The Vendors Whom We Love and Want to See at the Market

These days when unemployment rates are high, we don’t have the option to get jobs. Well, if we cannot work in the office, we may surely find decent jobs somewhere else to earn money.

Look at this Malaysian fitness model Jordan Yeo. He was selling durians at a rough and ready wayside stall at that time. It was in the neighborhood estate in Malaysia.

He was the Hottest Hunk Malaysia in 2011. Now, he is a body trainer. However, he still sells his durians with his shredded physique, much to the glee of customers who pass by him. Well, if you don’t like the taste of durians, at least you can still check Jordan Yeo and his looks.

A Malaysian Hunk Model selling durians on a roadside in Malaysia

Now, you can check the photos of two fairly looking, gorgeous, and sexy banana vendors in Thailand. These two beautiful vendors showered followers and likes on the Internet.  Look at them! They sell fried bananas with their revealing tops. They never thought of finding great jobs in the offices where there were no available positions for them. Well, the point was, they earned money from selling fried bananas.

Two Thai women selling fried bananas at the market in Thailand…

As well, in Thailand, a beautiful woman selling smoothies was spotted at the market. She was confident to promote and sell her products at the market that caught the attention of the public eyes.

A YouTube screenshot of a woman who sells smoothies at the market in Thailand…

Below, we have Liu Pengpeng. She is a Taiwanese model who spends her free time selling fish at a wet market. Her photo that went viral increased her mother’s fish business operations.

Liu Pengpeng wanted to help her mother grow her fish business. She promised to help her sell fish at the Shetou Market in Chunghua County, Taiwan. This gorgeous lady presented a sense of duty for her family.

A picture of Liu Pengpeng who is a Taiwanese model; she spends her free time selling fish at a wet market by Qyshalini Nagalingam from Good Times.

Pengpeng these days does not feel embarrassed to sell fish in the market. She just wants to help her mother while pursuing her modeling jobs.

Indeed, selling something means everything. People love to see them helping their family businesses and taking responsibility. As well, if people out there do not have jobs yet, they can try this business, too. Why not? Despite the professions of these people, they still show the meaning of being humble.

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Jonel Nuezca versus the Gregorios: A Position of Friedrich Nietzsche’ View of a Greek Tragedy

The deaths of a mother Sonya Gregorio and a son Frank Anthony Gregorio in Tarlac, Philippines produced a narrative frame of the Greek tragedy. People who knew Greek literature could understand this Greek tragedy in question. This narrative frame of a Greek Tragedy, somehow, linked to Friedrich Nietzsche’s interpretation of life in the cosmos to be as meaningless and futile as it has been. Of course, Nietzsche believed that Greek tragedy dealt with human themes such as love, loss, pride, the abuse of power, and the oppressed and troubled relationships between gods and men. These gods have been powerful people who could control, lead, and protect people in the country. To view this situation in relation to Nuezca’s case, Nietzsche’s narrative arc and frame of Greek tragedy revealed.

What readers understood here in this Nuezca’s case and Gregorios’ tragedy would be the terrible crime committed by the main hero or protagonist of a narrative or event. In other words, the hero, protector, or protagonist committed outlandish and awful crimes due to their arrogance, foolishness, pride, and superiority.

A screenshot of a Police Officer who killed a mother and a son in the presence of his daughter…

According to Nietzsche, the Greek tragedy becomes the highest form of art. This art represents realities. For example, killing a person whose killer is a hero demonstrates an artistic Greek tragedy. A police officer whose role is to be a hero to protect the people becomes flawed as he kills those whom he promised to protect and save. Nietzsche considers this one as the highest form of art because this action has always been a human condition. It has been a nature to kill when being threatened by other forces. Nietzsche confirms it since he observes the tragic events in humanity – the Holocaust, the world wars, and the human suffering. For Nietzsche, it appears to be a tragedy to hold. It seems a mixture of Apollonian and Dionysian elements whose components can explain the frailty of human beings to experience the full gamut of human conditions.

