Mantianak Botanical Garden and Zoological Park

Traveling around places is part of your life. It is in your DNA. You cannot just instruct your feet to be static and stand there to wait for miracles to happen. You have to be outdoor to see things around you. And mind you, you will be happy to explore places you have never been before.

Well, you are right here at the Mantianak Botanical Garden and Zoological Park. Local tourists love to visit the place because of its nature-vibe. As well, the site gives you a sense of adventure in the nurtured biota and wildlife. As you enter the garden and the park, you will see the presence of flora and fauna, as well as the animals in the natural world.

Also, you can see the network of life in the garden and park. Once you are there, you can sense some wonders of these plants and animals that exist in their subtle ecology. Looking at these wonders, you can feel how close you are to nature. Watching those animals in one place and walking along the garden with fresh flowers and plants offers you astonishment and disbelief.

At Mantianak Botanical Garden and Zoological Park, you can meet with local tourists, too. You can expand your circles of friends if you choose to be friendly. Besides, you do not want to be alone in the garden and park as the new paradise in Misamis Oriental. Located in Poblacion, Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental, local and foreign tourists alike want to explore the site with its Filipino-folklore taste and vibe.

Indeed, this garden and park is home to crocodiles, monkeys, tigers, wild boars, and many others. Vibrant birds, such as ostriches, parrots, and peacocks are available, too. Now, you can stroll along with the garden and roam around the zoo. Furthermore, you can see a variety of fish and farm animals in the area.

Visit now! The entrance fee for adults is ₱100.00; whereas, the entrance fee for children is ₱50.00. Here is the number to call 0936-127-3357.

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