Man-iso Beach Resort: A seashore to sojourn

Going to Man-iso Beach Resort after the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be a wise decision. It is like traveling to the different places in the world. It, as well, is like exploring the community. For us, traveling means finding means and ways to settle down or enjoy the moments of respite. It is like going on an adventure of a lifetime. Despite our hectic jobs, we manage to find ways to enjoy by traveling. Because of this adventure, we better say that we need to take a break and spend good times at Man-iso Beach Resort as the best seashore to sojourn.

As freelancers and travelers, they can set their adventures to different beach resorts and work from the comfort of their homes. Other people work wherever they go as long as they have their laptops with them. Whether they go to the beach resorts, mountain tops, or camping sites, they can continue working their daily jobs despite the hassles of the busy daily routines. Most freelancers are travelers. We don’t have statistics for this one; however, we gladly reveal that freelancers can travel places without avoiding their jobs. Virtual assistants, writers, graphic and web designers, and many others still work even if they are on vacation sites. This idea appears odd to remember; however, it seems that freelancers and travelers have unique lifestyles.

As freelancers and travelers like us, we bring everything in us. We are here at Man-iso Beach Resort, but we still have our laptops and continually work since we think we need to do something. After a few hours, we can go back to what we have started doing some fun on the beach or pool waters. We are accustomed to doing this routine that we enjoy this setup very much. Who refuses to enjoy a magnificent site for a vacation while you earn a living? We do. As freelancers and travelers as we are, we can still create memories in the moment of solitude.

For bookings and reservations, please contact the owner or resort’s website today:

    • Man-iso Mandangoa, Balingasag 9005, Misamis Oriental
    • Mobile Phone Dial: 0906 184 7686
    • Facebook Page:
    • GMAIL: [email protected]
    • Air BNB:

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