Going back to the killing of Sonya Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio, Nietzsche would call it the perfect example of a Greek tragedy. All elements were available, for example, the flawed hero, the merciless killing, the stupid community, and the victims. No one stood there to stop the killing when the video camera was rolling. All people at the scene of the crime were watching. Sonya as the protector of her son Frank Anthony ended her precious life in the grave. She wanted to save her son by covering and wrapping her son from the supposed to be the hero. She did not want her son to die, so she had to protect him thinking to spare his life without knowing that her son would be next to die. Police Officer Jonel Nuezca as the protector of the people ended his life in jail. His immediate action out of anger permitted him to kill two people whom he had sworn to protect. Again, this event was what Nietzsche explained about the Greek tragedy – the hero and protector turned out to be flawed because of arrogance and foolishness. Nietzsche said that Police Officer Jonel Nuezca failed to play his role as the hero. He miscarried his duty to protect all people because of hubris, pride, and superiority that controlled him. His love and protection for his daughter, for whatever arguments might be between the mother and son and his daughter, clouded his judgment. He lost his proper mindset due to the revealing anima. All of them were drawn in the pit of sad and crushing horror. 

According to Nietzsche, this event, the killing of Sonya Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio would, somehow, relate to the classical Athenian tragedy that exceeded beyond anarchism, cynicism, nihilism, pessimism, and suspicion of life. It happened because people continued to create problems around them in this fundamentally meaningless world. This meaningless world, according to him, occurred from the beginning. Only the people and those in power asserted and invented meanings, such as laws, rules, and tenets of all events in the world. Besides, Nietzsche has been right to see that people killed one another due to arrogance, foolishness, pride, and superiority in this meaningless life and world. If one powerful person told someone to kill a person, that someone should evaluate first if his or her action was right. However, this action did not happen. It would be hard for the Police Officer to evaluate his actions. Everything was out of hand. Critics would ask what triggered him to be a cold-blooded murderer. Did someone or something tell him to kill other people because those criminal actions would be fine? And why no one or nothing stood up for what was right during the commission of the crime. Were all in shock? Who videoed the crime scene? Why was it that none called the Police Hotline since there was a moment when one would call any other Police Officer? In other words, people did not care about life because for them life has no meaning. Please imagine posting an issue with the president of an organization or a country on Facebook and YouTube. Surely, those who posted comments on that president would receive millions of loathing responses. And the fight took off to social media – Filipino culture. It would be ridiculous to think that the Filipino people could easily lose their finesse, manner, morale, and reputation by spreading hate because of their political colors. The political colors, such as the red and the yellow, fought for each other on Facebook and YouTube. I just remember when one employee of ABS-CBN promoted its business on LinkedIn. A few people or LinkedIn users commented and wanted that employee to remove and stop his or her promotional marketing. Why is that? I did not even know if those people who prowled online were real people or not. For me, numerous Filipino people failed to distinguish what is right from wrong. “Sometimes, people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed,” a statement came from Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Image and His Quote from AZ Quotes…

According to Nietzsche, life in this world has no meaning and value. All that exist do not even have significance and value. He said that people asserted and invented meanings and values to have those things around them meaningful and valuable. He even confirmed it when he saw the tragedy in Greece and, perhaps, in his hometown, Germany. However, his observation has been timeless and universal that all these tragic incidents in life were the mere by-products of human conditions and assertions. Some people and some gods wanted those acts of killing of Sonya and Frank Anthony to happen because of their powerful forces to influence the minds of others. Nietzsche said that people faced the worst events in life and in humanity due to the gods’ power positions.

The gods that Nietzsche talked about were the powerful people who held positions and powers. These gods could order instructions to punish and kill people who led them to face the abyss of human suffering. Sonya Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio became the by-product of this injustice which human beings tried to inflict on one another. Because of this issue, people lost their humanity. They now revealed their innate animalistic instinct that tried to ignore the wearing of their masks or persona. These masks served as the barriers or cages to control people to become animals and monsters. If people wore off these masks or persona, they would show their true nature, their anima, their aggressive, ravenous, and wild characteristics.

Nietzsche has been right about this Greek tragedy. No matter how hard people tried to hide their anima or their animalistic nature, they revealed it when they lost their sense of being and value to humanity. As people lost their interest in giving meaning to life, then it would be relaxed for them to kill. In other words, it would be stress-free for them to end others’ lives without their qualm of conscience.

