North Batanes: Rediscovering the Island of Batan

As a writer of this tourist attraction website, I would like you to explore the northern part of the Philippines, the North Batanes. Well, Batanes is an archipelagic province in the country. If you check the map, you can identify that Batanes is in the Cagayan Valley Province. To tell you this, you can check that Batanes is the northernmost region in the country. However, it is the smallest region in terms of land area and population. To explore further, you will know that the capital of Batanes is Basco on the island of Batan.


Batanes, as mentioned, is a small region in the Philippines. Its people speak different languages, such as Ivatan, Itbayaten, Isamurongen, Ilocano, Tagalog, and English. As a tourist, you can check and see some unique natural sights of Batanes, including Vayang Rolling Hills and Valugan Boulder Beach, feel the whole-hearted welcome of the Ivatans through their sympathy and decency as you stopover in the Basco Town Proper, and expand and increase your cultural experiences with a free and an uncompelled random samples of Ivatan dishes to dine for lunch. This place, as mentioned by several bloggers and vloggers, tours you around the northernmost province in one of the most exclusive tourism frontiers, gifted with its distinctive amalgam of spectacular background, natural splendor, and well-preserved culture.


On the island of Batan, you can go to different places. You can go to Fundacion Pacita, Breakfast at Pension Ivatan, Valugan Boulder Beach, Vayang Rolling Hills, and Basco Lighthouse, to the Mount Carmel Chapel, Fundacion Pacita, the Japanese Tunnels, and Maydangeb Beach. Overall, Batanes has exceeded our expectations! Despite the gloomy weather, it was still a sight to behold! It’s wonderful to know that even with the influx of tourists through the years, Batanes has been able to successfully preserve its magical beauty.


For planned adventures on the island of Batan, please check Bashi Eco-Tours & Adventure and contact the management:

    • Bashi Eco-Tours & Adventure
    • Batanes, Batan – Sabtang – Itbayat
    • Mobile: +63 999 990-7547, +63 929-6418829
    • Email: [email protected]
    • Guide: Roger Doplito


Always ask the immigration officer at the point of origin and the destination on the island of Batan. As well, you always remember to bring you cosmetic products, such as sunscreen and cologne, as well as nourishing lotions. Next, you have to wear some caps or hats as you stroll along the area. Then, you will bring some insect repellents, rain jackets, or umbrellas during torrential rain seasons, scarfs and jackets, prescription medications, and emergency cash bills. Well, going to Batanes is expensive. However, the amazing photographic places to visit can be worth the trip.

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