On the Rise: SR Mall in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental

Effective leaders should always have the courage to take bolder steps toward change. They should uphold these exceptional knowledge skills to change the status quo and to materialize this change if needed. The qualities of these leaders should be so superb that they had to think ten pages ahead of their members. As leaders, they mastered their craft and their prowess to lead without doubts and reservations. They existed, as they should be, to work hard and to grow their economy, their town, and their people. Toward their progress, these distinctive leaders should help people accomplish their goals and objectives, as well as demonstrate good governance by finding means and ways to grow and by letting their people thrive in the process.

The rise of SR Mall in Jasaan would confirm the hegemony of great governance. Government officials took initiative to make Jasaan a new destination for entertainment, family getaway, shopping center, and more. Constructed to rise along the National Highway at Barangay Luz Banzon, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental, this SR Mall would prove that these leaders in this town have still had the heart to give back and offer great avenues for their people to shop and seek entertainment and fun.

A year ago, the SR Mall CEO Sophia Grace Jardin, as well as Governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano and Jasaan Mayor Redentor Jardin, initiated and spearheaded the trailblazing ceremony. The meeting of these hard-working personalities and the ground-breaking ceremony of this project would validate their courage to prepare this project and launch this one to the public. The ceremony, attended by Barangay and Municipal officials, highlighted the SR MALL, a two-level mall project that would attract hundreds and thousands of shoppers and individuals alike.

And yes, these government officials planned this project. Truth is, this project has been in the process of development. This SR Mall project served as a blessing among people across towns and neighboring places. They would surely visit the place as it would, soon, become the next Venice to visit aside from various versions of them in the world. 

At this point, many people in Balingasag, Tagoloan, and Villanueva, as well as other neighboring towns, would be happy about this project. It would be about time that Jasaan would showcase their success and thrive in this magnificent endeavor. Perhaps, this development would serve as a signal that other government leaders, too, should follow the trail of progress like any leaders who prospered in the process. There would be no harm in doing and seeking progress like this – for the advancement of the town and the people as well.

As such, the SR Mall Project truly exhibited the power of innovation and great leadership. With these grand plans, the government frontrunners of Jasaan truly became the embodiment of exceptional leaders who pledged to serve the people in their community.


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