Those who dictated and ordered others to kill people did lose the very sense of humanity, too. In the killing of Sonya Gregorio and Frank Anthony Gregorio, we would ask how the killer’s daughter reacted to see two dead bodies lying on the ground. Did she blink? Did she feel sorry? Was she remorseful? We could, as well, ask why the killer, father, and police officer killed those defenseless and innocent individuals in front of his daughter. Did he consider it? Did he know what he was doing? Senator Ronald de la Rosa said that “the police officer is an addict.” Was Jonel Nuezca’s action the by-product of addiction? Was it pure evil? Or was it the pure nature of human beings? And pretty sure, we all had many questions, but we had only one fixed answer – someone or something did trigger Police Officer Jonel Nuezca to kill without conscience. 

On the contrary, if Nitzsche was wrong, we should show mercy to all people. We should stand for what was right. And there would be no right in killing others even if that would be the death penalty. We all had so much hate in our hearts. We failed to meet the social contract because some forces of nature disrupted our beliefs and reasons. We became corrupted by these forces, such as drugs that until now they continued to be a problem. Who protected those illegal drug businesses? Perhaps, the killing of Gregorios should serve as a lesson to the Philippine National Police to clean their ranks. There should be a secret group, honest, just, and merciful, to determine those police officers who have gone rogue. Could this action be possible? I did not know.

After all, This Greek Tragedy, or even a Filipino Tragedy, in particular, haunted us something to think. The expected hero of the people, the Police Officer, turned out to be a flawed one. Because of hubris, he terminated two lives without blinking his eyebrows and eyelashes. Could we blame him? In this meaningless world, we could not blame him and we should not fantasize to wait for a hero to exist. If there would be one or two to claim to be a hero, this hero should never be blue, green, orange, red, yellow, or white. This hero should be any person in the world who would defend those innocent and weak people. However, where is the church? Where is the…? Well, I did not know what to say. I have never been in a position to elaborate and deduce more. It would be simply right to say that I just didn’t know. The question in mind remained firm to know why people killed others. The answer should be very simple – nature. We are all animals in one vast jungle after all.

Social Distancing Protocols: Senator Manny Pacquiao’s Defense

The birthday bash of Senator Manny Pacquiao held in General Santos City rained comments and news about the physical or social distancing protocols.

According to an article, “Mañanita Part 2: Pacquiao Defends Absence of Physical Distancing in a Birthday Bash,” from a website named coconut, the birthday party maddened many Filipinos. The photos of the birthday get-together uploaded by Jinkee Pacquiao became a social media epidemic. As seen in the photos, angered Filipinos accused him of infringing on the social distancing procedures.

This photo was posted, shared, and uploaded by Jinkee Pacquiao on Instagram…

Senator Manny Pacquaio as the lawmaker spoke about the birthday photos that stormed across social media. The lawmaker explained about the photos and said that they entertained friends at the event. He said that his visitors were negative for COVID-19’s RT-PCR tests.

As well, the attendees of Senator Manny Pacquiao’s birthday party tested negative in the real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction tests (RT-PCR). Would this situation suggest that attendees could attend the birthday with or without those face masks and face shields?

Senator Manny Pacquiao confidently said that General Santos City has been under the modified general quarantine (MGQ) during the COVID-19 pandemic season. It would mean that MGQ would permit any mass gatherings while guaranteeing 50% of attendees in the seating capacity of the venue.

This photo was posted, shared, and uploaded by Jinkee Pacquiao on Instagram…

Additionally, Senator Manny Pacquiao asserted that they cautiously organized the gathering. He wanted to make the party safe since his children would also be at the celebration. Since he didn’t want his children to get plague-ridden with the coronavirus, he required his children to wear masks during the event.

Moreover, Senator Manny Pacquiao as the lawmaker confirmed that all his guests took the RT-PCR test. However, experts contended that the RT-PCR test results would be unreliable. The unreliability of the test would take place if the test was taken directly after a person becomes infected. Experts confirmed that the best time to take the test would be about two to three days after symptoms appeared. On the other hand, administering the RT-PCR tests earlier than the suggested timetable would lead to a false-negative result.

