Sagpulon Falls: A testament to a divine creation

Sagpulon Falls is another testament to a heavenly conception. You can say nothing but wonder how deifying and magnificent Sagpulon Falls is. The site itself seems to be a natural tourist spot to leave more tourist jaws to drop. Some guests work so hard to confirm Sagpulon Falls to be a hidden wonder; whereas, others want to comment and consider the falls a compelling natural charm to stay. Despite the distance of the site, Sagpulon Falls remains a physical marvel of celestial creation.                                                     

You can find Sagpulon Falls at Barangay San Isidro in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. You can take your cars or motorcycles if you want. The road to Sagpulon Falls allows you to transport without a hassle. You can even take commercial motorcycles if you want. You just need to pay for it for only ₱50.00 (Price may vary) from the national highway to Sagpulon Falls. You just have to pay ₱100.00 for a back and forth trip. You may consider it taxing to travel from the main road to the falls due to distance. Nevertheless, you can realize how lucky you are to be in that adventure.

Moreover, Sagpulon Falls is in the hilly chunk of Jasaan. You need to pass groups of houses along the road; however, you find it relaxing to travel with your camera at hand. While traveling through motorcycles, you can expect occasional curves and slippery roads during rainy seasons. You can still enjoy the road trip itself as it gives you a sense of adventure.

Indeed, Sagpulon Falls, with its towering height of almost 150 feet, gives you time to reflect and wonder about the astonishing piece of creation. The pouring water from the top of the waterfalls aggressively touches its walls and then creates a torrential light rain and shower down to its basin to be a simple reminder of nature and its stunning presence. Also, you do love nature, right? So, what are you waiting for?

A Road Trip from the Main Highway to Sagpulon Falls


A Friendly Reminder

    • You can visit Sagpulon Falls during summer to see and witness clearer and bluer waters.
    • As well, you need to bring with you some food products and other necessities with you because you cannot find stores nearby.
    • Finally, you need to leave the place at 4 PM before the closing time at 5 PM because there is no electricity in the area.

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