them. Perhaps, you can do the tricks by using the “stay” and “leave it” commands. Try to do these commands at home. You can, finally, see great results.

Great training for your dogs begins now.


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