In the end, Senator Manny Pacquaio argued that he didn’t infringe on the social distancing protocols. He cautiously organized the simple party.

NB: If you have anything in mind, please leave us comments on Senator Manny Pacquiao’s defense and his assertions that he did not violate the social distancing protocols. Thank you.

My Unforgettable River Rafting Experience in Cagayan de Oro

River rafting or white water rafting is fun. It is an adventurous way to explore nature. Participants of this physical activity will do exercises while exploring the rock bottom of the river water. From the calm to nearly unmanageable waters, rafters may experience another challenge on waters.

The goal of sports activity keeps people think and overcome nature’s death-defying challenge. As rafters steer through both the easy and hard patches, they become active and energetic to paddle and boost their adrenaline to do the actions. As well, rafters can never forget the excitement and the team of people for a fun. Given the thrilling experience, river rafting will change the viewpoint of the outdoor spots.

One can say hello to the recreational activity as river rafting experiences take a memorable spotlight
A river rafting experience captured by Project Lupad; Get frozen back in time and relive the whitewater rafting encounter

Well, river rafting appears to be the best escape from day-to-day certainties. One can feel nature and its silence as rafters are ready to relax and leave their worries behind. In other words, river rafting can reinforce the person’s deltoids, biceps, triceps, and quads. In other words, the periodic cross-body motion can help firm up core muscle groups, such as the abs, the groin, and the obliques.

Additionally, Cagayan de Oro has a good venue for river rafting. Guests and tourists alike know Cagayan de Oro as the provincial capital of Misamis Oriental. They, as well, realize that the geographic area of Cagayan de Oro thrives due to the rich cultural and natural sights of the metropolis. In this instance, the Cagayan de Oro River becomes a popular whitewater rafting destination. It is an ideal plan for guests and tourists to think of outdoor activities. As such, the Department of Tourism endorses this location as the chief tourist attraction of Cagayan de Oro City.

What a stunning view of the river from the perspective of the viewers; for the rafters, the experience is magical…

At this point, white water rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity. Rafters have to navigate through waters using inflatable rafts. To excite the raft passengers, they will perform river water rafting for different degrees of rough water. Therefore, people call it extreme sports, as well as critical.

Now, visiting the Cagayan de Oro Tourism Office seems a wise choice. Guests and tourists can encounter a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, yet adrenaline-pumping experience. As whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro gives a stunning view of rock-strewn walls, undamaged undergrowth, and many others, guests and tourists cannot ask for more. They can make the adventures more memorable than any experience because of the hype that the sports activity brings.

A photo, taken from the website, gives a stunning view of the Cagayan de Oro River at

Of course, that makes the experience unforgettable. As guests and tourists go along, they will discover more delight and excitement of nature at its best!

How Do Chan and Shakespeare Define Love

Do you believe in love?

How do you define love? How do you react to the statement that I love him or her the first time I see him or her? Are you going to call it “love” when you see the person for the first time? Is attraction love? Whatever you say, you all have the reasons to refuse to accept and believe what others say. We need to consider two perspectives from William Shakespeare and Jose Mari Chan about life and love.

A photo taken from Marwa Abdelghani at

SONNET 116 By William Shakespeare

      • Let me not to the marriage of true minds
      • Admit impediments. Love is not love
      • Which alters when it alteration finds,
      • Or bends with the remover to remove.
      • O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
      • That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
      • It is the star to every wand’ring bark,
      • Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
      • Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
      • Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
      • Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
      • But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
      • If this be error and upon me prov’d,
      • I never writ, nor no man ever lov’d.

According to William Shakespeare, “love” is not “love” if it alters. If it changes, it does not mean love. He says that “Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,

But bears it out even to the edge of doom” means that love does not change. It does not alter even the slightest time. Love must be longstanding until death or to the edge of doom. Shakespeare challenges critics and readers to prove him wrong about his assertions and observations about love.  


