Water Delight Resort: Re-creating memories

Choosing Water Delight Resort can be your best pick. This resort gives you a positive vibe since it is next to your doorstep. Meaning, it is not remote compared to some areas outside Misamis Oriental.

Its resort location 

You can drive your car going to Water Delight Resort. Its address is at Luz Banzon, Jasaan in Misamis Oriental. As well, you don’t get lost when you get to the place. You can ask people there where you go. Just simple directions, you can reach the resort of your choice.

Selection of cottages

Well, you can have selections of cottages at reasonable prices ranging from the costs of 200 pesos, 400 pesos, to 500 pesos. Choose the cottage that serves you best to settle in and enjoy at the resort. Also, you can use its hall, which costs you 1,000 pesos and 2,000 pesos. However, you can pay 4,000 pesos for the hall depending on your timetable. Just decide it for yourselves.

Additional rooms for use

Additionally, you can ask for rooms, too. Those rooms, which cost you 700 pesos, 500 pesos, and 800 pesos, give you awesome treats. Those fully air-conditioned rooms keep you reinvigorated from heat stress. Such a feeling gives you moments to get refreshed and relaxed.

Its entrance fees

Moreover, the management has two payment rates for their entrance fees.  You can only pay 20 pesos for kids and 30 pesos for adults. As well, another overnight entrance fee of 90 pesos per person with a minimum of 30 folks.

Finally, this Water Delight Resort is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Perhaps, you can send your message or drop a call to this 0906 661 9232 to know if changes transpire.

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