Siargao Island: The Philippines’ surfing capital

If you’re searching for the great experiences this year, probably after the COVID-19 pandemic, you get the chance to consider surfing in Siargao Island. This place like a paradise gives you an exhilarating experience. It can be your greatest adventure to paddle and surf the waves.

Quite interestingly, surfing seems the perfect physical activity to experience. You’ll get some experiences like diving underwaters and witness the magical creatures underneath. Surfing is like scuba diving and sky diving because of the danger in the air and the water. It is like doing yoga in which you need to concentrate and focus on things. Despite this risk, you’ll enjoy the feeling and the experience that you manage to create a great masterpiece of happiness that money surely can’t buy.

Doing Yoga by the Sea

Why surfing? It isn’t right to think that surfing is a plain physical activity. Surfing is life. It is an experience of a moment that you can be part of it. It is a way of overcoming challenges and fears of facing life. Well, you look stunning when you poise yourself on the surfboard, and do your moves as the approaching waves will flash your very eyes. As the arching waves form like a hole moving toward you, you’ll see yourself happy to move a muscle and push yourself into a race against the waves. It is so stunning moment. That is an absolute joy.

Why Siargao is the best place for surfing?

Well, you can surely call Siargao as the surfing capital of the Philippines. You can include the dreamy 15 spots for catching the perfect waves. Oh, you are not an expert in surfing. It’s not a problem. You can learn surfing since surfing schools are just right there. Plus, you can rent your surfboards and join for the newbies. I tell you this. You like Siargao since its crystal clear water offers you the perfect place to learn paddle boarding, diving, and swimming.

Where can I sleep in Siargao? At this point, you can pick your finest places to stay in Siargao.

    • Reef Beach Resort
    • Isla Cabana Resort
    • Patrick’s on the Beach
    • Bravo Beach Resort
    • Romantic Beach Villas
    • Siargao Bleu Resort & Spa
    • Nay Palad Hideaway
    • Sandy Feet Siargao

Is Siargao safe? Are there sharks in Siargao?

Siargao Island is open to tourists. The management makes sure that it gives its guests and tourists the best surfing experiences. The management can vouch for the safety of the tourists since no predatory animals like sharks wade deep into the water.

How much is the plane ticket from Manila to Siargao?

Well, international tourists can go to Siargao via plane. The cheapest return price from Manila to Siargao is probably P5,000. Please note that this price changes from time to time. There can be 15 flights per week with average flight time and a total distance of 750 kilometers.

Is there a direct flight from Manila to Siargao?

Going to Siargao from Manila takes two hours or so. Only one airline goes to Siargao Island from Manila Ninoy Aquino.

Siargao Island Location map, Source Photo:

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