      • We’re on the road, we move from place to place
      • And oftentimes when I’m about to call it home
      • We’d have to move along
      • Life is a constant change
      • The friends we know, we meet along the way
      • Too soon the times we share, form part of yesterday
      • ‘Cause life’s a constant change
      • And nothing stays the same, oh no
      • Clouds that move across the skies
      • Are changing form before our very eyes
      • Why couldn’t we keep time from movin’ on?
      • Hold on to all the years before this moment’s gone?
      • Why must we live the days at such a frightening pace?
      • We’re all like clouds that move across the skies
      • And changing form before our very eyes
      • Have we outgrown our Peter Pans and wings?
      • We’ve simply grown too old for tales of knights and kings
      • ‘Cause life’s a constant change
      • And nothing stays the same, oh no

Jose Mari Chan declares that life is a constant change. It means that all actions, events, objects, and things in this world change. Jose Mari Chan asserts that all things come and go and that people are travelers on the road that moves from place to place. He mentions that people sometimes stay a bit longer to call the place home but that they have to move along. It is because things happen and change. Since there is no permanence in this world, all things change. In other words, we are all subjects to change, like love.

Indeed, Jose Mari Chan supports Shakespeare’s definition of love. As Shakespeare states that all things change, he means that love changes. Love fades. Jose Mari Chan observes this for years and notes that people and other things are travelers in the world and in this nick of time. As Shakespeare says, “love” is not “love” if it fades, will you still refuse to believe him? Are you gonna deny Jose Mari Chan’s assertion of the impermanence of life and all things? You do the math!

China Does Capitalism Better Than America

China and the United States obviously compete with each other. These two economic giants exhibit their economic powers to prove that they can use their wealth. However, America, known for its wealthiest status in the global force and market economy, has slowed down its position and standing compared to China’s rapid GDP growth. This circumstance indicates that communist-ruled China has pushed the boundaries to challenge the democratic-possessed United States and reach the goal.

Over the years, China has learned to combat any market odds and to bend some possible rules when necessary such as its venture in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Unlike the United States, which does not easily adapt to any threats in the market; China maneuvers to highlight its power and moves its curve to adapt easily to fight the challenge against the market forces. The economic power of China is visible. It now becomes the world’s economic giant. As said, China does capitalism better than the United States.

Communist-ruled China continues to boost its economy amidst the challenges of the global recession. It seems ironic to believe that China finds its course to grow economically amidst the billowing dilemma in terms of financing and marketing and sales. According to Karon (2011), he asserts that “China can decisively respond to a long-term crisis” (p. 1). In other words, China quickly possesses cogent and well-organized management looking ahead to its progress and economic activities and brings its economic development closer to the United States.

For example, the real domestic growth for China reaches 10.5 percent surpasses the United States’ 1.7 percent for ten years (Kenny, n. page). Kenny adds his statement that China becomes progressive in time soon if its gross domestic product will continually average half or closer to 10.5 percent. For him, this GDP average is extremely higher than the GDP average of the United States of America, which only improves at 1.7 percent. As such, China performs better in the global market and simply proves that it will soon rise as the economic giant in the world.

China manages to maintain a strong economy that weakens other capitalist countries like the United States. It can be ironic to reveal that China does capitalism better from 2008 up to the present time. Though the global recession is feared by economists and many countries, communist-ruled China performs better to manage capitalism’s crisis than the democratically elected U.S. government (Karon 2). For example, Beijing learns to expand its business operations and becomes the center of business. As such, it effectively carries out a job “in terms of tooling its economy to meet future challenges compared with Washington” according to the historian Francis Fukuyama.

The United States o America suffers from the recession a lot. According to Fukuyama, as cited by Karon (2011), the United States does not have enough statements to brag and teach China. China’s performance becomes admirable due to its economic feat and struggles to bend over the global recession. Besides, Beijing, which has plenty of state-owned enterprises, faces a mechanism of competition in the global market through which it grows unexpectedly up to 10.5 percent compared to the 1.7 percent growth achieved only by the United States. With this, China learns to be mature in facing global recession.


