The Vendors Whom We Love and Want to See at the Market

These days when unemployment rates are high, we don’t have the option to get jobs. Well, if we cannot work in the office, we may surely find decent jobs somewhere else to earn money.

Look at this Malaysian fitness model Jordan Yeo. He was selling durians at a rough and ready wayside stall at that time. It was in the neighborhood estate in Malaysia.

He was the Hottest Hunk Malaysia in 2011. Now, he is a body trainer. However, he still sells his durians with his shredded physique, much to the glee of customers who pass by him. Well, if you don’t like the taste of durians, at least you can still check Jordan Yeo and his looks.

A Malaysian Hunk Model selling durians on a roadside in Malaysia

Now, you can check the photos of two fairly looking, gorgeous, and sexy banana vendors in Thailand. These two beautiful vendors showered followers and likes on the Internet.  Look at them! They sell fried bananas with their revealing tops. They never thought of finding great jobs in the offices where there were no available positions for them. Well, the point was, they earned money from selling fried bananas.

Two Thai women selling fried bananas at the market in Thailand…

As well, in Thailand, a beautiful woman selling smoothies was spotted at the market. She was confident to promote and sell her products at the market that caught the attention of the public eyes.

A YouTube screenshot of a woman who sells smoothies at the market in Thailand…

Below, we have Liu Pengpeng. She is a Taiwanese model who spends her free time selling fish at a wet market. Her photo that went viral increased her mother’s fish business operations.

Liu Pengpeng wanted to help her mother grow her fish business. She promised to help her sell fish at the Shetou Market in Chunghua County, Taiwan. This gorgeous lady presented a sense of duty for her family.

A picture of Liu Pengpeng who is a Taiwanese model; she spends her free time selling fish at a wet market by Qyshalini Nagalingam from Good Times.

Pengpeng these days does not feel embarrassed to sell fish in the market. She just wants to help her mother while pursuing her modeling jobs.

Indeed, selling something means everything. People love to see them helping their family businesses and taking responsibility. As well, if people out there do not have jobs yet, they can try this business, too. Why not? Despite the professions of these people, they still show the meaning of being humble.

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