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Hiring academic writers in the Philippines is indispensable. Writers in the country are flexible and knowledgeable since they can write different academic and content topics as well. They can even write papers, such as abstract, annotated bibliography, academic journal articles, book reports, conference papers, dissertations, essays, and explication papers no matter how difficult they are.

Additionally, academic writers can compose diverse reports. They can write university research papers, from simple to multifaceted ones. As they can write reports, they thrive in the process that deals with innovative attitudes and theories based on styles and types of academic writing.

Besides, academic writers can effectively write active, brief, impeccable, and structured papers backed up by pieces of evidence. They know how to use sources to back up their reports and scientific papers. As well, they can write topics with different objectives to aid the reader’s understanding. They know how to write papers based on a formal tone and style. As they can compose essays and other simple types of writing, they do not use dense concepts and vocabulary and write long sentences.

By definition, an academic writing is clear, concise, focussed, structured, and backed up by evidence. Its purpose is to facilitate and support the reader’s understanding. It has a formal tone and style, but it is not complex and does not require the use of long sentences and byzantine vocabulary.

On the other hand, content writers construct written materials for numerous websites. They, as well, prepare content for other media types. They write content for websites based on search engine optimization (SEO) techniques so that these ideas can drive web sales and traffic. As such, content writers are responsible for explaining companies and products.

Moreover, successful content writers know the different writing styles and techniques. They do not choose random subjects because they know how to write diverse topics needed by the companies. Of course, they surely write original content and use plagiarism-checker tools to spot some writing errors. In other words, they write from scratch and provide quality write-ups. To be successful content writers, they must know the basics of writing and the knowledge of SEO, HTML, CSS, and WordPress. And yes, they do. They master their craft.

Without a doubt, content writers can write any topic despite the stressful environment. They are content experts who write different themes and topics. If you hire Filipino writers, you gain the advantage of having low-cost prices plus excellent and quality papers.

For Academic Papers

Academic Papers Rush Papers 24 Hours 2-3 Days 5 Days 7 Days 14 Days
Quantity Level 5 Hours 12 Hours


1 Page

High School $20 $18 $16 $14 $12 $10 $6.5
College / University $25 $22 $19 $16 $13 $10 $7.5
Masters & Ph.D. $30 $27 $24 $21 $17 $14 $8.5

For instance, you only need to pay $10.00 if you order 1 Page for a college paper. However, we give you a 20-Percent discount if you order a project containing 5 pages or more. Instead of paying $50, you will pay $30 for a college academic paper containing five pages in 7 days. Aside from that, this affordable price gives you the quality paper that you need.

For Content Papers

Content Writing Papers Rush Papers 3 Days 5 Days 7 Days 14 Days
No. of Words 5 Hours 12 Hours
300-350 $15 $13 $10 $8 $7 $5
350-500 $20 $17 $14 $11 $7 $5

Moreover, you can ask for revisions for free. As we promise to deliver a quality paper, we uphold a money-back guarantee if our writers cannot meet the criteria and deadlines.

For academic papers, please write the topic, the page number, the level of papers, and the number of days. For content papers, please write the number of words, the number of days, and the topic.

So, when you order an academic paper for your school projects and requirements, please follow the following format.

For example:

    • Topics (Women in the 21st Century)
    • Subjects (Gender and Women Studies)
    • Level of Papers (College)
    • Number of pages (6 Pages / 1,800 words)
    • Spacing (Double-Spaced Paper)
    • Days / Hours (7 Days)
    • Citation Format (MLA)
    • Number of Sources (4 Sources)

So, when you order a content paper for your websites, please follow the following format.

    • Topics (Smart Interior Design)
    • Number of Words (350 Words)
    • Number of Days (3 Days)

Please e-Mail us your quote today. Also, please note, 1 Page is 300 words. Hire us today. It is easy!

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