Comparing the United States and China appeared to be a huge challenge. I did not have to be prejudicial because I did not have to do it. This essay was written in 2014; it was a long essay… Please contact us if you wish to read more…

Facebook and Its Uses as a Social Networking Site

Many people confirm that the twenty-first century is an era of technological diversity. It is a period when people who wish to communicate can send and receive information and messages instantly through electronic devices and media tools. Many of them communicate through online websites. These websites called social media sites emerge as the new tools to drive communication to the next level aside from personal conversations. In other words, the use of the Internet and its components such as social networking sites and others dictates some changes in people and society as well.

However, traditional people still deny the challenge that they face with technological changes. They refuse to believe that social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and many others can influence their lifestyles and that those sites will affect their ways of living. No matter how hard for them to deny this discovery, the fact remains clear that social networking sites, whatever their names may be, play an important factor, as well as the role, to influence life.

The Use of Facebook as a Tool for Human Advancement in Communication

As noted, social media sites and the help of technology have advanced human life. For example, people use Facebook to express their ideas and thoughts, communicate personal information, and broadcast memorable events of their lives (Wang, Chen, and Liang, 2011, p. 23). With the help of technology, they can send their messages and important reports through mobile phone devices and the Internet connection.

To prove, people can utilize these technological innovations to aid people to make their lives easier, and these technological innovations emerge as the new friends that keep these people stayed together. Although Facebook has been created so that people can share their common interests and professional objectives, it evolves to become a complicated social network of people. Its complexity affects people especially the students. Though many people affirm that Facebook is not beneficial for the people and society as well, it also offers advantages in which people must think critically.

Additionally, the impact of using Facebook on people nowadays cannot be underestimated. Facebook utilizes the Internet to create a new platform effective for communication in society. It adds a new version of communication exchange with the use of the Internet and computers so people can communicate with their relatives, friends, and loved ones. For people who work abroad, they can still build a strong connection even if they are parted by distance and time (Wortham, 2012, p. 1). With the use of some features, Facebook enables people to receive and send messages as well as video calls to all individuals.

This graph presents the data from Hootsuite / We Are Social to determine who use Facebook at

In other words, the use of Facebook and any other social networking site goes beyond boundaries because its fundamental purpose is communication. Families that are settled abroad can usually use Facebook to contact their family members and friends on Facebook. Further, soldiers who are involved in a battle in distant countries can still communicate even they are too far from their relatives. Business owners who newly build their businesses can use Facebook to promote their product items. Students, who have problems with the assignments, can discuss the topics and personal matters on it. Above all, the impact of using Facebook on people cannot be underestimated.

Moreover, Facebook emerged as the new social platform where reclusive people and those people who suffer from low self-esteem can interact with other people. Many people who are currently enjoying successful relations identified their spouses through Facebook and, as a result, knew each other on that platform. For them, it is easy to make friends through social media sites from different countries. Persons who are restricted to their homes due to personal disability and who have little chances of interacting with people can use Facebook to interact and share ideas with others (Wortham, 2012, p. 1). Disabled people can now utilize Facebook to discuss personal matters with their friends to avoid being isolated and lonely. As such, Facebook becomes a gift for introverted people and those people who suffer from low self-esteem to interact with them.

Further, the unique platforms such as pages and open groups of Facebook encourage people to use them. For example, Facebook takes into the commercial world by a storm. Enterprises adopt the use of Facebook platforms to communicate with other business people and share vital information. They even embrace Facebook as a new platform for ads and marketing campaigns for social media marketing. The result of this effort allows many businesses to gain success (Rose, 2011, p. 2). Hence, Facebook remains beneficial and helpful.

However, despite all praises that Facebook achieves, it also faces some negative effects on society. One of the biggest drawbacks of Facebook to society is social media addiction. It allows young people to turn to be online social media zombies. These young people are incapable of doing anything else. Facebook has made them addicts of their communication devices, and they fail in their abilities to live a normal life without interference from social media. Another side effect of using Facebook is that people with no known origins can communicate and get accessed to their profiles. These strangers and unfamiliar people may be bad people who can be murderers or criminals. Further, Facebook is associated with the black agenda that spread hate messages, which have caused disharmony in several parts of the world (Aaker, 2010, p. 15). Thus, the use of Facebook can be risky when people never know their boundaries.

In a nutshell, the use of Facebook for progress is beneficial. Groups of people can be productive if they try to embrace the advantage of Facebook. They become effective communicators if they use Facebook for business and communication. However, Facebook can be a tool for destruction if people use it wrongly. These social media sites are the mediums for communication, but they may become tools of destruction once mistakenly used.

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Academic Writing Jobs: Ethically Legal

On April 19, 2019, Gilbert Nakweya wrote an article titled “Academic Writers’ Set To Lose A Lucrative Global Market” to inform the readers about the illegality of the academic writing jobs. He reported that the United Kingdom government worked hard to discourage students to buy composed or written essays from essay mills or writing companies online. This report, somehow, shook the online community of academic writers.

Effects on Banning Essay Mills

The recent measure of the United Kingdom government to veto the use of essay mills or writing websites has been unjustifiable. If Gilbert Nakweya’s report was right, then the UK government took harsh measures without evaluating the repercussion of its decision. For example, banning essay mills or academic writing websites would create problems among writers in the country. If their source of income would be through writing, then they would lose the job to feed their family.

Ethics in Academic Writing

Academic writers compose essays, reports, term papers, and other business correspondences, such as application letters and curriculum vitae or resumes as required by clients and students. They help both students and business leaders get feasible and useful help from those writers. For students, they can ask help from academic writers to prepare for their research paper and reports. However, these written papers are not the final papers yet since those students choose to submit them to their professors or teachers. It is because these academic writers compose those papers based on the students’ and teachers’ instructions. As the writers follow the instructions, they cannot entirely perceive the tone and voice of the paper. In other words, their perspectives and voices do not match with the students’ ideas and perspectives. So, when writers send the paper to the students, the latter must change some ideas and revise them to suit their needs. They have to match the voice of the paper.

The Writer and the Voice

And yes, writing a paper contains a specific voice. In other words, that specific voice from the writers will not be the same as the students or clients. In this case, students and clients need to edit the paper. It means that the writers only write for drafts, drats, or outlines. So, where’s the problem. The question about cheating and plagiarism does not apply here. Students may cheat and plagiarize if they copy ideas and words from others without citing them. They may, also, mean that students cheat and plagiarize them if they put some sources for fake authors and writers. However, things get confusing now. For example, politicians hire numerous and even the best ghostwriters to write for their speeches, but others do not consider them cheaters. Business leaders and managers hire content writers to write for their content on their websites, brochures, and other means, but they do not consider those content writers cheaters. Two people hire wedding planners to prepare for their programs and reception and wedding plans, but they do not call those wedding planners cheaters. Finally, a group of teachers and a panel of examiners require students to hire editors for their final papers or theses, but they do not call those editors academic cheaters.

Justifications for Academic Writer Position

Academic writers are not cheaters. They do not help students and clients cheat. They write to serve as a guide, a planner, and an editor. They write drafts for students to have outlines for their papers. If students ask for help and support from academic writers, they have to edit and revise those papers to meet their demands and voices of the paper. Such a type of task appears to be similar to the politicians who asked for ghostwriting experts, students who asked for editors, couples who demand wedding planners, and more. Now, just look around, why is it that you have a problem only with academic writers. How about the content writers, the ghostwriters, speechwriters, and so on when they do the same thing!

Google, PayPal, and YouTube

Google and YouTube should not approve of the rules empowered by these academic communities and governments. Academic writing is as legal as content writing. Both company leaders and students demand help and support from others. This help does not promote cheating and plagiarizing; it only guides and provides drafts for students and company leaders. For Google, PayPal, and YouTube, it is like a company manager who edits the work of the graphic designer and content writer because the output does not match the intended voice. And there is not cheating about it. As well, it is like students who edit and revise a few parts of the paragraph to match the intended outcome of the paper. And so, what is the problem with it?

In the end, the report of Gilbert Nakweya in 2019 was alarming. However, students should not worry about it. Google and PayPal should reconsider the topic seriously and review how these academic writers get affected by erroneous judgment among groups of people. Again, academic writing jobs still are ethically legal.